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  • Matthew Secatore asked a question in Built Environment:
    Pre-FAB: Investigating Its Implementation & Implications in Australian Mid To High-Rise Structures

    My name is Matthew Secatore and I am currently writing my final thesis to complete my Master of Architecture degree at Deakin University's School Of Architecture & Built Environment. My thesis, titled, Pre-FAB: Investigating Its Implementation & Implications in Australian Mid To High-Rise Structures, will focus on the effects, positive or negative, that prefabricated building systems can have on architecture in Australian cities and its construction & property markets.

    As part of my research I have compiled a short anonymous survey that will take approx. 10-15minutes of your time about the above statement.

    I kindly ask you to offer just a moment of your time to fill in the survey so I can hopefully get a wide enough scope from professionals, such as yourselves, on the matters at hand.

    The survey will be completely anonymous.


    If you would like to be notified of the research outcomes please contact me through email at: mnsec@deakin.edu.au Thank you for your participation.

    Kind Regards,

    Matthew Secatore


    School of Architecture & Built Environment Deakin University

  • What are the optimal scanning electron microscopy parameters when viewing bacteria?

    I would like to evaluate the effects of several antimicrobials on bacterial cell morphology. Can anyone suggest what are the optimal settings for the scanning electron microscopy? The parameters I'm concerned on are as follow: acceleration voltage, working distance, probe current, filament current, and aperture diameter.

    Delhousie Daniel Jambun · Monash University (Australia)

    Thank you for all of your response everyone!

  • Govindjee Govindjee asked a question in Frustration:
    When someone requests a pdf from me, I have no clue how to send it

    I receive e-mails from "Research Gate" asking for reprints to give or upload, BUT since no e-mail of the person is given I cannot send it, and when I come to your site, it gives no clear option to do the same. THUS, it is ALL A WASTE to be on Research Gate. I intend to DELETE all messages I receive from Research gate NOW because for me it is a frustrating experience to say the least.. Prof. Emeritus Govindjee (gov@illinois.edu)

  • James Varghese added an answer in Landslides:
    Can you help me in analyzing satellite imagery of September 2014 Indo-Pak Floods?

    Right now as I frame this question many are perishing because of the floods in the state of Jammu & Kashmir in northern India and across the border in Pakistan. The news says it is one of the worst floods in decades. There was torrential rain from the past few days leading to overflowing of rivers triggering floods and landslides. Since I am a Remote Sensing student my first thought was to study the perspective from space, therefore I started browsing through NASA’s WorldView and Earthexplorer USGS websites for satellite images of affected areas. MODIS and Landsat are quite helpful usually in studying and monitoring floods but I was not able to find a single satellite image without cloud cover. Obviously because of the heavy rains these locations are covered by clouds throughout. All I could lay hands on was of previous years’ satellite imagery of the location. I’m waiting for the next pass of Landsat, Terra or Aqua for a cloud free scene in the hope of scrutinizing the post disaster situation. Can anyone suggest what other sources of satellite imagery I should look for, preferably freely available ones? If you have any ideas on how I should approach examining this flood scenario, they are highly welcome. Is there any way to remove cloud cover effectively from satellite imagery by some image processing techniques? Kindly support with answers and relevant research papers.

    James Varghese · The Energy and Resources Institute

    Dr. Vinay, your links and answer are very useful for my studies. Thanks a lot for your contribution. I've started following your updates. It is good to know that you are in IARI.

  • Mayank Kumar added an answer in Comet Assay:
    Kindly help. How do I keep my agar coating from slipping during Alkaline comet assay?

    I'm standardizing alkaline single cell gel electrophoresis (comet assay) for ionizing radiation induced DNA damage. Out of the 12 slides, I barely get 3 or 4 slides with the agar coating while the others' coating slips after electrophoresis. I'm incubating in lysis buffer(pH =10.0) for 1 hour then 20 min unwinding in electrophoresis buffer pH=13.6 followed by 20 min run at 25 V/300A 1V/cm. As soon as I neutralize the slides (pH=7.6) the agar coating slips. I've precoated the slides with 1%agar and then added 0.5%low melting agar with cells.

    The slides which did not slip gave good results, stained with Propidium Iodide. How can I increase the output and prevent slipping?

    Mayank Kumar · Defence Research and Development Organisation

    Thanks Paula,

    I do keep the slides at 4°C after adding the LMPA+cells. I'll add the buffers first and then the slides.. Thanks I'll update asap. Could it be a problem in cleaning the slides? I use alcohol and tissue to clean the slides. Perhaps I need to flame the slides as well?

  • Naveen Kumar added an answer in Stem Cells:
    Can anyone give advice on serum starvation in stem cells?

    I want to add TGF in CGR8 stem cells and I need to carry out serum starvation before. I am not sure that cells remain pluripotent after starvation (3.5% FBS). Can anyone help with this?

    Naveen Kumar · Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology

    Dear Dr. David,

    "stem cells do not cycle - by definition. They do not require serum starvation. If they are cycling (proliferating) they are NOT stem cells" Sounds Interesting can you elaborate your statement. please  

  • Neural Network Modelling

    Hello i would like someone to tell me how to test trained artificial neural network in matlab for linear predictions.

  • Carlos Muñoz asked a question in Entomology:
    How describe colour of insects?

    I search best way to descibe colour of inmature stages of insects, i want do objectively. For example, i found Munsell Colour Chart, Is it appropriate to use it? Entomology

  • Renukesh Verma added an answer in Molecular Docking:
    Does the molecular docking profile of thiophene-2-carboxylic acid with COX-z enzymesignificant?
    I am trying get the molecular docking profile thiophene-2-carboxylic acid. How does it perform with autodock software?
    Renukesh Verma · Madhav Institute of Technology and Science

    what about the second file?

  • How to estimate synchrony between N mineralization and N uptake ?

    i have a green manure decomposition trail data and nitrogen uptake of  potatoes over the growing season. i need to determine synchrony between them. can i use Pearson correlation ? is there references?

  • Renukesh Verma added an answer in Molecular Docking:
    How can I dock the ligand thiophene-2-carboxylic acid with COX-1 from the web server?
    I try to dock the ligand thiophene-2-carboxylic acid (PDB code : 2HDQ) with enzyme Cyclooxygenase-1 and cyclooxygenase-2. I went through various web servers for dock the above, But I can't find the best one. Can anybody tell me how I can dock the ligand thiophene-2-carboxylic acid with COX-1 from the web server?
    Renukesh Verma · Madhav Institute of Technology and Science

    why don't you try to download autodock? it is free. for windows and Linux and other operating systems 

  • I want to apply a single neuron pid controller for a twin rotor mimo system

    There is inbuild pid controller which i want to change to a single neuron pid controller as my project work.i want guideline about how to design and stimulate single neuron network in matlab

    Santosh sadashiv Shinde · Walchand College of Engineering, Sangli

    nope.I want to tune pid controller with help of single neuron network.please kindly see the ieee paper attached.

  • Julien Pompon asked a question in SILAC:
    SILAC Schneider medium


    Do anyone know where I can find SILAC Schneider medium?

    If does not exist, is there an easy to make it myself, like adding the isotope only in medium just lacking Lysin and Arginin?


  • Abhishek Kumar asked a question in LTE:
    Uses of RSRP RSRQ RSSI and RSTD in LTE

    In LTE or any other cellular radio network, UE report some sort of signal to base station for various decision making. It could be used for better downlink scheduling (using CQI), uplink scheduling (using SRS), cell selection , handover, cell reselection , calculation of uplink and downlink path loss for power control, multipath propagation, Uplink interference and for location based services.

  • abhishek kumar Singh asked a question in Biological:
    Biological pathways-drawing

    Hi Guys,

    Can anyone suggest me the best and user friendly software which can help one to construct a biological diagram say for example pathways. It has to a personalized diagram, so I am not looking for a ready made picture of flow diagram. Any help or suggestion will be appreciated.  

  • Fabianno Ferreira Dutra added an answer in ROS:
    How reliable is MitosoxRed for measurement in 96 well plates?

    I would like to use Mitosox red o read mitochondrial ROS. I have seen that mostly it is used for imaging purposes. How reliable it is to use it in 96 wells plate assay mode? If somebody has standardized the protocol is it possible to share the reference? I will be using it for C2C12 skeletal muscle cells.

    Fabianno Ferreira Dutra · Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

    Hi Rashmi, you can do a kinetic assay in a fluorometer. We've been using this method in our lab with macrophages and it works well. It is essential to use mediums free from phenol red. Another tip is to load the cells with the dye in the absence of serum. I think a good idea is to use MitoTEMPO, a mitochondria-targeted antioxidant with superoxide scavenging properties. This will help you to show the specificity of MitoSOX.

    Good luck!

  • Abdul Kayum added an answer in Adaptive Control:
    Bacterial Foraging Optimization(BFO) Algorithm in Adaptive control

    I am learning BFO algorithm. Is it possible to effectively implement BFO in Adaptive control problems? Is it better than traditional MPC, PID controller etc?

    Abdul Kayum · Tezpur University

    Dear All,

    I do not see any of your answers. I do not know why  the problem is.

  • V.Thamilselvi K.V.Radha added an answer in BET:
    Can we get particle size distribution by using BET?
    Maybe you agree with me that using BET we can get information of pore size distribution. But, I am wondering whether we can know particle size distribution from this technique? Assuming that every experimental condition is fulfilled.
    V.Thamilselvi K.V.Radha · Anna University, Chennai

    Thankyou sir

  • Shama Parveen added an answer in Polyaniline:
    The molecular structure of the repeated Polyaniline?

    Sorry for this very basic-should-be question. But does anyone know how exactly is the structure of the emeraldine salt polyaniline with 2 repeating unit? And what is the terminal for the structure? H or NH?

    Shama Parveen · Jamia Millia Islamia

    I hope you can find your answer best from the given reference

    Nanomembranes and Nanofibers from Biodegradable Conducting Polymers
    Elena Llorens , Elaine Armelin , María del Mar Pérez-Madrigal , Luís Javier del Valle , Carlos Alemán * and Jordi Puiggalí

  • Neetu Mall added an answer in Agriculture:
    What are the factors that transform a country from agriculture to industry?

    I need the most applicable indicators to analyze my topic.

    Neetu Mall · G. B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar

    Dear Ariful, i would like to say India is land of Agriculture so industries itself involving agriculture,it give so much scope to export of materials also but with the involvement of agri businesss.

  • Shihao Liu added an answer in Retrieval:
    Can laser grain size analyzer (Mastersizer-2000, Malver) accuately measure sandy samples in downcore?

    We have retrieved several 30-m boreholes form a barrier bar-lagoon area. The downcore samples are sandy. Generally, too coarse sediments are not recommended to conduct measurement with laser grain size analyzer. But there are more than 4000 samples and we do not have enough time to conduct tranditional measurement of grain size. Hence, I wonder if it is accuarcy to measure sandy sediment grain size with laser method? And I need the reason and explanation. 

    Shihao Liu · First Institute of Oceanography
    • Many thanks for your answers. I will try to sieve samples beforehand, and measure them as what you've suggested.
  • Out of ansys and abaqus which one is better for fracture mechanics analysis?

    I am starting FEA analysis in fracture mechanics. I want to know the best software for the analysis. I am familiar with Ansys. can anyone state the points for choosing better software for fea analysis in fracture mechanics out of Ansys and Abaqus?

    Vijayaragavan Elumalai · SRM University

    For fracture analysis go for ABAQUS...

  • Neeraj Sethiya asked a question in Species:
    Is it possible that one active antimicrobial for particular species may equally active to another species of same genus.

    There is some report on specific antimicrobial for particular strain. On other species of same genus either they are not tested. So, can be use same for other species of same genus.

  • Tushar Arora asked a question in Detachment:
    Cells getting detached & started floating after 4% PFA fixation

    I just started my staining/ imaging studies on HT22 cell line,
    For that i was fixing the cells after the drug treatment.
    As soon as, i add 4%PFA soln, to the 8 well chamber slide, the cells got detached and started floating.
    I could not find any logical cause,
    if anyone can suggest me a solution, that will be really helpful,

  • Brahim Bouali added an answer in ESL Mentoring:
    How do you manage to successfully teach English for specific puropses(Medical English)?
    I'm doing research connected with ESL medical English teaching at a tertiary (university) level of education.
    Brahim Bouali · University of North Carolina at Charlotte

    Dear Janina,

    I am designing a very important ESP course. Important for at least two reasons. I believe it is going to save so many innocent lives. Secondly, I think it opens anther dimension in ESP philosophy. I really need your suggestions and your feedback. Please have a look at my attached document.

  • Can i use zebra fish model to find out brain antioxidant activity of aqueous extract of some fruit seed

    i want to check antioxidant activity on brain , so is it feasible to use zebra fish in place of animal model 

    R. Thiruchelvi · Kamaraj College of Engineering and Technology


    your choice of selection was correct.i have attached the pdf file which shows a proof for it.check it out.

  • Can we extract DNA on (Ficus) leaves preserved in silica gel with sufficient quality for RAD-seq?
    Does anybody know if it would be possible to build RAD-seq libraries on leaves that have been preserved in Silicagel? I'm wondering if the DNA quality would be high enough to get (enough) markers or if we should consider another conservation method (Silicagel is indeed quite convenient when sampling in the field).
    Neetu Mall · G. B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar

    According to my experience from younger leaves extracting is easier as compared to aged leaves but as Marie says that it totally varies from species to species sometimes polyphenolics may create hindrance for quality DNA but still i m sure if it is presereved in silica gel then it may not be problematic as well it can be used for RAD sequencing another thing if u preserve in LN frozen it will give better results.