Your research is important, including your data

Present your scientific data on your profile and get recognition for it.

We believe that all your research is important, including scientific data. It’s your foundation of your research and makes your results reproducible by others. That’s why it should be shared and get just as much attention as the rest of your research.

We’re not alone in this belief. Over 60 major funding agencies now require or recommend that data of projects they fund is shared publicly. This is a great step forward that we would like to support.

However, we would like to go further. Often scientific data is stored publicly but there’s no direct link to the people who produced it or the research it relates to. Without this information, you will have a hard time finding the data, unless you know exactly where to look. This makes the data difficult to use. We want to prevent this from happening.

Already, you have shared more than 100 million publications on your profiles and are adding 2.5 million more every month. This means you’ve made these publications accessible to your peers and the public, as everything you share on public profiles is also accessible to anyone with internet access. We’d like to thank you for that. You are making science open. What’s more, on ResearchGate this research you share is connected to the people who produced it, and the research it relates to.

Next, we’d like to do the same with scientific data. Together with you, we would like to turn ResearchGate into the hub for all research, including scientific data. On the network, we will connect it with the people who created and worked with the data and the research it relates to. This embeds scientific data in its contextual and social framework, and makes it discoverable.


There are many benefits to presenting scientific data on your profile:

  • Get feedback from peers. Add your data to your profile or directly to one of your projects. This way you reach peers who can give feedback in real-time.

  • Get cited for your work (and free DOIs). Since data is just as important as the rest of your research, it should also contribute to your reputation. By uploading scientific data to ResearchGate, you make it citable. We offer free Digital Object Identifiers for scientific data.

  • Get updates on who is interested in your data. We provide you with metrics around how often your data is viewed – and by whom. Check out your stats on your profile to see how many reads and citations it gets, and who is interested in it.

  • Get a license. Choose a creative commons license and control under what conditions you wish to upload your data to ensure that it is always accredited to you.

We welcome institutions to share their data on ResearchGate directly. If your institution would like to contribute and connect scientific data, please get in touch.


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