Function and design: what's new in ResearchGate

As a user of the ResearchGate network you'll have noticed that we've had a massive update in the way the platform looks and operates.

As it is in science, a greater level of organization results in a greater level of productivity; the new design is intended to make site navigation simpler and more efficient, improving access to the information that is valuable to you and making it easier for you to contribute to the research community. The website is a combination of the strongest elements of the previous design with an improved functionality.

The tools that you use on a regular basis like the literature search, groups, file sharing, micro-feed, and job search are all still there, but we are continuously working on how we can optimize the way you use them and how their function can be improved. These changes are based on feedback we've received from you, as well as ideas we've had that will enhance the network. Over the next couple of weeks we'll go through how the new features have been implemented into the network and how you can get the most out of them.

It's an exciting time at ResearchGate, and, as always, we value your feedback and invite your questions as we progress.