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Age of respondent

Age of respondent

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The importance of dating can never be over emphasized as it is a prerequisite that should be considered before going into any form of courtship that can either lead to marriage or not. As a result of the dramatic increase in Internet usage, there has been a proliferation of numerous online dating sites that allow people to meet and date in a virtua...

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... the result output on marital status in Table 2 above 64.3% of the respondents are married while 35.7 are single respondents. From the result output in Table 3 38.1% of the respondents fall within the age range of 31-40years, 26.2% fall within 21-30 years, while 23.8% fall within 41-50 years. From the result output in Table 4 above 61.9% of the respondent are males and 38.1% are females. ...