New feature: The Journal Finder

ResearchGATE has launched an exciting new application: The Journal Finder.

As all scientists know, there are more than 20,000 journals in print and sometimes it is hard to find the best fit for your paper. ResearchGATE's Journal Finder will help you discover which journals are most relevant to your research. Here's how it works: copy and paste your article's abstract into our semantic search algorithm, and it will identify all of the relevant journals. In addition, we will share all publication restrictions with you, as well as more information about the journal. This idea came from the community and we are thrilled to have been able to develop it. If you have more ideas, please email us.

How it works:

Click on the Journal Finder

Paste your abstract (e.g.  Hamm-Alvarez et al.)

View the results of the best journals:

View more information about the journal by clicking on it: