Highlighting research that matters – with a new look

We’re excited to present the research that matters most to you with a brand new look. Now you can see at a glance what’s trending in your network and in your field. 

Design – all about your research

Our new design puts your research in the spotlight. It highlights key information such as article titles and metrics to make it easier for you to decide what to read. Our new logo epitomizes what we strive to do: present you with the research that impacts you.


Home feed – all about your network

Your new home feed gives you a tailored overview of new research from the moment you log in. Right away you can read the research that is relevant to you and discover what your peers are most interested in.

Key stats are now also featured on your home screen, letting you see at a glance the impact of your research this week, and how you compare with your peers.



Trending research – all about your field 

We looked at what is being read the most in different fields and wanted to share these insights with you. Choose a discipline to see the most viewed and downloaded research over a 24-hour period on the alpha-version of our new trending publications page.



We’re constantly working on new ways to improve the network – please share your feedback with us.