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Common Help Center topics

I have a question about my Research Interest or RG Score.

You can find out more about your scores here. Please note that we cannot adjust your scores for you.

I want to add a journal that's not on ResearchGate currently.

We're currently making improvements to our journal database, and in the meantime, we're not adding any new titles. Thanks for your patience.

Some citations are missing from my ResearchGate profile.

While you can't add citations manually, here's how you can help your citations appear.

I can't add my publication because another researcher is incorrectly listed as the author.

If another researcher has claimed your publication, it is usually the result of an honest mistake. To resolve this:
  1. Go to the publication page by clicking on the publication's title
  2. Click on the arrow to the right of the title and select Claim authorship from the dropdown list
  3. Tell us what's happened in the box that appears and, if possible, include links to external services where your work is published
  4. Click on the blue Request authorship button.
We take erroneous authorship claims very seriously and review each case manually. As this can sometimes take a while, we appreciate your patience during this process.

I want to add my co-author to a publication, but their profile is not being recognized.

You can't add the publication to their profile for them, but you can let them know that they can confirm their authorship on ResearchGate. More information on claiming authorship can be found here.

A ResearchGate page I removed is still appearing in search engine results.

We can't control how frequently search engines update their results, which sometimes takes longer than expected. You can contact the search engine directly for more information.
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