Introducing the new ResearchGate profile

We’ve revamped, reworked and redesigned our profile to give you a better way to promote your work, skills and contributions.

Here’s a little of what you can expect from our update:

About Me: You can now let people know what you’re working on easily and efficiently. Use the new about me box to introduce yourself and your current project to the network.


Activity page: We’ve created a page for all your activity on ResearchGate, making it much easier for your followers to access your contributions and stay current with what you’re working on and interacting with.


In-line editing: Keep your profile up to date effortlessly. We’ve removed the ‘Edit profile’ page and introduced in-line editing, meaning you can now update everything directly from your profile.


Impact points: In an effort to make the way we calculate your impact points more transparent, we’ve broken them down by publication, giving you an overall number too.


Research skills: We’ve changed the way research skills function by turning them into taggable keywords. We suggest checking this field in your new profile to ensure we’ve transcribed your skills correctly. We have big plans for research skills, so watch this space.


Topics: We want your contributions on ResearchGate to be visible - you’ll notice a badge on your profile if you’re the curator or founder of a topic.


Privacy settings: We’ve streamlined and simplified our privacy settings - it’s now much easier to understand and control who sees what.


Over the coming weeks we’ll be fixing all kinds of niggly little issues - if you have any feedback for us, whether compliment or complaint, we’d love to hear from you.

And believe it or not, this is just the beginning! We’ll be adding more exciting updates and features to profiles on ResearchGate very soon.

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