Your new stats page

The new stats section of your profile makes it even easier to gauge the interest in your work.

We’ve asked you how we could make the stats section of your profile even more informative and received a lot of great feedback that we’ve taken to heart.


Now it’s even easier to gauge interest in your research – you can see an overview of your stats in one simple, interactive graphic.

Here you’ll find more information on how often your work has been downloaded and cited, and, if the researcher permits it, by whom. This offers a unique opportunity to connect with peers who are interested in your research.

You will also get more information on which country and institution interested researchers come from, as well as which of your publications are downloaded most each week.


In addition, your updated stats section now provides you with these figures:

- A history of weekly publication views and downloads.

- A detailed day-by-day breakdown of views and downloads.

We are continuously adding more information to your stats to provide you with the most comprehensive insights possible.

Do you have any questions or feedback? We’d appreciate hearing from you.

Check your stats.