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  • Diksha Dani asked a question in Mobile Web:
    What are the tool for mobile web page loading speed?

    please suggest some tools to compute the web page loading speed on mobile device i.e mobile web page loading loading speed   ...

  • James Demers added an answer in Polysaccharide:
    Is there any reaction to bond Amine (-NH2) groups to Hydroxyl (-OH) groups?

    In our synthesis, the hydroxyl group of a polysaccharide should be attached to an Amine group of another molecule which has two amine groups in both ends of its molecular structure. 

    Is there any mechanism or specified reaction to bond these two functional group together?

    The simplest option is probaby to form a carbamate.  Phosgene, or an equivalent such as triphosgene, can convert ROH to RO(CO)Cl, which will react readily with amino groups.

  • Please, Can anyone state the values of bond energies for homopolar and heteropolar chemical bond of Cd, S, Se, Ge, As, Cu, In and Ir elements?


    is related only for glasses or it can be applied for crystalline structures, too?

    Please can anyone help me to get a reference contains those values ?

    About first question- check the CRC's "Handbook of chemistry and physics".

  • Mohamed El Naschie added an answer in Schrodinger:
    Is there a stablished equation of motion for the single photon?

    Schrodinger equation describes the matter waves associated with a non relativistic particle and Dirac equation describes the relativistic spin half particles. In this connection is there any other equation which describes the particles with mass zero and spin 1 like photons?

    Mohamed El Naschie · Alexandria University

    see olso 

    From Highly Structured E-Infinity Rings and Transfinite Maximally Symmetric Manifolds to the Dark Energy Density of the Cosmos
    MS El Naschie - Advances in Pure Mathematics, 2014 - scirp.org
    7 days ago - Starting from well established results in pure mathematics, mainly transfinite
    set theory, E-infinity algebra over operads, fuzzy manifolds and fuzzy Lie symmetry groups,
    we construct an exact Weyl scaling for the highly structured E-infinity rings corresponding ...
    Cite Saved
    Current Advances in Mechanical Design & Production, Fourth Cairo University MDP Conference
    MS El Naschie, S Al Athel, CW Wu - Current Advances in …, 2014 - books.google.com
    13 days ago - 407 Current Advances in Mechanical Design & Production, Fourth Cairo University
    MDP Conference, Cairo, Dec. 27–29, 1988 STABILITY, BIFURCATION AND CATASTROPHES
    IN NONLINEAR SYSTEMS MS El Naschie”, S. Al Athel” and CW Wu"** * Professor, ...
    Cite Saved
    [HTML] from scirp.org
    [HTML] The Gap Labelling Integrated Density of States for a Quasi Crystal Universe Is Identical to the Observed 4.5 Percent Ordinary Energy Density of the Cosmos
    MS El Naschie - Natural Science, 2014 - file.scirp.org
    30 days ago - Condense matter methods and mathematical models used in solving problems
    in solid state physics are transformed to high energy quantum cosmology in order to
    estimate the magnitude of the missing dark energy of the universe. Looking at the problem ...
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    [PDF] from scirp.org
    On a New Elementary Particle from the Disintegration of the Symplectic't Hooft-Veltman-Wilson Fractal Spacetime
    MS El Naschie - World Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 2014 - scirp.org
    70 days ago - 't Hooft-Veltman Wilson dimensional regularization depends crucially upon
    Borel summability which entails strong links to the modern mathematical theory of transfinite
    sets and consequently to the fractal-Cantorian spacetime proposal of Ord-Nottale-El ...
    Cited by 2 Cite Saved
    [HTML] from scirp.org
    [HTML] E-Infinity Dualities, Discontinuous Spacetimes, Xonic Quantum Physics and the Decisive Experiment
    JP Auffray - Journal of Modern Physics, 2014 - file.scirp.org
    91 days ago - Using powerful concepts and tools borrowed from the seminal arsenal connecting
    physics fundamentals with esoteric set theoretical operations developed in recent years by
    Alexandria E-infinity theoretician MS El Naschie, this paper explores the deep implications ...
    Cited by 2 Cite Saved More
    [HTML] from scirp.org
    [HTML] Electromagnetic—Pure Gravity Connection via Hardy's Quantum Entanglement
    MS El Naschie - Journal of Electromagnetic Analysis and …, 2014 - file.scirp.org
    119 days ago - Pure gravity in eight dimensional super space possesses twenty degrees of
    freedom. Gauging these generalized coordinates in terms of a single self entangled Hardy
    type quantum particle we retrieve one hundred and thirty seven isometries corresponding ...
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    [PDF] from bubbfil.com
    [PDF] Nonlocal Elasticity to Nonlocal Spacetime and Nanoscience
    W Tang, Y Li, HY Kong, MS El Naschie - Bubbfil Nanotechnology, 2014 - bubbfil.com
    131 days ago - Abstract Eringen nonlocal elasticity is extended to an elastic Cosserat-like
    model of spacetime and a nano/micro scale charged jet in Bubbfil spinning process,
    respectively, to explain El Naschie's dark energy equation E= mc2 (21/22) and the ...
    Cited by 2 Cite Saved More
    [PDF] from sciencepublishinggroup.com
    [PDF] Compactified Dimensions as Produced by Quantum Entanglement, the Four Dimensionality of Einstein's Smooth Spacetime and'tHooft's 4-ε Fractal Spacetime
    MS El Naschie - American Journal of Astronomy …, 2014 - article.sciencepublishinggroup.com
    146 days ago - Abstract: We show how Einstein's four dimensionality of spacetime arises via a
    Hardy quantum entanglement form of compactification acting on Veneziano bosonic strings
    space. In turn this quantum entanglement mechanism is directly connected to the ...
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    [PDF] from scirp.org
    From Modified Newtonian Gravity to Dark Energy via Quantum Entanglement
    MS El Naschie - Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics, 2014 - scirp.org
    165 days ago - Starting from the classical Newton inverse square law of gravitation we arrive
    at a modified Newtonian gravity in the spirit of the work of Milgrom-Bekenstein pioneering
    work. This is achieved by injecting the needed quantum mechanical dissection of special ...
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    [PDF] from kpfu.ru
    [PDF] To dark energy theory from a Cosserat-like model of spacetime
    MS El Naschie - Анализа в Инженерных Системах, 2014 - kpfu.ru
    181 days ago - In Euclidean as well as Riemannian geometry a point cannot rotate. Only a
    finite length line could rotate. This is where most of the troubles of the general theory of
    relativity reside. Once realized, the situation could be resolved by going in the direction of ...
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  • Gandhi Doss Subramaniam added an answer in Drought:
    When and where do we use the term drought and water deficit stress?

    Quite often it is said that if we write studies to understand the drought tolerance of coconut or some other crop it is not correct. Please clarify this.

    Gandhi Doss Subramaniam · Central Sericultural Research & Training Institute, Mysore

    Drought and water deficit stress both are related to the availability of soil moisture to the plant. Both may be called as "soil moisture stress" frequently faced by plants. This will vary according to the soil properties. As previously discussed, under drought situation, plants face inadequate water to drive their physiological functions, leading to leaf senescence  and other changes, while "under irrigated" plants face water deficit stress where enough water is not available for absorption and transport of solutes from soil, leading to growth retardation. Plants developed for deficit irrigated conditions should also have adaptability to nutrient poor environments. 

  • Mehdi Hedayati asked a question in Glycolysis:
    BCQ4: Which type of fructose has higher glycolysis rate? oral ingestion or venous injection?

    BCQs are Biochemical questions for education of the related students.

  • Parviz Parvin added an answer in Laser:
    Why we have increase in output power by increasing pump current in diode laser?

    By increasing the pump current in diode laser, we see increasing in output power.

    This relation is linear.

    Why we have this?

    Parviz Parvin · Amirkabir University of Technology

    I do not agree that linearity holds at higher pump currents particularly for high power diode lasers because of thermal loss, non-linearity and saturation effects.

  • John Boswell added an answer in Psychology:
    Who is currently researching the link between Attachment Theory, Substance Abuse, and Loss and Grief?
    I am interested in the link between Substance Abuse, Loss and Grief, and Attachment Theory - and how this can influence the outcome of counselling clients with substance abuse issues.
    John Boswell · Independent Researcher

    Bubba, your approach is interesting. Hopefully a reader or readers of this discussion will be able to participate in the clinical trial you are suggesting. I have never thought of pheromones and addiction. I can understand how pheromones are involved in human (and animal) interaction. Arthur Tomie (he is on RG) has done very interesting work with sign-tracking (see Pavlovian Sign-Tracking Model of Alcohol Abuse) and it would be interesting to get his take on pheromones and sign-tracking. I would be very interested to see where this can go. The behaviourists will be rubbing their hands with glee (or just rubbing their faces!). Who else out there has a thought about this. Thanks Bubba for adding a very interesting angle to this question. Would you say that creating the "safe and secure" environment (Attachment Theory) for the infant (by the primary caregiver - the mother) has got a lot to do with pheromones? Best wishes for 2015, John

  • How many insect orders are there?

    Difference of opinions exist regarding the total number of insect orders. It commonly/generally varies from 29 to 32 based on morphological/molecular/phylogenetic information. However, it is really difficult on the part of a non-specialist to follow the most accepted names of insect orders. I am looking for such a list of names of the orders of insects, which are published by authorities within last 10-12 years and accepted by the most workers.

    Rajendra Singh · Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Gorakhpur University

    In recent classification, there are 30 orders of Insects, which are as follow:

    Protura, Diplura, Collembola, Archeognatha (=Microcoryphia), Thysanura, Odonata, Ephemeroptera, Grylloblattodea, Plecoptera, Embioptera, Phasmida, Orthoptera, Blattodea, Mantodea, Dermaptera, Isoptera, Zoraptera, Psocoptera, Phthiraptera, Thysanoptera, Hemiptera, Strepsiptera, Neuroptera, Mecoptera, Coleoptera, Diptera, Siphonaptera, Trichoptera, Hymenoptera, Lepidoptera

  • Matthew Huxter added an answer in Mood:
    What door colors are best to use in an ED room for psychiatric/mental health?

    I have read studies that discuss mood and color in psychiatric settings, but often the study is of a person and the color which does not take into account the many other variables experienced by someone in the emergency department.  There are studies of other rooms, such as used during therapy or in the general milieu.

    I'm looking specifically for door color since our rooms are and will always be laboratory white.  I'm thinking that a great study would be to have at least two rooms with different colored doors and see which one the person (in acute psychiatric distress) chooses indicating a perception of safety.

    Matthew Huxter · Flinders University

    That is an excellent question, as it is well understood by clinicians and patients themselves that the ED environment in itself is not conducive to promoting recovery for mental health patients, largely due to its high stimulus and sensory input nature. In Australia long wait times for ward beds are generally becoming the norm, and patients can be left for days in the ED, and ward environments (especially PICU's) are ideally designed for calming environments (though unfortunately this is not always the outcome) , so one would think that colour selection would also play a role in that. I saw a documentary about a Swedish mental health hospital designed for eating disorder patients that found a link with improved outcomes for their patients when they were in highly controlled environments that consisted of soft lighting, room temperature modulation around 26 degrees celsius, and soft colours within their accommodated rooms.

  • Mehdi Hedayati asked a question in Monosaccharides:
    BCQ3: Which monosaccharide glycolysis rate is higher?

    BCQs are Biochemical questions for education of the related students.

  • Dr bablu Ghosh added an answer in Hall effect:
    What is the purpose of a bridge circuit in a setup for high resistivity Hall effect measurements?

    For standard measurements where the sample resistance is <1 Mohm, no bridge circuit is used, but in our setup, for samples with sample resistance >1 MOhm, a 1K bridge circuit is used.  

    Just wondering how the measurements will be affected if the bridge is not used.

    Thanks for any input!

    Dr bablu Ghosh · Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS)

    Actually hall effect is measured of a sample has 3D configuration. The concept is elector-gagnetoststics as current,I perpendicular to magnetic field,H and develop voltage due to charge accumulation for the  magnetic effect as V  3rd coordinate. But for  the accurate measurement, all other direction of flow current and its consequence as developing voltage, v need to be consider. Thus it is measured in such bridge way.

  • YINGJI JIN asked a question in Papillomaviruses:
    Cervical cancer, there are about 20% of patients are anti-HPV protein negative. Why is it?

    For cervical cancer, it is infected by human papillomavirus that contain two structural proteins and other oncoproteins. But there are about 20% of patients are anti-HPV16 E7 negative. However HPV16 E7 protein is oncoprotein. Why is it? Could anyone give me the answer? Thanks. 

  • Abbas Shafiee added an answer in Abaqus:
    Relative displacement in abaqus?

    Dear all;

    How can i define relative displacement between tow surface in abaqus?


    Abbas Shafiee · Sharif University of Technology

    NO, i want define relative motion in input data nor output data.

  • Nancy Beryl Janet added an answer in Fanconi Anemia:
    Where can I get FANCG knock out fibroblast cell line?

    My work is on Fanconi Anemia especially on FANCG in NIT Durgapur, India. I have to make stable cell line with my FANCG mutant. I urgently need some FAG human fibroblast cell lines which I don't have. I would really appreciate if you please provide me the information about those cell lines.

    Nancy Beryl Janet · Christian Medical College Vellore


    Please write to them. I think they have immortalized fibroblast cell lines and  knockout mouse embryonic fibroblasts.

  • James Demers added an answer in Acids:
    Does anyone know an efficient method to remove the NH3 from the reaction system which has water as reactant, but without any acid?

    Does anyone know an efficient method to remove the NH3 from reaction system which has water as reactant. But Do not add any acid, thank you.

    What else is present in the mixture?  You could use acetic anhydride to capture NH3, provided that the other components are compatible.

  • Sriram Kannan added an answer in Sarcoma:
    Why does heart rarely develop cancer?

    Primary and secondary cardiac tumors are very rare.

    Sriram Kannan · Wildlife Institute of India

    http://www.hindawi.com/journals/isrn/2012/673050/ - this article compares the resting metabolic rate of couple of organs across 111 animals and one thing unique about heart is  has the highest value in all - probably metastasis occurs away from organs of high resting metabolic rate

  • Preetha Prasanna added an answer in Network:
    How can I predict loading of packet in the network log data I have?

     i have  network log  data 

    but the problem  i want to predict loading of packet on network 

    but  i dnt know  how   i can predict 

     plz  any one  he is working in this area   can help 

    Preetha Prasanna · Thiagarajar College of Engineering

    There are several tools available for packet capturing, sniffing and analyzing. For example wireshark is packet capturing and analyzing GUI tool. Hope u can use this tool for understanding the packet payload, header and all useful informations.

  • How can I differentiate large size plasmids from genomic DNA ?

    I have a wild type bacteria culture and want to check the presence of plasmids in it. I followed the normal plasmid isolation procedure and got a small pellet. In gel electrophoresis a lower intensity band also visualized. The problem is its size is similar to the genomic DNA when they run parallay on the same gel. Gel was 0.7% agarose gel in 0.5x TBE buffer. I did restriction digestion with Not1, BamH1, Hind111. but could not resolve visualize clear bands on the gel. 

    Santanu Sasidharan · Bannari Amman Institute of Technology

    I think that your plasmid DNA is contaminated with your genomic DNA. I suggest that you redo the procedure for plasmid extraction and be careful at the alkaline lysis step as this is very critical. I also suggest that you increase the agarose concentration to 1% for better separation.

  • Long Pham added an answer in Stem Cell Isolation:
    Mesenchymal stem cell isolation from rats: what are the differences between old and young rats?

    I am doing the mesenchymal stem cell isolation from rats. I wonder whether there are differences between cells extracted from neonatal rats and from those from older rats. First of all, I found that older rats have bigger cells than the younger one by looking under microscope. Do you think it is true in general? And are there any other differences between neonatal MSC and "old MSCs"? Thanks a lot for your sharing.

    Long Pham · New Jersey Institute of Technology

    Thank you a lot for all the answers which I found of much help for me. I think my question has been answered now. 

  • Bipin Kunjumon asked a question in OpenMP:
    Genehunter OpenMP Implementation..?

    How  we  can implement  the  OpenMP  in  Genehunter  genetic  Program...for  Linkage  Analysis

  • Mahdi Khaleghi added an answer in IT Architecture:
    What are the different components of architectural knowledge?

    Architectural knowledge is about the system structure & configuration and also linkages & interactions between different subsystems but what is it in exact? For example what a company should know about the interactions between components or about the configuration of a system so that it can develop a system?

    Mahdi Khaleghi · University of Tehran

    Thanks for your answers but I mean complex industrial products and systems such as automobiles, get engines, some home appliances, etc. What does architectural knowledge of such products mean and what are its different elements in exact?

  • Barbara Sawicka added an answer in Reality:
    Do great scientists communicate with the real world successfully?

    Many scientists are truly occupied with their researches, experiments and studies. Considering often remarkable ideas in depth, some of them have built their own realities. Hence, are they capable of communicating with society successfully?   

    Barbara Sawicka · University of Life Sciences in Lublin

    Researchers often overlook his role, becoming politicians and preachers, even mention of the past and of the present Lysenko Dawkins. In large part this is not just their fault, but most of wsystkim different backgrounds that add themselves to the standards authority typing scientists. Each of us has the right to speak in a variety of topics. But it does not always speaks as a scientist. Often contrary to the intentions and against the will exists outside their specialty, as an expert in everything.

  • William Mayor added an answer in Population:
    Are there evidences that all humans descended from a single population of ancestors in Africa?

    I read somewhere concerning this hypothesis. Do you know any evidence?

    Victor, thanks for link to the paper.  The last time I checked the thought was that there was no single universal common ancestor. but I will still look at the paper, maybe something new for me will be there.

  • Is there any waste material from industry that can improve engineering properties and reduce swell-shrink behavior of expansive soil by stabilization?

    In expansive soil there's a problem regarding unstable engineering properties due to varying moisture content and also it shows dramatic changes in swell-shrink behavior for the same. I have already used two waste materials marble powder and brick dust for the solution of this problem and both gives successive results for improving properties and minimize the swell- shrink properties. I want to know is there any another waste material from industry that can give me the same result to reduce the swell-shrink properties of Expansive soil.

    Md.Azizul Moqsud · Yamaguchi University

    Try to use fly ash or clinker ash for the better result from expansive soil.

  • Why some time after DNA extraction there is no band in electrophoresis?

    I extracted DNA from bacteria by using extraction Kit, by when I run the DNA on agarose gel no DNA band detected, but when I did the PCR reaction I got good result. And when I run it on agarose gel I got good bands?

    Mushtaq Talib shawi AL- Rubaye · Shahid Beheshti University

    thank you nilmini

     but i do not understand "but be careful not to contaminate yourself and the lab environmnt from your amplicone which result contamination in your next pcr. therefore do a negative or control pcr along with your pcr.if control sample contain same size band u cannot conclude that u have amplify the exact gene u want."

    when I do PCR with 2 primers for 1 gene Even in more than 1 bacteria all products wil be same size.

  • Ali Abdil Razzaq Muhammed Noori Aldallal added an answer in Hyperlipidemic Model:
    Does any one experience with ideal diet induced hyperlipidemic animal model?

    We need to test our herbal drug with diet induced hyperlipidemic animal model (Sprague Dawley rats) and we have gone through literature to know about high fat diet. There are many protocols to induce hyperlipidemic state, which involves cholesterol, cholic acid, and coconut oil, or lard. However, when we drying, the rats are not eating the food, that was made from coconut or lard?. 

    If any one experience with successful protocol to induce hyperlipidemia, please share with us.

    Thanking you in advance for your replies.

    Hi Annadurai Shanmuganathan

    I think that atherogenic diet is the ideal type and you can see its composition at the following paper.

    Have a nice day

  • Muhammad Ali Khan asked a question in Meta-Analysis:
    How can we get number needed to harm from pooled odds ratio in meta analysis?

    How can we get number needed to harm from pooled odds ratio in meta analysis? 

  • Can you help me find the right language and technology journal?

    For a friend, I am looking for a quality journal, preferably indexed by SSCI, that is open to a study about teaching culture with a smart phone app, analyzed with qualitative analysis.  The point of the study is to determine the affordances of the app, 

    Any ideas I can pass along?

    Armando Paulino Preciado-Babb · The University of Calgary

    I am sure that the International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technology would be interested in this study. Although this journal is associated with engineering education, they are very interested in new technologies based on mobile phones.