Build your own library

We really appreciate your positive feedback on our new search and browsing functions.

To make them even more useful, we have upgraded our database to include the content of several major scientific databases, namely PubMed, Citeseer, RePEc, ArXiv, IEEE and NASA. Currently, more than 30,000,000 scientific articles from a broad range of scientific fields are included. Searching for keywords is one thing, relating research output based on content is another. We have developed semantic tools that are able to both searching for keywords and relate research output based on content.

Our similar abstract search functionality is one example, the identification of related researchers and groups is another. In the future, we will broaden the usability of this true web 3.0 feature. A key element is your personal research library. Based on the research interests you entered into your profile, relevant articles will be automatically suggested to you - and you are able to share the entire library with your contacts.