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1. Essential elements of Playback Theatre. (Oivo: 6) 

1. Essential elements of Playback Theatre. (Oivo: 6) 

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The simultaneous education of the mind and body, the nurturing of imagination, and the use of secular venues to foment education, has been the practice of dedicated teachers since time out of hand. However, during the 1800s, the insatiable desire of the Prussian royalty for absolute supremacy and compliant citizens, followed by the greed of factory...

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... only requirement of the locale is that it has two defined areas: one for the actors and one for the audience (See Figure 2). The design is the following: in the area designated for the enactment of the stories (the stage), two chairs are placed to the side of the main arena. ...


This chapter reflects on the main themes explored in the book, including embodiment in second language education, performative language pedagogy, and process drama. It considers issues related to identity in the teacher as artist, and touches on the lingering myth of creativity as the gift of only a talented few—inviting teachers to unsubscribe from this view, to fully embrace the paradigm of the artistry of teaching. It highlights the importance of a phenomenology of practice, with attention to body, voice, presence and imagination in second language education. It calls for a sense of community in performative language teaching and research.