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COfA factor elements (compiled by the authors)

COfA factor elements (compiled by the authors)

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Despite the popularity of the “low-fare” (or sometimes called “no-frills”) airline business model, no comprehensive framework has ever been developed to evaluate the level of implementation of this business model. In the paper, we propose a framework for evaluating the extent to which an airline has implemented a “low-fare” business model. The fram...

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... factor (CoFA) represents the key elements of cost structure of an airline (FIG. 6). It evaluates how far an airline has implemented the "low fare" business model. CoFA consists of seven elements: 'outsourcing', 'aircraft types', 'daily aircraft utilization', 'labour-related costs', 'airport related costs', 'distribution', 'in-flight'. The first two subfactors, counting for 2% of the ticket price together, are the ...