Solve problems that matter

The web was made for discovering knowledge and connecting people across the world.

That's why we've built a network that gives scientists new tools to connect, collaborate, and keep up with the research that matters to them.

At ResearchGate you can help connect the world of science, speed it up, and make research open to all.

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We are accelerating science

Science and research provide the world with the tools for meaningful change. We're making ResearchGate the best place to share and discover research - because when people learn faster and communicate better, everybody benefits.

“I asked a question on ResearchGate,
people helped, and I was able to move forward with my project.”
Mary Frances Rice, University of Kansas, USA

Working at ResearchGate

We've created an environment where everyone is working towards a common goal they care about. Here you can match your skills and interests to work on what you want to create.

Whether your background is in engineering or sales, in science or the arts – ResearchGate is where you can work on something that means something.

You'll work in a small team that communicates easily.
We move fast, so you'll see results without delay.
Everybody's ideas are valued, no matter which role they have.
A network of teams work together and finish projects with input from all.

Our core values

Embrace pragmatic optimism

We believe that science can and must be changed.

At ResearchGate we leverage this optimism to find pragmatic solutions that bring us closer to our goal.

Don't settle

To change science we have to keep challenging the status quo.

At ResearchGate we keep an open mind, stay curious, and never stop finding new ways to improve the product, ourselves, and the company.

Build trust

To build a product that scientists trust we first have to trust the people we work with.

At ResearchGate we share knowledge, communicate openly, take ownership, and trust in each others’ skills.

Impact over hype

Science isn’t going to change overnight, so we’re in it for the long run.

At ResearchGate we are committed to tackling the big problems so we can build a successful company with a lasting and positive effect on the world.

Get on board

Our hiring process is uncomplicated. You'll be interviewed directly by the people you'll be working with, so you can quickly find the role that suits you best and start contributing to your team.

Berlin is an exciting place where people from all walks of life feel welcome. That's why ResearchGate's office is located right in the center, a short trip from the city's vibrant quarters.

Working full-time at ResearchGate gives you:

  • Help with Visa applications and relocation questions
  • Free lunches catering to a range of dietary requirements
  • Flexible hours to accommodate different rhythms and family life
  • Optional activities such as rock climbing, bowling, and other games
  • Healthy snacks, in-house yoga, relaxation rooms

Interested in joining us?

Sales and Customer Success

Build the business that changes the world of science: our Sales and Customer Success teams deliver value to our clients by anticipating their needs, understanding of their requirements, and delivering ResearchGate offerings that help them reach their goals.


You have in-depth knowledge of many design disciplines, excellent communication skills, and a problem-solving mentality. You strive for elegance, simplicity, and pixel-perfect output, and want to be part of a world-changing project.


Our development cycle is fast and dynamic – you’ll write code and have it running on the live site within a few hours. At ResearchGate your skills have immediate impact.


You decide and specify what products should be built or improved upon, evaluate product requirements, and work closely with our engineering teams to create the features that drive our growth.


Build and grow the structures to support ResearchGate's long-term financial success.

Office Organization

Shape our future. Build and improve our systems - from administration to office management, contracting, and events.


Make ResearchGate an amazing place to work. Find the talent to help us change the world of science.

  • We're not currently looking for people in this area.


Tell one of the biggest stories in science today. Work with international press and social media to build the profile of ResearchGate and showcase the impact we’re having on research.

  • We're not currently looking for people in this area.


Solve problems that matter. Be guide and counselor on our mission to disrupt the world of science.

  • We're not currently looking for people in this area.

Advertising Operations

Our skilled and flexible AdOps team is key to the success of the ResearchGate platform. Manage the activation and optimisation of our clients’ campaigns, working closely with our Sales, Customer Success, and technical teams.

  • We're not currently looking for people in this area.


Own ResearchGate’s growth and success on a global scale. Our international Marketing specialists drive ResearchGate’s business objectives while telling the story of our impact on science and the world.

  • We're not currently looking for people in this area.

Sales Operations

We're growing rapidly so it's important that we scale quickly and efficiently. Our Sales Ops team works to keep our Sales teams upskilled, our systems and data maintained, and our entire Monetization organization performing at its best.

  • We're not currently looking for people in this area.

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