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Senior/Staff Data Scientist - Product (m/f/d)

This is a full-time position based in Germany. Our headquarters are in Berlin and we support a hybrid home office/in person approach to work.

The web was created by scientists and for scientists, to foster scientific collaboration and drive progress for a better world. Join our team to take the web back to its roots and achieve that original mission.

We’re a team of passionate optimists from around the world and from many different backgrounds. Together, we focus on changing the way scientists communicate for the better.We connect the world of science and make research open to all.

Objective of the Role

Analyze data that matters.

At ResearchGate your work will help over 20 million scientists and researchers solve global challenges. Whether studying the first moments of our universe, developing innovative cancer treatments or tackling global warming, our users are making a real difference.

As a Data Scientist at ResearchGate, you will work in a dynamic, cross-functional team to develop ML models to improve scientists’ productivity and connect them with other parts of the scientific ecosystem. Examples of ML products at ResearchGate include publication and people recommendations, author disambiguation models, institution matching, and others. You will support the company’s data-informed decision culture and ensure user and customer insights are integrated into our strategy and decision-making process in the right way.
Most importantly, you and the team will make an impact for 20+ million scientists around the world, who themselves have an impact on 8 billion peoples’ lives via their research.

Your Role

  • Proactively identify and evaluate opportunities for data products and automation via Machine Learning models,
  • Evaluate the impact, risks and evaluate technical/data feasibility of potential new data products or automation initiatives in collaboration with engineering and product,
  • Identify suitable tabular as well as natural language data sources available in our internal platform and process them into datasets for training and analysis of ML models,
  • Develop prototype models to demonstrate the value of potential data products,
  • Scale prototype models to production in collaboration with Engineering and take ownership of the maintenance of your models,
  • Define, implement, monitor and analyze key metrics to assess the performance of Machine Learning models,
  • Take ownership of the technical design, monitoring and evaluation of online experiments to evaluate model performance,
  • Help demonstrating the value of data science in product development and/or decision making within the team and product area,
  • Contribute to shaping the future directions for evolving our internal ML technology stack and platform.

Your Experience

  • 5+ years of experience in a data science role  and Python’s data science / machine learning library ecosystem: pandas, pytorch, scikit-learn, xgboost, 
  • Very strong proficiency in SQL is mandatory, proficiency in Big Data technologies (e.g. Hadoop, Hive, Flink) is  a nice to have,
  • Experience in writing stable, testable, production-grade code as well as data extraction and transformation pipelines,
  • Strong analytical thinking and knowledge of the statistical foundations of Machine Learning,
  • Solid experience working with and developing ML models for tabular and natural language data (NLP), including Deep Learning models and approaches, e.g. Transformers. Experience training Deep Learning models would be desirable,
  • Direct exposure to and experience working across all stages of the ML Lifecycle, ideally you are familiar with MLOps concepts /solutions and can set up model monitoring using, for instance, Grafana dashboards,
  • Ability to translate business requirements and industry experience in developing ML models powering technical products and applications,
  • Experience applying Machine learning in the editorial/publishing domain or on advertisement targeting problems is a plus,
  • Working with GCP, especially for ML development and lifecycle management is a bonus,
  • Excellent communication and prioritization skills.

Your profile

  • You are excited about finding ways to improve our products with data and ML models,
  • You are comfortable working as a data scientist at the interface between engineering, product, and business; being actively involved with the entire value chain around the models you develop,
  • You are excited about solving problems instead of being attached to specific solutions,
  • You love to work with data as much as you enjoy communicating your findings to an interested audience,
  • You are a strong team player and know that results come from great people working together around meaningful ideas,
  • You understand our mission and want to help us achieve it.

You'll be working in a dynamic company culture with the chance to individually shape your professional development and growth. Enjoy an energetic and international team who are passionate about changing science for the better.

Our hiring process is uncomplicated: you'll be interviewed by the people you'll be working with.

We continue to closely monitor the evolving situation with Covid-19, with the protection of the health and safety of our people being our highest priority. All interviews will be conducted virtually (via phone or video).