Your reputation, your terms: Introducing the RG Score

We’re excited to officially introduce you to the RG Score, a new metric designed to help you measure, build, understand, and leverage your scientific reputation. 

So how does it work? Quite simply:

The RG Score takes all your work and turns it into a source of reputation.

What exactly does this mean? 

No matter what you contribute to the network, whether raw data or a publication, topic question or answer, every step of the research process becomes a factor in your score. No work goes to waste; and everything counts.


Once you’ve created content, your score is calculated based on how other researchers interact with your work, how often, and who they are. The higher their score, the more yours will increase.

The score is broken up into several components:


To give you an example: you ask a question in topics or upload raw data to your profile, and one of the people interacting with your work happens to be a researcher with a high RG Score. Their interactions will have a positive effect on your score. And if that same researcher then decides to follow you, your score will increase even more. Think of it as a cycle: the more reputation you gain, the more you influence other researchers’ scores.

But wait... It gets even better. 


Our new Dashboard feature gives you an insight into exactly how many people are seeing, interacting with, and taking an interest in your work. You’ll find it at the bottom of your RG Score page.

A new way... 

Although the traditional publishing model has brought countless innovations and advancements to light, the speed of discovery is often limited by the speed of publishing. We think it’s high time for a change.

By publishing your results in real-time, you can get immediate feedback from peers, ensure absolute transparency and, through the RG Score, turn all of your work into a source of reputation. After all, isn’t raw, negative, or inconclusive data just as important as what ends up in a journal article?

It’s our mission to give science back to the people who make it happen: you, the researcher. We want to democratize reputation, and most importantly give you the power to build your reputation on your terms, whether you’re at the start of your career or a published author.

Stay tuned: we’ll soon be adding more factors that can contribute to your score, including publication citations. In the meantime, please let us know if you have any comments or questions.

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