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A generic template

A generic template

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This paper is submitted on 2005-04-04 for the CLIN 2004 Proceedings Information extraction from plain text is realized with the help of existing tools and specific software to create semantic network like structures — bridging the gap between an expression and the concept it stands for — which can than be added to an existing network. During this...

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... templates are generated using these ID attributes.(see Figure 4). Each generic template contains three clusters: (i) used attributes, (ii) ...
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... are two different kinds of specific templates based on the usage of descriptive predicates or general predicates. A specific template has exactly the same form as a generic template as in Figure 4 but with less elements in each cluster. A new specific template is created each time a node scrutinized contains a certain number 9 of new predicates and attributes not present in the existing specific templates. ...