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  • Hasim Munawar added an answer in Paraquat:
    Does anybody know a reagent that can be used for the identification of paraquat?
    I am developing a strip test for paraquat. I use whatman paper for the strip test and Glucose 0,5 % and Sodium Hydroxide as a reagent. The result of the paper is that it changed from white to blue color from the reaction between reagent and paraquat. However, the color does not stay for a long time. I think I have to change the reagent.
    Hasim Munawar · Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development

    Hi Shaban,

    Previously, I thank you for your the link. However, I have had one the same with your link.

    In addition, now I am development of paraquat strip made by myself so that I need the comparison with other product is similar with my product.

    Gook luck for you.

    Best regards,

    Hasim Munawar

  • Ahmad Bahmani added an answer in Intermetallics:
    How can one find the atomic position and space group of different intermetallics?

    It is possible to find out the atomic position of some simple intermetallics via searching in the internet or literature. However, is there any source (reference, handbook, website) that shows the atomic position and space group of different crystals like ternary and more complicated compounds (Like Ca2Mg6Zn3 and Ca2Mg6Zn5). 

    If there is any method to obtain it (like a software) I will appreciate if you let me know.

    Ahmad Bahmani · Sharif University of Technology

    Thank you so much Mr Caballero-Briones,

    As far as I read about Rietveld Analysis, it is based on analyzing of XRD peaks which needs some experiments. But I am going to analyze the first principle calcualtion of some intermetallics. I am in material design step not analyzing. In fact, to model of these intermetallics, I need to draw the unit cell and so I need to know the atomic position and space group of them. for some like MgCu2, Mg2Ca, I found by searching but for some like Ca2Mg6Zn3, I could not to find. 

    Do you think that Rietveld Analysis can help to find the atomic position and space group just by knowing the stochiometry of compound?

    Best regards,

  • Babita Bansal added an answer in Hypoparathyroidism:
    How can bone pain be related with both hyperparathyroidism and hypoparathyroidism?

    See above

    Babita Bansal · Gian Sagar Medical College

    Thanks a lot Dr.Tanchev

  • Does anyone know the "simple" way to get subcellular proteis fraction?

    I am looking for the easiest way to extract subcellular proteins fraction (other than nuclei)

    John Tainer · The Scripps Research Institute

    You can try Native Biomass sucrose density gradient separations by centrifugation to separate high molecular weight components. 

  • Can somebody provide me with some review articles on Methylobacterium as plant growth promoters?

    Dear Friends

    I need some review articles on Methylobacterium as plant growth promoters

    Dr. Chaitanya Kumar Jha · Government Science College, Vankal, Mangrol, Surat, India.

    Thank You Dear Mr. Banson and Mr. Sandeep 

  • Aarón Barraza added an answer in Protein Tagging:
    How can I visualize septal pore of filamentous fungi?

    I am working on protein localization in M. oryzae ( filamentous fungi ).

    My protein was tagged with GFP. The protein is supposed to be localized at the

    septal pores of M. oryzae spore.

     I want to stain the septal pores with other stains to be sure if the

    GFP signal is  localized to the septal pores.

    Are there any stains for septal pore?

    Aarón Barraza · Center for Research and Advanced Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute

    If you have access to a confocal laser microscope I suggest before any trial of septal pore staining to use it. You may modulate the laser intensity, and then, perhaps use the propidium iodide staining to differentiate between your GFP tagged protein and the rest of the tissue.


  • Paresh Date added an answer in ANFIS:
    System identification for a linear system ?

    i have a system and i want to identify it i want to know all the theoretical procedures   i should do for identifying it (i dont want to do it with intelligent methods like neural networks or ANFIS nets just the conventional methods in system identification)then i want to stimulate it in MATLAB  . i have the transfer function of the system and it is in the file below .who can help me or at least show me an example of this system identification in a file????????????

    Paresh Date · Brunel University

    If you are using system identification toolbox, look at the help on idtf and tfest commands. These will give you your parameters without any extra work (but without any insight either!). System identification is a big subject, and Lennart Ljung's book and the user's guide of system identification toolbox are very 'user friendly' if you are after a specific identification task. Any insight of what idest does etc will come gradually. At some point, it is indeed a good idea to go down canonical form route which Pan describes.

  • Can anybody introduce any particular software for analyzing the qualitative data in a research design?

    I am doing some research projects on evaluating agricultural extension education and some of them are being done in qualitative paradigm and looking for some suitable software for those.  Peyman

    Peyman Falsafi · Agricultural Research, Education and Extension Organization

    Dear Prof. David L Morgan

    After greetings and thanks a lot. I got the picture and I also had a look to your profile and your debates with other scientists was very useful for me.

    All the best

  • Which filter should I use to perform the AO in sperm cells?

    I am performing the AO in frozen sperm cells from wild mice. I have stained and visualized in a Zeiss fluorescence microscope with set 38 (ex 470/40, beam splitter 495 and emiss 525/50).

    I only visualized green cells but as frozen samples I expected some DNA damage as background.

    Should I combine this filter with another? I have the dapi filters, rhod and dic - are they helpful?

    Dhanasekar Krishnamoorthy · University of Madras

    i working with Fish sperm AO giving good result and easy distinguishable. 

  • Satyabrata Sarangi asked a question in Nobel Prize:
    Don't you think Stephen Hawking, the great physicist deserves a Nobel prize?

    I am a great fan of him and I always keep track of his predictions and announcements. But I wonder why he has not been awarded a Nobel prize yet?

  • R.C. Chhipa asked a question in Irrigation:
    Is Feertiliser Levels in Fenugreek depends on the available Total Hardness present irrigated Water

    Water for irrigation can be correlated with Total Hardness present in water

  • Giancarlo Sadoti added an answer in Vegetation:
    Large-area maps/data sets of xeroriparian vegetation in the southwestern U.S.?

    Desert riparian vegetation is challenging to quantify via remote sensing over large areas (i.e. single or multiple states) due to typically narrow widths (e.g. often narrower than a 30-m Landsat pixel) among other issues. After reviewing some large-area land cover/vegetation data (NLCD 2006/2011 and National GAP v2) it appears that xeroriparian vegetation (e.g. Prosopis velutinaOlneya tesota along intermittent washes) is even more challenging to discriminate from surrounding desert vegetation than meso- or hydroriparian vegetation (owing to spectral properties, I imagine). Does anyone know of any attempts to quantify this vegetation type over large areas? 

    [update: the National GAP land cover does have a category for this type (North American Warm Desert Wash), though it appears to have been classified differently in different regions/states (e.g. California vs. Arizona). I also found this California data set: http://databasin.org/datasets/5e06338b27b24ac3802bb3b03ad57613 which is generally consistent with GAP data in California.]

    Giancarlo Sadoti · University of Nevada, Reno

    Thanks Chris, Jocelyn, and Jamie! Those are some great suggestions that should keep me busy! You jogged my memory of talking to Ken over 10 years ago during a smaller-scale pursuit on WSMR. Justin is my lab-mate's boss, so shouldn't be too hard to track him down. Thanks again.

  • Reg Phd Research Area?

    Hi all

    I am planning for Phd can anyone suggest most advanced research are in the area of power electronics application solar energy



  • Prasanna Waichal added an answer in Sound:
    How can I analyse the frequency of any audible sound ranges from 20-20000 Hz??

    I am working with audible sound profile and want to analyse the frequency of that sound profile..So, Is there any method by which frequency could be analysed??

    Prasanna Waichal · Fiji National University

    At the first instance, I would rather suggest to use a simple microphone (condensor mic) with PC sound card and run some freely available spectrum analyzer software. Once you are satisfied with the "CLUE" data, you can then go for a sophisticated instruments with flat/almost flat mic/system response with dB level frequency curves.

  • Hayder Dibs asked a question in Tropical:
    What is the best algorithm to perform the radiometric normalization for tropical region satellite images?

    relative radiometric normalization of tropical regions satellite images, especially these regions almost covert with tropical forest 

  • Maathangi Murali added an answer in Incubators:
    RPMI1640 pH is rising, killing my cells...How do i remedy for that?


    I am culturing macrophage like cells (P388D) in RPMI1640 with L-glutamine and HEPES, and i supplement it with L-glutamine, fetal BCA and antibiotic. Recently, the media is turning purple after a few hours, indicating a shift in pH (8+) causing the cells to die after prolonged incubation. I suspect that the incubator is the culprit, as the dials for humidity and CO2 are not working, so i have no idea what the levels are. We are working on getting a new incubator, but I was wondering if i could do something to remedy the situation meanwhile.

    I thought about putting sterile HCl in a tube with a loose cap on to remedy for the situation.... I would appreciate any feedback

    Maathangi Murali · Art of Living Research

    Change the HEPES buffer with time intervals or suppliment the medium with HEPES buffer in appropriate intervals at very low concentration which can serve as both pH maintaining buffer and also CO2 maintaining buffer

  • Anie Moazim asked a question in RAW 264.7:
    What could be the reasons of Raw 264.7 cells self activation.. ?

    I am working with raw cell line from last one year and they were fine before .But since last month they keep on self activating.. ( without treating any activating agent like LPS) even after thawing during 1st passage their morphology changes completely from round to star shape. 

    I have tried using different stocks...

    All other cell lines in our incubator are fine so I think its not incubator problem, even then i tried to clean it all over again but all in vain..

    what should I try .. ??

  • Aarón Barraza added an answer in microRNA:
    Does anyone have any information about intronic microRNA in plants that can provide me?

    I'm looking for a review paper about intronic microRNA in plants.

    Aarón Barraza · Center for Research and Advanced Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute

    I think this review could help you.


  • How to solve two word sum problem using constraint satisfaction problem(CSP) ?

    Please provide me good link. So I can understand this problem better. I would also like to learn about minmax tree

  • Where can I buy geophones?

    I am after some cheap geophones. They do not need to be highly accurate, and can be horizontal or vertical. Looking for 10 Hz geophones in particular. Thanks

    Prasanna Waichal · Fiji National University


    There was one team From Saudi Arabia, who wanted to give a try to design geophone on their own. Off-course calibration and some validation will be required but you can give a thought on this idea!

    Any way, I wish you MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015!

  • Are the governing equations of ECLIPSE 100 software based on Laminar flow or Turbulent flow?

    Can this software simulate and analyze the transition of flow through Porous Media? (Single Phase Flow)

    Maddali V S Murali Krishna · Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology

    Eclipse, a blackoil simulator that can be used to model one, two or threephases.
    It’s a fully implicit simulator that can handle gas condensate options. It is suitable for laminar, transcient and turbulant flows


  • George Stoica added an answer in Philosophy:
    How important are personal connections in having a successful career?
    You may be a talented researcher, but that is not sufficient for success.
    George Stoica · University of New Brunswick

    It is true that many journals are dedicated to a specific "clientele", and research subjects outside the clientele's interests are simply ignored. This is one way of creating "connections", useful later in advancement etc. There are other ways, of course, and it works - unfortunately!  

  • Gayathiri Thevaraju asked a question in Aging:
    Any studies to share on productive aging?

    any studies to share on productive aging?

  • Annamalainathan K. added an answer in Plant Stress:
    Does constituents of nitrogen metabolism have any role in plant stress tolerance?

    e.g. nitrate, nitrite, nitrate reductase etc. I am working on effect of water stress and salinity on nitrogen metabolism of plants. I found that amino acids like proline has definite role in stress tolerance. But the information of other constituents like nitrate and nitrite is very scanty.

    Annamalainathan K. · Rubber Research Institute of India

    Nitrogen fertilizer, NR and NIR activities in terms of drought stress response is species dependent. Additional nitrogen content in soil  and  plant tissue increase biosynthesis of RUBISCO like proteins thereby photosynthesis may increase in inherent drought tolerant cultivars or specices.  However, in most of the plants due to water deficit the enhanced nitrogen content may not evoke any effect due to  excess electrons and free radicals generated in the photosynthetic apparatus under high solar radiation. Mostly  drought stress occurs concomitant with soil moisture deficit and high light conditions.

    In some cases excess nitrogen may be detrimental to plants under water deficit conditions. 

  • Ahmed Merzouk added an answer in Agilent:
    Why is my HPLC solvent flow unstable?

    Hi, the solvent flow is very unstable of our agilent 1100 series if the solvent flow over 2 mL/min. It seemed some air in it. I tried to pump the air out, it does not work. I also changed some parts such as the seals, gold seal,(http://iss-store.co.uk/catalog/cts-hplc-replacement-parts-spares/agilent-hplc-spares-parts/cts-agilent-hplc-pm-kit-for-isocratic-quaternary-pump-cts-11286-g1310-68730) of Quaternary Pump. It still refused to work.

    Can anyone help me out?


    Ahmed Merzouk · Biopep Solutions Inc

    Check your hplc pumps. May be it's time for maintenance.

  • Do you have any recovery issues with lipophilic pesticides?

    With sample:solvent ratio of 1:2 (5 g with 10 mL acetonitrile), you have good overall recovery. I used 0.5 g of oil with 30 mL acetonitrile just to maintain amount of oil at 0.5 g for fear of damaging the GC column. The idea of freezing should help out a lot to get rid of the oil. The method is good for lower the LOW to 10 ppb.

    Guadalupe Prado Flores · Metropolitan Autonomous University

    Thanks for your answer. I understand it is a very good proposition.

  • Nevrus Kaja added an answer in Cloud:
    Is it necessary to go to Hybrid Cloud when we have external cloud connectors in Private Cloud deployment?

    When I have external cloud connectors in Private Cloud deployment, then what is the necessity of going to Hybrid Cloud? Can you share your experience?

    Nevrus Kaja · University of Michigan-Dearborn

    Hybrid cloud is a combination of a private and public cloud environment as an effect producing a lower cost from this combination but in the same time as its indirectly proportional with security/privacy lowering those levels. 

    If your analysis show it feasible  that a private cloud with external connectors isolated from the public environment will accomplish your objectives then I suggest that going to hybrid cloud is not necessary 

  • Mauricio Marti Brenes asked a question:
    ¿Los resultados del mirabregon(betmiga) en vejiga hiperactiva?


  • Han Pengyong added an answer in Chinese Medicine:
    Can we comprehend the mechanism of action of Traditional chinese medicine with system-system interaction and systems biology?

    The body is a complicated system. The hormone have quick effect which just work for a small while and have opposite effect. Traditional chinese medicine(TCM) have a good efftct on this disease, the molecular mechanism is a little hard to comprehend . Maybe the system network biology may solve this .

    Han Pengyong · Inner Mongolia University

    Thank you for your good suggestions . I think the TCM is a system science field . It work s according to different people according to different atmosphere . The human body is also a complicated system . The personalized medicine backuped by omics data seems to deal with the different situation of genes upregulated and downregulated . Using what drug can balance this abnormal situation seems have long way to go . The network biology does support a better way to explore this at a system level although it seems vague . I think I should learn the network biology by omics data analysis . Thank s again my friends .