REBIRTH communicates via ResearchGATE

Many hopes of effective treatment of fatal diseases in the near future rely on research in regenerative biology and reconstructive therapy.

In order to advance work in these fields, Hannover Medical School has recently founded REBIRTH (acronym for REgenerative BIology and Reconstructive THerapy) as a center for basic, as well as clinical, research. REBIRTH follows an interdisciplinary approach, uniting seven high-profile partner institutions in a single cluster and combining biomedical disciplines with chemistry, mechanics, and physics, including photonics. To help achieve these goals, ResearchGATE has partnered with REBIRTH.

"We hope that using this platform will simplify communication and cooperation", said Professor Axel Haverich, spokesman of the excellence cluster and Head of the Department for Cardiac, Thoracic, Transplantation and Vascular Surgery. Professor Dr. Christopher Baum, Dean of Research and Head of the Department for Experimental Hemoncology, added, "Communication is the most important shear force in research. It is now in our hands to jointly develop new, fast and reliable tools for knowledge transfer."