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Engineering Manager - System Administration and Help Desk (m/f/d)

This is a full-time position based in Berlin

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Objective of the Role

As an Engineering Manager for our Internal System Administration team, you will be responsible for leading a very talented and international team of System Admins who continuously improve and develop the state of our internal IT services and infrastructure. You will take responsibility for the success of this team, from shaping strategy and meeting goals to developing talent and building a culture of ownership.


  • First and foremost, manage an efficient and healthy team that consistently sets, communicates and meets their goals, contributing to the success of the surrounding organization
  • Take responsibility for the continuous optimization of the Internal Infrastructure and Services area
  • Identify and resolve the day-to-day technical, managerial and operational problems encountered by your team while creating the right strategy, culture, and process for your team to tackle goals effectively
  • Ensure speed, flexibility, and success of development and maintenance by continuously improving your team's internal and collaborative processes
  • Commission and maintain hardware components, as well as the installation and configuration of software components
  • Conduct diagnosis of error messages and the reparation of hardware and software problems
  • Implement monitoring, backup and recovery strategies
  • Automate deployments at the infrastructure, service, and workstation levels


  • Initial experience with technical leadership, such as acting as technical lead or managing a project
  • Desire to develop leadership and team management skills and abilities
  • Extensive experience with maintenance and administration of computer networks and computing environments
  • Ability to research new technologies and evaluate system and network requirements
  • Deep know-how of configuration and testing of computer hardware, networking software and operating systems
  • Understanding of network security for data, software and hardware protection No qualms about getting hands-on when necessary
  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, including motivating teams of engineers

What we use

  • Office365 and GSuite - to communicate and share documents
  • Active Directory infrastructure - to manage our accounts
  • Windows and Mac OS - to allow flexibility for our employees
  • Atlassians’ product family - to efficiently collaborate within and cross teams
  • Juniper, Huawei and Cisco - to power our network

You'll be working in a fast-paced environment where code is written, tested and shipped continuously. Our engineers are passionate about building maintainable, scalable web applications that are constantly optimized to meet the needs researchers worldwide. Our hiring process is uncomplicated: you'll be interviewed by the people you'll be working with. We’re located at the heart of Berlin, one of the most exciting cities in the world and a place where people from all walks of life feel welcome.