Celebrating five million members with free DOIs

August 13, 2014

Today we celebrate five million members sharing their scientific output, knowledge and expertise on ResearchGate.

Together, you share an exponentially increasing number of:

  • publications: In the first 50 months in the company's history you uploaded two million publications in total to your profiles. Today you upload two million publications every month.
  • datasets: In the first months after we launched the feature you uploaded 100 datasets every day. Today you upload 700.
  • conference papers: Last year, you uploaded 300 conference papers daily. This number has increased fivefold; currently you upload 1500 conference papers daily.


Everything you contribute to the network – whether it’s a dataset, a conference paper or a journal article – is making progress happen faster. That’s why we want to show our appreciation and give you another reason to share: you can now generate a free DOI for research you add to your profile.

DOI stands for “Digital Object Identifier” and is a unique and permanent number used to recognize digital content. A DOI helps you to:

  • Showcase all of your research. A DOI enables other researchers to find all of your work online, including your conference papers and posters, raw and negative data, and any other research you would like to share.
  • Make your research citable. DOIs provide information on where your work can be found online. They are guaranteed to never change, making them a great way to provide a reliable link to any of your research.
  • Put a date on your discovery. A DOI includes information on the publishing date of your research, to make sure you get the credit you deserve.

How it works:

Go to your profile, click add your publications and choose what kind of research you'd like to add.


Fill out the details about your research and choose whether you’d like to enter an existing DOI or generate a new DOI.


You’ll find the DOI on your publication’s page and we’ll also send you an email with the DOI for safekeeping.

For this feature we partnered with Datacite, a service that supports researchers by enabling them to identify, locate, access, and cite research datasets with confidence.

Celebrate five million members working together to further progress and generate a DOI for your work.

Questions or feedback? We appreciate your thoughts.

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