Introducing our FAQ – Part I

Requests for an FAQ section about how to make the most of your ResearchGate experience have been flooding in – and we’ve been listening.

You can find the first set of questions and answers here, but for starters, we’d like to introduce this new FAQ section with a series of blog posts on the most common questions relating to publications.

This first post covers adding your own publications to your profile. Over the coming days we’ll look at connecting with the network of researchers behind the publications on ResearchGate, and discovering research that’s relevant to your own work.

Adding your publications to your profile


Adding your publications – including your raw and negative data – to your ResearchGate profile helps you make your entire research output visible and accessible. It also allows you to generate an idea of your research’s impact by gaining an overview of who has cited your publications and your publications’ views and downloads. This makes it easy to find out who’s interested in your research and opens up new alleys for scientific collaboration. What’s more, by sharing your publications, you’re allowing more than three million ResearchGate members to build on existing knowledge in the spirit of open science.

Here’s how you can make sure your publications are correctly represented on your profile.

How can I add my publications to my profile?

ResearchGate makes adding publications to your profile easy. We try to group all of the publications in our database by author, using a name-matching algorithm. These groups of publications are called author profiles.

Author profiles streamline the authorship confirmation process, meaning you only need to confirm authorship of one of your publications to add a whole group of them to your profile. Finding and confirming authorship of your publications is easy.


  1. Go to your ResearchGate profile

  2. Click Add your publications in the top right-hand corner

  3. Select Peer-reviewed in the dialog box

  4. Our author match feature will show you any author profiles that match your name

  5. Confirm authorship of your research by clicking Yes next to anything you authored.

If there are any publications that we didn’t find, you can add them to your profile using the Manual entry tool. To do this, follow steps one to three above, and move across to the Manual entry tab, then:

  1. Enter the title of the publication you want to add to your profile

  2. Upload a full-text version of your publication (optional)

  3. Click Continue

  4. Enter details that apply, such as the authors, journal, and publication date

  5. Click Continue to add it to your profile.

You’re all done! Your publications will now appear under the Contributions tab of your profile, visible to both ResearchGate members and the public.

We hope this blog post about adding publications was helpful to you. Do you have a question in mind that’s not included in our FAQs yet? Please share it with usWe’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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In our next blog post, learn more about where ResearchGate finds your publications.