On ResearchGate: Recent research and update on Ebola

Today hundreds of officials are gathering to discuss the current status in the fight against Ebola.

On March 24, 2014, the World Health Organization had reported an outbreak of the disease in Guinea. Since then, the virus has spread to six countries in West Africa, with sporadic cases in other countries, infecting more than 23,900 and killing more than 9700 people (confirmed and suspected cases).

According to United Nations special envoy for Ebola, David Nabarro, the numbers are sinking, but the next challenge is to bring the outbreak to an end and infections down to zero.

Here’s some of the most recent Ebola research that scientists are presenting on their ResearchGate profiles.

Current research looking back, and forward:

Ebola virus disease epidemic in West Africa: lessons learned and issues arising from West African countries

What makes people talk about Ebola on social media? A retrospective analysis of Twitter use

Predicting the extinction of Ebola spreading in Liberia due to mitigation strategies

A community-engaged infection prevention and control approach to Ebola.

Recent research on treatment options:

Anti-diarrheal Medication Use in the Treatment of Ebola Virus-Induced Diarrhea

Treatment of ebola virus infection with antibodies from reconvalescent donors.

Virtual screen for repurposing approved and experimental drugs for candidate inhibitors of EBOLA virus infection

Research happening on the network:

Text for treatment

A map of Ebola research

Image courtesy of CDC/Cynthia Goldsmith - Public Health Image Library