ResearchGate Developer Day

On Saturday, November 30th, we’re opening our doors for our first-ever ResearchGate Developer Day.

To all developers who happen to be in Berlin: join us at our headquarters (Invalidenstraße 115, 10115 Berlin) for a jam-packed day of exciting talks, fodder for thought and great food!

Our speakers will be covering everything from scaling problems, building recommender systems, to continuous performance testing and more. Check out our line-up below and make sure to sign up via Eventbrite.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!


11.00: Welcome Speech by Ijad Madisch, CEO of ResearchGate

11.15: Sebastian Schelter: Building Recommender Systems for Mere-Mortals

An introduction to recommendation mining and a how-to on building simple REST-based recommender systems without having to cope with the scary math usually involved with machine learning techniques.

Sebastian is a PhD student at the Database Systems and Information Management Group of TU Berlin as well as a member of the Apache Software Foundation, where he works on Mahout and Giraph.

12.00: Lunch break

13.00: Bastian Hofmann: Marrying Front with Back End

Bastian will be talking about building frameworks that bring together the server and the client side of web applications elegantly. He’ll feature an overview of architecture that enables reuse of even the smallest components by showing details of the implementation on and ideas that have yet to be explored in a classic (H)MVC approach.

Bastian works as a Software Engineer at ResearchGate. Here he’s mainly responsible for designing the frontend’s software architecture and developing APIs. When he is not developing stuff, he frequently speaks at international conferences on software architecture, scaling web applications and open standards and protocols

13.45: Mathias Verraes: Fighting Bottlenecks with CQRS

How can you sell a gazillion tickets in an hour? This talk will explain how to use CQRS, Event Sourcing, and a strong focus on the problem domain to build a system that deals with peaks, reporting, and occasionally connected devices.

Mathias is an independent consultant living in Belgium. He builds enterprise web applications for complex domains and helps teams to get legacy projects under control.

14.30: Coffee break

15.00: Kristian Köhntopp: Why NoSQL Can't Write

An overview of scaling problems when writing data in distributed databases and the price you pay for taking shortcuts. This will be discussed using examples of real implementations with MongoDB, CouchDB, Redis, PostgreSQL and MySQL / InnoDB.

Kristian is currently wborking at in architecture and scaling problems. He has worked as a travelling consultant at MySQL AB, a “Security Fuzzi” at and has built large mail systems for NetUSE AG. He’s also to blame for various PHP extensions and libraries, at least one Linux HOWTO and some dangerous internet memes.

15.45: Kore Nordmann: Continuous Performance Testing

How can you verify that your application still performs well, even for complex user interactions? Kore will explain how JMeter can be used to simulate user interaction, test complex cluster set ups, be integrated into Continuous Integration environments and to verify the performance of your web application.

Kore is one of the founders of Qafoo GmbH where he works as an expert consultant and trainer. He has a university degree in computer science and broad experience as a software developer in professional and open-source PHP projects.

16.30: Closing talk by Michael Häusler, Senior Software Architect at ResearchGate, followed by happy hour.