The next step in the evolution of reading research

Our new publication pages help you quickly evaluate if what you’re reading is relevant for you. 

We’ve worked closely with researchers to advance RG Format and make it simpler, social, and more insightful. Find the most relevant information on top and see what other researchers think about the work.

Citations in context

We show you the exact text that cites the publication you’re reading. This way you quickly see how the publication is being cited and gauge how it was perceived. What’s more, the full-text to the citing paper is just one click away.

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All on one page

We’ve streamlined our publication pages and put all the information on one page. You don’t need to click to open a PDF reader. This way you get to read faster and scroll less. In addition, we’ve increased our font sizes and put a spotlight on the facts to improve your reading experience. And there’s more to come soon.

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Commenting and highlighting

You can now highlight text and publicly comment directly on 98 percent of all publications with fulltexts on ResearchGate. This turns each paper into a conversation starter and a springboard for future research – where you learn what others think of your work and open up the discourse.

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