Introducing ReFind - the next generation search engine

Most of the search engines on the web are actually stupid. This sounds harsh, but it is true.

Their algorithms provide you with page results based on criteria such as the number of occurrences of search terms or their overall audience. Do you care about this as a researcher? Probably not. Research topics are often too complex to be narrowed down to just a few words.


That is why we are happy to introduce ReFind, a new search engine based on semantic, "intelligent" correlation - the first of its kind! It enables you to find groups, papers, fellow researchers and everything else within and outside of ResearchGATE without having to read through dozens of irrelevant results. Just type a few sentences into ReFind or simply copy and paste your abstract and ReFind will roam through databases such as PubMEd for you. It will automatically show you connections to fellow researchers, groups and other ResearchGATE resources, based on the profile data you provided. This is true web 3.0! The following screenshots provide examples for both the "Similar Abstract Search" and the "Semantic Relations" functionality.