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  • Krishnan Umachandran added an answer in Publications:
    Where is the option of sharing publication, in new format of RG?

    In new design of RG, I am unable to get the option of sharing publications. Please help me.

    Thanks in advance.

    Krishnan Umachandran · NELCAST

    Please go to messages, past the link and send to relevant people

    Best wishes

  • Leila Othmani asked a question in Fitness:
    What can be done if most of goodness of fit indexes are OK but the RMSEA is way too high?

    What can be done if most of goodness of fit indexes are OK but the RMSEA is way too higt

  • Michael Kleen added an answer in Big Data:
    Any advice on datasets for Big Data?

    Which is best source for Big Data datasets for a network traffic generator i.e. all kind of network trafic.

    Michael Kleen · ResearchGate

    You can get freely available data sets from kaggle https://www.kaggle.com/

  • Zarith Irma asked a question in Endnote:
    How to export citations to endnote?

    hi. i'm downloading an article from research gate but i cant seem to find any way to export the citations of the article to my endnote. why is that? and if it is possible, how to do so?

    much thanks

  • Eddie Seva See added an answer in Festival:
    Religious festivals and ceremonies are not immune to marketing. To what extent is this true?

    Religious festivals and ceremonies are not immune to marketing. Many have become another opportunity for businesses to make sales. To what extent is this true?

    Eddie Seva See · Bicol University

    I can only speak of what transpires in our country

    Christmas- it is a 500 million peso business in our country

    Valentine's day- its is a 50 million peso business

    Lent- it is a 20 million peso business

    Palm Sunday, All Saints' Day, Mothers' Day, Fathers' Day....and more

    All televisions are promoting food products (like chocolate, fast foods), toys, gadgets, flowers in these occasions.

  • Linas Balciauskas added an answer in Biodiversity:
    Does anyone know any specific method or questionnaire or protocol which can help to evaluate impact of conservation activities in a local area?

    We are encouraging local people to take the lead in protecting the biodiversity of thier forests. I would like to gradually evaluate without any bias if our action have an impact on the ground

    Linas Balciauskas · Nature Research Centre

    Well, you cannot ask directly. I just recently have read about your project in - you will not believe - Lithuanian language! So, it must be known also in other places? Then - do you have a sociologist in your team? If not, best idea perhaps is to have one (I do not mean employing, you may cooperate). Not only advice, but also participation of sociologist will save you time and efforts, you will not have to correct mistakes after questioning.

  • Sandeepa Wimalananada added an answer in Contaminants:
    Is there any possibility to contaminate CVD chamber by Nitrogen gas at the high temperature (1000C). ?

    If it has any possibility how can I identify such a contamination and what is the effect of such a contamination for graphene synthesis. Thank you

    Sandeepa Wimalananada · Sunchon National University

    Thank you very much Anil Kumar.

  • Luisiana Cundin added an answer in Mathematics:
    Is there a method for calculating zero-derivative points without using derivative?

    Characterizations of zero-derivative points of C1 functions in several variables, which do not explicitly require derivative, are known, see, e.g. "On the behavior of functions ..." Inter. J. Opt: Theory, Methods, Applications 1(2009), available on Google.They are also mentioned in some answers to the ongoing  RG question "Is there a book in English..." These results have been found useful for verifications of optimality, in sensitivity theory, operations research, economics, etc. How can  they be used to actually  calculate zero-derivative points?

    Luisiana Cundin · Die Wand : leben heißt kampf

    From Complex analysis, Goursat's lemma, seems to be directly applicable...

    abs( ( f(z) - f(z*) )/ (z-z*) +- d ) < f'(z*), where d is a small number chosen and f'(z) is the derivative f(z)

  • Shaikh Mujaffar asked a question in Species:
    Could anyone identify these Murdania species specialy in anther bases

    Could anyone identify these Murdania

  • Anshul Faye added an answer in Abaqus:
    Can anyone advice on an Abaqus example problem?


    I am trying to run .inp file and .f file from an example in Abaqus Manual. I have attached link to this question!

    I have made the necessary changes to be made in the .inp file as per the instructions provided. However when I run the two files using abaqus j=exa_hydfracture user=exa_hydfracture , there are several files generated but following error is seen in the text file generated. Please suggest!

    Abaqus JOB exa_hydfractureAbaqus 6.14-2Abaqus License Manager checked out the following licenses:Abaqus/Foundation checked out 3 tokens from Flexnet server license2.arsc.edu..Begin Compiling Abaqus/Standard User Subroutines6/28/2015 11:28:12 AMIntel(R) Visual Fortran Intel(R) 64 Compiler XE for applications running on Intel(R) 64, Version Build 20150407Copyright (C) 1985-2015 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.

    ifort: NOTE: The evaluation period for this product ends on 27-jul-2015 UTC.End Compiling Abaqus/Standard User SubroutinesBegin Linking Abaqus/Standard User Subroutines Creating library standardU.lib and object standardU.expEnd Linking Abaqus/Standard User Subroutines6/28/2015 11:28:15 AMBegin Analysis Input File Processor6/28/2015 11:28:15 AMRun pre.exe6/28/2015 11:28:25 AM Abaqus Error: Analysis Input File Processor exited with an error.Abaqus/Analysis exited with errors



    Anshul Faye · Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

    I am not sure but I see *node print at the end of the file. That seems to print the PORE PRESSURE and FLOW RATE at the node set named 'target_zone'. I don't know where is that node set you can find it from odb file. You will get the results of this *node print in *.dat file generated after the analysis.

    For PFOPEN, I think you need to create a path (search manual for how to create path) along the crack where you want to get the data and then extract XY data along that path. I can see PFOPEN as an element output.



  • Nina Baur added an answer in Online Surveys:
    Which online survey page has best output for SPSS?

    Hello dear ResearGaters,

    I am planing a quantitative study with open-closed type questions. I need to reach respondents from geographically big area, so i decided to use online survey. I have used some sites before, though I was not completely satisfied with data output for SPSS. Which Internet page would you recommend for surveys when You want to have data output for SPSS?

    Nina Baur · Technische Universität Berlin

    Dear Rūta,

    there is no perfect way to transform survey data to SPSS. However, I recommend Unipark - as it is one of the better software systems both concerning data protection law/ethical issues and let's you track response behaviour and you can do complex programming when needed (e.g. filters).

    Best wishes,


  • Rama Krishna Gupta Potnuru asked a question in Workforce:
    Are committed workforce are competent workforce or vice versa?

    Is committed employee is a competent employee? how does organizations think? Does every competent employee become committed employee or committed employee become competent employee?

  • Veronica Castro added an answer in Troubleshooting:
    How do I stimulate EGF signalin for the evaluation of gene expression in cancer cells?

    Hi, I am now testing a possible EGF inhibitor for cancer cells, but after stimulate the cells with external EGF at 20 and 50 ng/ml the RT-PCR  bands instead of increase the density is decreasing when is compare with the control (no EGF stimulation). I already change primer, cycles, stimulation media, but still I am having the same result. 

    I will appreciate all the advice that you can give me. 

    Veronica Castro · Kyung Hee University

    Thank you so much for all  your help. Now I am doing in different why following all your advice. I hope to have good result.

  • France Prakash asked a question in Image Retrieval:
    Can anyone help me the current research direction in cbir in medical image retrieval area?

    i am planning to do my research in content based medical image research. i have studied many feature extraction algorithm. can any one suggest me a particular image modalities and latest research algorithm to concentrate on my research. 

  • Carlos Araújo Queiroz added an answer in Bioceramics:
    Is there any bio-activity explanation of hydroxyapatite towards bone growth or with surrounding tissues?
    I think I need biological explanation on how it interacts to grow bones. I think it maybe have to do with some ion exchange in HAP that initiates the osteoconduction process. Anyone having the idea?
    Carlos Araújo Queiroz · New University of Lisbon

    I have reviewed this subject at sections 1.4.2 and 1.5 of the following reference (in Portuguese): 

  • Mohammad Shahrear Kabir asked a question in XPS:
    How can you determine the elements from XPS survey scan without using software ?

    I am working with CrAlN thin films

  • Vipin Nagda asked a question in Endophytic Fungi:
    How to identify endophytic fungi in laboratory?

    there is no master protocol for endophyte identification, so is there any other protocol for identify endophytic fungi?

  • Krishnan Umachandran added an answer in Piping:
    What are the thickness and temperature limit for PWHT of ASTM 537 grade I and II material?

    We generally go for PWHT as per  ASME B31.1 (2007), Code for Pressure Piping, Section on Power Pipings. 

    Krishnan Umachandran · NELCAST

    As an ex.L&Tite, I would suggest you to ask Kalirajan ( who also happens to be my engineering classmate but of Civil department) in L&T Special Projects (mobile Number - 9600359702). 

  • Ashok Pullamsetty asked a question in Scholar:
    How to do the RRDE measurement with Autolab 302N by using Nova software ?


                I am Ashok, working as a research scholar in the department of physics IIT Madras. We have the Autolab 302N with Nova software. I know the theory behind measurement, but I don't know the procedure. Can anyone please help me with the procedure and settings.



  • Verena Berger added an answer in Lifestyle:
    Does anybody know a scale to measure lifestyles?

    I am searching for a (fairly short) methodology to collect lifestyle information that can be used as the basis for aggregating consumers in cluster-based typologies.

    It must fit to european lifestyles.

    I know there is e.g. the LOV and VALS, but as lifestyles are not the main topic of my questionnaire they have to much items. 

    Is there an alternative?

    Verena Berger · Zurich University of Applied Sciences

    Thank you!

  • Saqib Siddiqui asked a question in Nanogenerators:
    Is there any difference between Piezoelectric and Triboelectric nanogenerators output signals?

    When we measure open-circuit voltage and short-circuit current for Piezoelectric and triboelecrtic nanogenerators, the pattern of the output signals is same or is there any difference?

    Secondly how can we differentiate that the signal we are getting is due to piezoelectricity or triboelectricity? 


  • Gopalakrishna Palem asked a question in Existentialism:
    What are the pre-requisites for proof-by-contradiction to work?

    For example, assume two entities P and Q, where we are using 'proof-by-contradiction' to validate P (by using Q).

    Something like:

    • if P then Q;  
    • Not Q. Hence not P

    IMO, one can only use such scenario, when P and Q are independent of each other existentially.

    In other words, can one use proof-by-contradiction in cases where Q's existence is dependent on P's validity?

    For example, Q exists if and only if P exists.

    In such case does the proof-by-contradiction still hold valid?

  • Roland Iosif Moraru added an answer in National Identity:
    Will a multicultural policy succeed in a state built on national identity and on the ideology of one language, one state, one nation?

    The contemporary European model of nation-state is based on the ideology of one state, one nation and one language, so we can follow many conflicts involving nationalism and multiculturalism. How can we overcome this contradiction and to ensure equal rights for all? After all, multicultural environments, today and in the past (before the European model of nation-state), are a reality.

    Roland Iosif Moraru · University of Petrosani

    Dear Doego

    The article at link bellow states that "despite substantial evidence that policies allowing legal and political accommodation of ethnic diversity are working, a chorus of political leaders in Europe has declared multiculturalism a failure — in effect mischaracterizing the multiculturalism experiment, its future prospects, and its progress over the past three decades."

  • Eddie Seva See added an answer in Design Research:
    Could you post some titles of textbooks about study designs ( research methodology) ?

    We are going to write a chapter about study designs (research methodology) in a book about medical research. In the meanwhile we are collecting massive and detailed sources so could you refer me to dependable and respectable sources and textbooks ?
    thanks in advance :)

    Eddie Seva See · Bicol University

    Here is my list Kareem

    Anderson, David R., D.J. Sweeney, & T.A. Williams. 2004. Essentials of Modern Business Statistics with Microsoft Excel, 2e. South-Western, 5191 Natorp Boulevard, Mason, Ohio 45040 http://www.swcollege.com

    Anderson, David R., D.J. Sweeney, & T.A. Williams. 1996. Statistics for Business and Economics . West Publishing Co. 610 Opperma Drive PO Box 64526 St. Paul, MN 55164-0526

    Arce, Wilfredo C. 2001. An Introduction for Filipino Practitioners Systematic Qualitative Data Research.2nd ed. Office of Research and Publications.Ateneo de Manila University.

    Babbie, Earl. 1995. The Practice of Social Research.7th ed. Wadsworth Pub. Co. 10 Dacis Drive Belmont, California 94002 USA

    Bailey, Kenneth D. 1982. Methods of Social Research. 2nded. The Free Press, Collier McMilllan Publishers, London.

    Bordens Kenneth S & Bruce B. Abbot. 1996. Research Design and Methods. 3rd. Mayfiled Publishing Company. Mountains View, California.

    Breen, George Edward & A.B. Blankershield. 1982. Do-It-Yourself Marketing Research.2nd ed. McGraw-Hill Book Co., NY.

    urns, Nancy & S.K. Grove. 1997. The Practice of Nursing Research Conduct, Critique and Utilization. 3rd ed. W.B. Sande4rs Co.The Curtis Center Independence Square West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106.

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  • Parimal Vijay Naik added an answer in Thin Film Deposition:
    Does anyone know any treatment can be done to avoid thin film deposited on glass substrate from peeling off?

    I am trying to deposit thin film on the glass substrates. however, the thin film deposited glass does not stick very well and peeled off after heat treatment. Does anyone know any treatment can be done to the glass substrate to avoid thin film deposited on glass substrate from peel off?

    Parimal Vijay Naik · KU Leuven

    Hi Nurul,

    You can treat your glass subsrate in piranha solution from 45minutes to 1 hour. You just have to rinse with water. Also I would suggest to use distill or conductivity water to avoid other charge deposition .

  • Prabu Paramasivam added an answer in microRNA Detection:
    What is the best method to analyse the expression of miRNAs in the cells?

    I want to analyse the expression of few target microRNAs in the treated and untreated multiple myeloma cells. What is the best method to analyse miRNA expression apart from whole miRNA arrays?

    Prabu Paramasivam · Madras Diabetes Research Foundation

    Dear Prahlad

    MicroRNA expression from treated and untreated in cancercellline, best option is Real time PCR or Qpcr.

    RNA isolation and followed by cDNA conversion and then you have to select any one chemistry method to use qpcr etheir  Sybr green or Taqman probe.

    Different company providing microRNA primer examble Exiqon, Qiagen and so on.

    After qpcr analysing your result , they are two option available first one absolute quantification where we use known concept of standard, and next on relative quantification its mostly used to one compare to control how many fold change increase or decrease.

    Relative quantification is best method to analysis Mir expression from treated or untreated cells.


  • Muhammad Haidhar Bin Ibrahim added an answer in Halal:
    How can I measure perceived risk on halal food purchasing?

    I am looking for a way to measure perceived risk on halal food purchasing. I am not sure how to go about doing this, though I have been searching for a suitable construct measurement.

    Any idea how to do this or any possible reference that I could use? Appreciate anybody's opinion and help on this matter.

    Muhammad Haidhar Bin Ibrahim · Putra University, Malaysia

    Dear all,

    Thank you for your generous help. I have found the following articles to be particularly helpful:

    • Jacob Jacoby and Leon B. Kaplan (1972). The Components of Perceived Risk. Association for Consumer Research, 382-393.
    • Kaplan, Szybillo, & Jacoby (1974). Components of perceived risk in product purchase: a cross validation. Journal of applied psyschology, 59(3), 287-291
    • Brooker, G. (1984). An assessment of an expanded measure of perceived risk. Advances in consumer research, 11(1), 439-441
    • Stone & Grønhaug (1993). Perceived Risk: Further Considerations for the Marketing Discipline. European Journal of Marketing, 27(3), 39-50


  • Rongbing Huang asked a question in Streptavidin:
    Can streptavidin agarose beads resist SDS or urea degeneration?

    I want to perform biotinylated protein pulldown under degenerative condition, but I don't know weather the streptavidin beads can resist it.

  • Mahfuza Marzan asked a question in Acetic Acid:
    Adjustment of pH of neutralizing solution by glacial acetic acid require more acetic acid than formulated. what to do?

    Alkaline lysis method of plasmid extraction.

  • Rakesh Kumar Meghwanshi added an answer in Bacterial Taxonomy:
    Can anyone help me identify this bacterium?

    Hello Members,

    I happen to come across some pink coloured colonies on some left over yoghurt. The colonies seem really interesting as the colour is bright pink and the entire yoghurt pot has been stained pink. Colonies are smooth and rounded, but smaller colonies appear as triads or tetrads (as if the cells are triads and then grew into a colony later.) I am tempted to think that this might be some Serratia strain but, the colonies seem to grow well in low temperature.

    I don't have access to a lab and hence cannot characterize the strain any further. Please see the attached picture and could someone let me know if they have come across anything like this before.

    Alternatively, I am also happy to send the culture to some lab who would be interested to work on this culture.

    Thanks in advance,


    Rakesh Kumar Meghwanshi · JECRC University

    give a photograph of microscopic view of this bacteria... without this i cant answer.