Introducing your Profile Overview and Author Contributions

We've just released two useful new features designed to help you customize your profile, showcase your work, and outline what you contributed to your publications. 

Profile Overview

Your new profile overview page is where you can present yourself, your research, and your skills to your colleagues and other researchers. Think of it as a summary of not just your profile, but of your research output and reputation too.


Featured Publications

This lets you showcase your most recent, favorite, or best publications on your profile overview. This feature puts you in the driving seat and helps you create more exposure for your research. All you need to do is choose up to three of your publications to be displayed. Here's how it'll look:


Author Contributions

A list of co-authors tells you who worked on a publication, but doesn't break down the contributions of individual researchers. Now our new Author Contributions feature lets all contributors define their individual role in a study. All you need to do is add the skills you used during the research process and summarize your contribution. You can also give credit to your research partners by adding details about what they contributed too. All of this can be done from a publication's page on ResearchGate.


We got the idea for Author Contributions from Sebastian Frische. Sebastian, an associate professor at the University of Aarhus in Denmark, wrote an article highlighting the need for a new system to make contributions in science more transparent. We took up the challenge. This is what he has to say about our new feature:
"Author Contributions holds the potential to change the way credits are assigned in the world of science. It will be possible to clearly see the contributions of each contributor in a validated form. Not only will this increase transparency and fairness, but it might also pave the way for full recognition for a number of contributions, which do not qualify for authorship according to current formal criteria."

Take a look at your new profile overview.