One million scientists are collaborating on 500,000 real-time research Projects

Join them and share your research step-by-step

We launched Projects in March 2016 as a feature for collaboration on ongoing research and we’re truly excited about what’s happened since. You are creating new projects by the minute, and more than one million researchers are now working together on half a million projects.

You are sharing research from start to finish, from datasets to negative results and papers. You are engaging in discussions about research questions and are sharing feedback about ongoing work. This collaboration is happening across scientific fields and worldwide.

By sharing research in real-time you’re breaking with the age-old tradition of secrecy in science. For the first time, it’s easy for peers and the public to see who is working on what in science now. We see this is a huge step forward in our mission to connect the world of science and make research open to all.

Curious? Take a look at a few recent projects: 


  • NASA scientists are using projects to document the year they spent in complete isolation on a volcano in Hawaii to simulate life “on Mars”.

  • Astrophysicists are using projects to plan out a 150 year journey of interstellar probes. Using solar panels alone, they hope to send the probes to three stars in the Alpha Centauri system.

  • Researchers from the ExoMars 2020 mission are analyzing asthmospheric data on the search for past and present life on the planet.



  • Over 30 researchers are creating a comprehensive database of all European animals in this project. 

  • Researchers are sharing both the expected and unexpected findings of their observations of European bumblebees in a project.


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