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April 27, 2022

At ResearchGate, we envision a world where researchers everywhere are empowered to do their best work. As the most visited platform in science, we have a unique opportunity to learn not only about what powers researchers’ successes, but also about the challenges that hold them back.

To bring these barriers to light, we have launched our first global researcher survey: State of the Research Community. Developed in partnership with the German Center For Higher Education Research And Science Studies (, the survey will run until June 2022, and aims to collect feedback from researchers at every stage of their career and from every part of the world, whether or not they have a ResearchGate account. Researchers will be asked to share their experiences in three categories:

  • Work/Life/Science balance and career prospects
  • Academic freedom and participation
  • Inclusivity and community support

This first survey will help us establish a baseline understanding of challenges faced by researchers, and will enable us to compare this data using parameters such as career level, gender, or geographic location. We plan to continue running this survey at a regular cadence to build on these insights and observe trends over time.

Once the anonymous feedback has been collected, we will collate the data and make it available for download, which will enable interested members or community organizations to do their own research on the results. We hope that publishing the dataset can play a role in facilitating changes to local and global policies that support researchers.

We designed this project with our community in mind — and the more researcher input we have, the more useful the resulting data will be. We invite you to share your own experiences and challenges with us, and to invite your colleagues to do the same.

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