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More than seven million scientists and researchers use ResearchGate. It’s likely that the ideal candidate for your job opening is among them.

ResearchGate Jobs combines the perks of print ads and online job boards, and actively alerts researchers with the skills you’re looking for to your ad.

We recently analyzed how researchers found the jobs they applied to. On ResearchGate, 58 percent of researchers weren’t even actively looking for new employment. They were recommended a job on the network and were inspired to apply.


Similar to flipping through a magazine, researchers discover jobs while they’re on the network. They see job openings that match their skills and expertise thanks to our sophisticated algorithm – or we deliver attractive opportunities straight to their inbox. Additionally, we list all openings publicly to increase visibility for your open position.

As an employer, ResearchGate gives you a more holistic view of your applicants’ research. Stats like publication downloads and citations and more give you an impression of how their work is perceived by their peers.

Professor-BingThere are two ways to harness the network and find the perfect addition to your team:
Post a job

Describe your ideal applicant in a job post and we’ll show it to candidates with the expertise, skills and career level you’re looking for. This can be done immediately and in a few easy steps.

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If you’d like to grow your team even further or you have regular hiring targets, job subscriptions are the right solution for you. Once you fill your open position – whether after a few days or a full year – you can put up a new job post at no added cost. We offer custom services in order to match your needs.

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