Introducing a new way to publish all of your research

Here at ResearchGate, we know your research isn't limited to the articles you've published.

Think of all the datasets and negative results that never make the final cut – we don’t think this non-peer-reviewed work should sit and gather dust on your desk.

Our new publishing feature lets you publish anything, whether it’s been through the peer-review process or not. Here’s how it works.

How do I publish?

Think of your profile as your own personal publishing platform. All you have to do is pick what type of research you want to publish, upload the file, and then fill out the details. It couldn't be simpler. PublishingTool
Each file will be given its own page so that other researchers can cite it and provide you with feedback on it.


What can I publish?

This is the best bit: you can publish anything you like. Here’s what other researchers have published so far:

✔ Datasets ✔ Raw data ✔ Negative results
✔ Figures ✔ Media files ✔ Unpublished articles

So, what’s next? 

Go to your profile, publish, and start building reputation based on your entire research output.