Introducing Open Review - a new way to evaluate research

We’re excited to announce the launch of Open Review today.

It’s designed to help you openly voice feedback and evaluate research that you have read and worked with, bringing more transparency to science and speeding up progress.

With Open Review you can:

  • Voice your feedback on the reproducibility of research.

  • Request reviews of research you’re interested in.

  • Discuss publications with the authors and other experts.

Recent events have highlighted the need for an alternative system for peer review, and Professor Kenneth Ka-Ho Lee and his team at the Chinese University of Hong Kong are taking the first steps.

Stem Cell Nature study debunked with Open Review

We’re proud to share Professor Lee’s groundbreaking review with you – the first to be published using our new feature:


The review concerns a study into a novel way to produce stem cells that made the headlines worldwide in January when it was published in the journal Nature. The study presented a technique to turn adult cells into embryo-like pluripotent stem cells by treating them with acid. By opening up the path to an easy and more ethical way of producing stem cells, these findings seemingly heralded a new era of regenerative medicine. But they soon came under scrutiny, to the point where even one of the paper’s co-authors asked for the study to be retracted.

Following the authors’ protocol step by step, Kenneth and his team found that these findings were indeed too good to be true, and impossible to reproduce. Now they’re the first to publish proof of it with Open Review.
This is what ResearchGate was made for. – Kenneth Lee

Kenneth’s review is an important step in the future of scientific publishing. I encourage you to take a look at the publications that have informed your work and ask yourself: Is there anything I need to say? – Ijad Madisch, founder of ResearchGate

Join Kenneth and start an open review.

Open Review is work in progress. We look forward to hearing from you so that we can start tailoring it to your needs.