Capability Maturity Model Integration by Sally Godfrey (2008)  

Capability Maturity Model Integration by Sally Godfrey (2008)  

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Any public administration that produces translation data can be a provider of useful reusable data to meet its own translation needs and the ones of other public organizations and private companies that work with texts of the same domain. These data can also be crucial to produce domain-tuned Machine Translation systems. The organization's manageme...

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... our translation data provider maturity model we have taken into account the capability maturity model integration by Sally Godfrey (2008), which is shown in Figure 1 and Aymerich and Carmelo (2009) report on translation services at the PanAmerican Health Organization. ...


Governments and organizations want to reap observed open data benefits like trust, participation, collaboration, transparency, anti-corruption, decreased bureaucracy, and improved organizational capacity and innovative practices. However, they face challenges during this transition since they need a holistic roadmap, including where to start and what to do to utilize the open data concept. To satisfy this need, we developed a theoretically grounded and methodologically rigorous process reference model for the open data domain to assess the current situation and provide a road map for improvements. The open data process reference model (OD-PRM), consisting of 23 open data-specific process definitions with a comprehensive perspective on the domain, is developed based upon the ISO/IEC 330xx family of standards. Owing to the OD-PRM, an organization's open data process capability and maturity levels can be assessed based on ISO/IEC 3300xx to provide a current level assessment and a roadmap for improvement to implement, use, maintain, and publish open data in a standardized manner.