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Andreja Džakušič, Hanging Gardens, 

Andreja Džakušič, Hanging Gardens, 

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In addressing contemporary participatory, community-based art practices in Slovenia, this paper is inspired by Jacques Rancière's rehabilitation of aesthetics as a new philosophy of aisthesis. This new philosophy of sensation and perception is radically different from the aesthetics and philosophy of art that primarily concern the aesthetics of a w...

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... of the space of exploration itself, as well as in the aesthetic and conceptual re- lationships with the gallery audience and the general public. The participatory process at a specific location itself does not actually have a secondary audience, which makes the public critical discourse in the form of an exhibition all the more important. (Fig. 5) Creating works/projects following the principles of par- ticipation is necessarily integrated into a network of connections with specific historical and socio-political contexts as well as everyday life ...