Groups are no longer just groups!

Introducing a change in the structure of the research process.

You know groups within ResearchGATE as what they are, just groups. But we decided that this is not enough within the world of science - it does not reflect the structure of the research process. Therefore, we have added two features to the groups, which will bring us a large step ahead towards Science 2.0. First of all, groups can now be categorized, e.g. as an institute, a research group or simply people of similar interests. It might even be a convention or conference. Secondly, the groups can now be "grouped" with each other, meaning groups can be related to other groups.

As you will see, the possibilities are endless. Groups can be designated "children" of other groups - position your working team/lab group/department within the appropriate institution or link conferences to the scientific communities and institutions behind them. Do certain groups share similar interests? Relate them to each other on the same hierachy level. You've founded a regional scientists' group ? Invite other groups to become your "children". Sounds confusing? It isn't - it is easy and logical, just try.