ResearchGATE is the innovation path to scientific research - as featured on BusinessWeek

It's a very exciting week for ResearchGATE, the largest scientific collaboration that exists today.

We are currently featured on Businessweek - Innovation Channel as the leading tool that helps scientists connect and collaborate. The article, written by Steve Hamm, explains how scientists are leveraging ResearchGATE to connect with other scientists from all over the world. This also shows that with tools like ResearchGATE, there are no boundaries.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Madisch, who has a medical degree and a PhD, was born in Germany to Syrian parents and lives in Boston. He got the idea for ResearchGATE when he was doing graduate work in radiology at Harvard Medical School in 2007. He was frustrated because he knew of only a half-dozen others who were working on projects related to his research into improving the resolution of medical imagery. Then he learned about a potential collaborator's research through the man's Facebook page. Madisch had experienced the power of social networking, and he decided to develop a website that could offer connections and collaboration tools to researchers worldwide. He launched the site in May 2008, and already 180,000 researchers from more than 200 countries are using it regularly.

The full article can be found here.