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The short form of the Experiences in Close Relationships Scale-Revised Child version (ECR-RC) is a promising self-report measure of anxious and avoidant attachment in Western adolescents, yet little is known about its psychometric properties across cultures. More importantly, little is known about attachment styles across cultures, child gender and...

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... the Vietnamese society considers relationships and community more important than many Western societies (Do & Phan, 2002). Moreover, it is suggested that Vietnamese culture stimulates the use of corporal punishment (Rydstrøm, ATTACHMENT STYLES ACROSS CULTURES, AGE AND GENDER 6 2006). Overall, Vietnamese culture considers corporal punishment as necessary to help children develop into competent adults, and parents who abstain from using corporal punishment are typically considered as incompetent parents that do not love their child (Rydstrøm, 2006). ...
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... 1 reports the mean scores of avoidant attachment and anxious attachment across the cultural groups and gender groups. Table 2 shows the mean scores of both avoidant attachment and anxious attachment per age group. ...