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Above and below the line of representation

Above and below the line of representation

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a set of 5 short articles on human performance and business critical software infrastructure including: 1. It’s time to revise our appreciation of the human side of Internet-facing software systems. 2. Above the Line, Below the Line. 3. Cognitive Work of Hypothesis Exploration during Anomaly Response. 4. Managing the Hidden Costs of Coordination. 5...

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... his opening article, Cook points out that discussions focused solely on the technology miss what is actually going on in the operations of Internet-facing applications. Figure 1 in Cook's article reveals the cognitive work and joint activity that go on above the line and places the technology and tooling for development and operations below the line. The "line" here is the line of representation. ...
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... it can be manipulated only via representations. Figure 1 shows an Internet-facing system. The horizontal line comprises all the representations available to people working above that line, including all the displays, screens and other output devices, and keyboards and other input devices. ...
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... for figure 1) ...
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... core group represents a small fraction of the roles involved, however. Even with a brief look at an incident response, it becomes apparent that performance in resolving service outages in these systems is about rapid, smooth coordination of these multiple, diverse players, as expressed in figure 1. ...