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Development of GDP growth rate and internet users in Vietnam

Development of GDP growth rate and internet users in Vietnam

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Vietnam is one of the strongest growing global economies, with increasing internet penetration and digitization spurring this growth. In particular, Rich Interaction Applications (RIAs) play a critical role in this success as they offer innovative functions helping their users to interact more efficiently than via traditional methods. This results...

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... that enable (rich) interaction play an important role for the Vietnamese. When accessing the internet they are more engaged in interactions than in any other activity (Figure 2-3). ...
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... impact of telecommunications, RIAs and the internet across the 164 countries differs substantially in some cases. Figure 2-6 illustrates these differences by depicting the GDP per capita impact of RIAs in relation to telecommunications and the "full internet" for each country covered in the panel dataset over the 16 The countries which are located in the middle part and close to the telecommunications and internet estimators are expected to have seen the same impact of telecommunications, RIAs, and internet on their national economy as has been seen by the global economy as a whole. ...
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... results are qualitatively similar to those reported in Table A2-1 above. The purpose of Figure A2-1 is to show that we experience different rates of GDP growth and volatility in telecommunications and internet usage with respect to the different indicators. Using country FE and time FE in the analysis, the main contribution comes from global shocks, with diverse impacts on the different countries. ...
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... following two figures show the development of the indicators, in the first figure for developing countries and in the second figure for developed countries. Developments in the telecommunications and internet sectors in developing countries Figure A2-3: Developments in the telecommunications and internet sectors in developed countries ...

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