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  • Please, I want this articles full texts?

    please help me, I want this articles 

    Aristide Relwendé Yameogo · Yalgado Ouédraogo University Hospital Center


    you can use hinari code to download this articles. in my country, hinari code is free. but i don't now if it is the same in your country.


  • Why Casuarina plantation does not permit the ground growth?

    In general and from my experience, the Casuarina Plantation does not allow underground plant forms. The exact reason for such observation not address well. I think it may be heavy shadow effect and thick litter layer. I also think that any allelopathic effects???

    If any one know the reason please respond it and possible any literatures or research findings...

  • Which is better for clinician to practice in govermental or private hospital?
    What are the pros and cons of each type of practice?
    Krishnan Umachandran · Professor

    One another option is to work abroad, because of monetary considerations.

    In Uganda, the Medical courses are expensive in terms of tuition and stationery. Privately-sponsored students pay over sh1m per semester for five years, making the courses a no-go area for students from poor families.

    Challenges to the healthcare system in Uganda include lack of drugs and other resources in the hospitals, poor working conditions and high patient loads.

    Compared to practice in the public sector since the private sector pays better. Entry level graduate doctors and pharmacists in the public sector are on salary scale U4 where they earn a gross pay of sh700,000 per month or a net pay of sh500,000 (plus other benefits). In the US, a doctor earns over $100 (about sh170,000) per hour. This translates to sh1.3m per day (eight hours), sh27m for 20 days and sh40m for 30 days. 

  • Muhammad Anwar added an answer in Cesium:
    What is the experimental and calculated value of the Lamb shift for 6S1/2, 6P1/2 and 6P3/2 levels of cesium?

    Please also send me the relevant paper for lamb shift in alkalis as a whole, if available. Thanks.

    Muhammad Anwar · National Institute of Lasers & Optronics

    Thanks Jonas. I already had these links, but the Tannoji's book does not give this information for alkalis. However, the PRA paper does calculate Lamb shift of ground states nS1/2 of alkalis. For cesium it varies from 381.8147GHz to 702.3957GHz according to my own calculations. Does these sound reasonable?

  • Tarkes Dora added an answer in Abaqus:
    Has anybody used viscoelastic behaviour to simulate asphalt mixtures in Abaqus?

    I want to know how can I deal with uniaxial test results to define the viscoelastic behaviour of asphalt mixtures.

  • Is there a series available for active power filter simulation?

    My project is UPQC. In my project there are two simulations. One is a shunt active power filter and other is a series active power filter. Please give me simulation for series active power filter. Thank you.

    Pisupati Sadasiva Subramanyam · Vignana Bharathi Institute of Technology

    I hope the following articles will help you a lot.

    1. New Series Active Power Filter for Small Non-Linear Loads Simulation and Experimental Work
    Mohamed Y. Tarnini

    This paper explains the behaviors of the new version f the series active power filter based on high input power factorand low input harmonics. The filter is designed to meet the requirements of voltage-current sourced harmonic loads it is based on a load current estimation of the active power filter sensing the load current. The proposed filters can improve the distortion of a small a non-linear loads power. In
    addition, it can suppress the harmonic current and compensate for the reactive power at the float charge mode The experimental results verify that the proposed filters
    have the expected performance

    Link:  http://www.emo.org.tr/ekler/c619ddac20190fa_ek.pdf

      Also   http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/freeabs_all.jsp?arnumber=5355380&abstractAccess=no&userType=inst

    2.    Transformerless Series Active Power Filter to Compensate Voltage
    J. G. Pinto, Helder Carneiro, Bruno Exposto, Carlos Couto, João L. Afonso
    UNIVERSITY OF MINHO,Department of Industrial Electronics 4800-058 Guimarães, Portugal  

    This paper presents a transformerless topology of series active power filter with capability to protect sensitive loads against harmonics, sags, swells and unbalances of the power system voltages. The proposed topology is constituted by three isolated H-bridge with a voltage source at the DC side. The series active power filter has been studied with the help of PSIM (Power Simulation software) and simulation results are presented. A laboratory prototype is under development and experimental results are shown

    Link:  https://repositorium.sdum.uminho.pt/bitstream/1822/16329/1/2_79_modif.pdf

    Mr D R Dobariya,Prof P S Modi,Prof S K Joshi

    ABSTRACT Nowadays, the active power filters, APFs, can be used as a practical solution to solve the problems caused by the lack of electric power quality, EPQ. The emerging technology of power-electronic devices and the new developments in digital signal processing, DSP, have made possible its practical use. These power filters can fully compensate the nonlinear loads of electrical power systems: harmonics, reactive power, unbalances, etc. So, they can be called active power line conditioners (APLCs). There are many configurations of APLCs, from shunt and series connection to hybrid passive-active filters. The target is to optimize the design using the advantages of each filter with the different load configurations.......

    .Link    :www.researchgate.net/.../227339396_MATLAB_SIMULIN...

    4.  Simulation And Performance Investigation Of Series Active Power Filter Using Hysteresis Current Control Method
    by Vikash Anand , Madan Mohan Malviya 


    The simulation study of Hysteresis Current Controlled, three phase series active power filter to improve power quality by compensating harmonics and reactive power required by a non-linear load is presented. The series active filter employs a simple method for the reference compensation voltage based on p-q theory. Classic filters may not have satisfactory performance in fast varying conditions. But auto tuned active power filters give better result for harmonic minimization, reactive power compensation and power factor improvement. This paper has proposed an auto tuned series active filter maintains the THD well within the IEEE-519 standards. The results are found to be quite satisfactory to mitigate harmonic distortion, reactive power compensation and power factor improvement.

    Link:  http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/summary?doi=


  • Tahir Durhasan added an answer in ANSYS Workbench:
    How do you define inflation control for perforated surface in ansys workbench mesh?

    Hi all,

    I want to define inflation to simulate flow around perforated surface for good y+ .

    Could you give me any suggestion? I am using ansys workbench mesh tool.

    Tahir Durhasan · Cukurova University

    Hi Cs. O Singer

    Thank you for answer. Could you give me tutorial about cfx macro or mesh improvement strategy ?



  • Durgesh Pitale added an answer in Leishmania:
    Can anyone suggest me a protocol for IHC in leishmania?

    I am staining for protein x in leishmania. I have tried so many different method of fixation e.g. 1-4%PFA (10 min), methanol, formaldehyde (1-4% for 5-10min), Acetone:methanol (1:1) in all combinations of time Vs concentrations. I was not getting staining for that protein. I tried acetone for fixation (5 min/RT). Now, I am getting staining but cell size got shrunken. Can anyone suggest me protocol to improve staining. I am primarily using antibody which is working well with mammalian cells  

    Durgesh Pitale · National Institute of Immunology

    Hi G-Halli Rajasekariah,

    The problem is not fixing the promastigote. Main problem is staining. I have tried all types of fixation, but I am getting staining in only Acetone fixation.

  • Shankar Ysb asked a question in Cad-Cam:
    Under the specialization of cad/cam,can we go for designing and analysis of thermal problem using CFD?

    i had a doubt, regarding the area of my project (CFD/THERMAL PROBLEM).  tough my background is CAD/CAM specialization 

  • Christian Senet added an answer in Ocean Waves:
    Does anybody know about the discrimination of extreme ocean waves and outliers derived from in situ buoy or radar gauge platform measurements?

    We are looking into time series of vertical buoy (Datawell) or radar displacement measurements of the ocean surface and are trying to discriminate between outliers and extreme waves. Has anybody got experience with this task?

    Christian Senet · Bundesamt für Seeschifffahrt und Hydrographie

    ... thanks Anastasia, I'll check it.


  • Rajesh Alayil added an answer in Pressure:
    Are static pressure and absolute pressure the same in magnitude?

    I am aware of the individual definitions of both static and absolute pressure.

    Will the magnitude of static and absolute pressure be the same, even though  definition wise they represent different concepts?

    Rajesh Alayil · Indian Institute of Technology Madras

    @ Maddali sir, this makes it clear.

    thanks for the effort. Its really helpful.

  • How do you define viscoelastic material in ABAQUS?
    I'm trying to simulate asphalt layers with Viscoelastic behavior in ABAQUS.
    First of all, we must define a elastic property of asphalt, E and v (Poisson ratio).
    After that must input viscoelastic coefficient of Prony series (g_i and k_i).
    But I seen different expression of Prony series in term of define elastic module.
    Many of them, they define prony series in term of E_infinite like below:
    E(t)=E_inf + SUM ( E_i*e^(-t/tau_i) )
    And E_inf=E0 - SUM(E_i)
    And the additional problem is that the ABAQUS get viscoelastic property in term of dimensionless. It's mean that I must divide the E_i to E(infinite or zero).
    the problem is that the i dont know what number must input. and when i try to calculate E_0 , i see the huge elastic module.
    other question is when i want to compare elastic and viscoelastic material, when i want to define elastic module for elastic behavior, what elastic module must input? E_0 or E_infinite
    Files that attached, is the different expression of prony series and abaqus defining of prony series
    Please guide me
  • A. Quark added an answer in Publisher:
    Do you have the right to publish all the result you get !?

    If you are doing research in clinical trials specially funded by private companies, Will it be a fair results, Do you have the right to publish all the result you get !?

    A. Quark · University of California

    no problem !

  • Zhongjie Li asked a question in Websites:
    Why the website "http://www.bbcm.univ.trieste.it/wtossi/HydroCalc/HydroMCalc.html" is unavailable ?

    Why the website "http://www.bbcm.univ.trieste.it/wtossi/HydroCalc/HydroMCalc.html" is unavailable ?

  • Neeraj Sethiya asked a question in Pharmacognosy:
    Can any one help me for getting post doctorate position in natural product or pharmacognosy?

    Based on my RG profile, please help me for getting suitable post-doctorate position.

  • Pyali Chatterjee added an answer in Criminal Law:
    What is the nature of the injury "pain abdomen in pregnant lady of 20 wks which later leads to abortion" in Indian law prospective?
    A pregnant lady with poly trauma due to assault admitted in hospital and she complaint to pain in abdomen as she was hit in her abdomen, during her course of treatment she aborted.
    Pyali Chatterjee · Disha Education Society

    Section. 312 of Indian Penal Code:- Causing Miscarriage

    Whoever voluntarily causes a woman with child to miscarry, shall, if such miscarriage be not caused in good faith for the purpose of saving the life of the woman, be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to three years, or with fine, or with both, and, if the woman be quick with child, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to seven years, and shall also be liable to fine.

    Explanation:- A woman who causes herself to miscarry, is within the meaning of this section

  • Shankar Ysb asked a question in Web:
    Can i know different web links available for hybrid composites?

    what are the current technologies or researches that are undergoing in the area of hybrid composites.how can i find them? what are the different sources that i can improve my search for hybrid composites? 

  • Which Reference Management Software is more helpful and easy for PhD students?

    I already used EndNote during my PhD study, but now want to learn more soft wares. I will be appreciable if any one help me in this issue. TQ

    Muhammad Usman Amin Siddiqi · Government College University, Lahore


  • Nicole Herbots added an answer in Silicon:
    When the technology used is uniform, what is the difference between solar cells made by Czochralski silicon and floating-zone silicon?
    The properties of floating-zone silicon seem greater than Czochralski silicon. If we produce these two materials through standard solar cells' production lines, what are the differences in the solar cells produced?
    Nicole Herbots · Arizona State University

    Depending on your thermal budget, you might also induce stresses that degrade the carrier life-time of your FZ so its performance might decay and degrade it closer to Cz silicon.

  • Where i will get the satellite altimeter based Wind direction and wind speed data sets - from online resources ?

    Physical oceanography


    Satellite oceanography

  • Can we use lanthanides and actinides for biodiesel from waste cooking oil?

    What are the catalyst properties - is it an acid or base catalyst?

    How do you support these metals on activated carbon?

    Abdulkreem Ghassan Alsultan · Putra University, Malaysia

    not really expensive

    now I have problem with supporting 

    my problem after i dry my sample the metal separate

    any one can advice me to have a good method  

  • Paul Dias added an answer in Nitric Oxide Assay:
    Does anyone have a protocol for measuring NO production in endothelial cells using DAF-2?
    Does anyone have a good protocol for measuring NO production in endothelial cells (HUVEC) using DAF-2? (or other adherent cells) I want to visualize it with fluorescence microscopy. I tried once but I could not detect any fluorescence at all. Briefly, I incubated my cells with DAF2 DA 1µM for 1h, washed once, added L-arginine 100µM and incubated for 10 min, and added bradykinin to stimulate NO production. I looked in the microscope after a few min and after 1 hour but saw nothing! I realized I need to optimize my protocol so any suggestions are welcome!

    Paul Dias · Unilever

    You would not see any fluorescence in DAF2 stained cells. The reason this that it cannot be internalised. You need to use DAF2DA or the more stable DAF FM DA. You can optimise the concentration of the dye. ideally it works optimally at 1uM concentration in endothelial cells. In case of macrophage like cell line you need to use 10-40uM concentration.

    DAF2 can be used to measure released NO, however the sensitivity is very low.

    The incubation time is 30 min in plain DMEM, followed by incubation for another 1 hr in plain medium, to convert the dye to its reactive form. You can also use probinsic acid for 15 min to do the same function.

    You need not treat it with L-Arginine, since L-Arginine itself will increase baseline NO levels in endothelial cells..

    It is recommended to starve the cells for atleast 6 hrs before the experiments.

    once you have loaded the cells with the dye. you can treat with L-NAME (negative control) for 30 min at 50-100uM.

    Subsequently you can stimulate your cells with your active (bradykinin/VEGF).

    Its recommended that while determining the stimulation potential of bradykinin, the cells should not be stressed (MMPs gets activated that reduce the stability of bradykinin). you can use sodiumNoNOate as positive control. Atleast in this you should get the clear response.

    Please revert for any more help.

    Good luck


  • Collins Adjei Mensah added an answer in Back:
    Can the reviewer request new additions or amendments to the article before publication?

    After doing all the amendments requested by reviewer, and after sending the article back to the editor. Does the reviewer have the right to request new amendments to the article?

    Collins Adjei Mensah · University of Cape Coast

    I think during the review process both the reviewer and the editor must try their possible best to point out all the necessary corrections the author should do. That is the reason why some time is set aside purposely for the review process.

    However, no one is perfect so if the paper has not been published yet  and there is still an important correction that has to be done, the reviewer can still point it out to the editor. The editor can then take a decision on it to see whether is important for the author to make additional amendments or not. This is because the ultimate aim of any journal is to publish high quality papers to get much recognition and a broad readership base. 

  • Hashem Adnan Kilani added an answer in Web:
    What are the advantages and disadvantages of Webinars (Web-Seminars)?

    Webinar = Web + Seminar and this means a presentation, lecture, or workshop that is transmitted over the Web. Obviously, good communication software and a camera need to be installed for this in order that web-interactive presentations can be effectively made. "Online workshops" are also regularly announced and conducted by some software companies. As of now, many conferences mostly feature physical presentations of speakers (plenary talks and oral presentations) and also virtual presentations using computer communication systems. Recently, Webinars - which include all virtual presentations only - are getting popular. This saves the travel cost, travel time, visa and such issues for international delegates registered for the conference. On the other hand, this completely eliminates research interactions, discussions with group participants, social exchanges, sight-seeing and culture aspects. With the advent of technology and fast internet connections around the world, can Webinars emerge as front-runners in Conferences and can they replace the traditional conferences with direct interactions, social / cultural exchanges, sightseeing, tourism etc? Kindly share your views on this topic! Thanks - Sundar

    Hashem Adnan Kilani · University of Jordan

    Dear sandar

    thanks for the clarification.  I am with you in using technology to be efficient and effective.

  • Miriam Lopez added an answer in Higher Education:
    Is there any investigation related to the students´ perception on Evaluations?

    I will appreciate if anyone can tell me about any recent (No more than 5 years) investigation made related to students´ perception of Evaluations. Excellent help if it is specifically about peer-evaluation and self-evaluation. Blessings.

    Miriam Lopez · Latin American University of Science and Technology - Costa Rica

    Zainab Jaafar, I loved your work and I would like to use some of it for my work.  How do I have to write the reference based on your work in APA style?

  • Any suggestion for a guide for identification and characterization of cyanobacteria?

    Does anyone know a good guide that helps with identifying cyanobacteria from microscopical photographs?

    I'm looking for something that tells us what to look for and gives examples, such as cell shape, colour, morphological aspects, type of division etc and what else to look for and which cyanobacterial strain is resembled the closest.

    Thanks and regards

    Ahmed Darwish El-Gamal · Al-Azhar University

     Geitler L. Cyanophyceae in Rabenhorst's Kryptogamenflora. 1932

    Cyanophyta by Desikachari 1959

    Komárek, J, Anagnostidis K Süβwasserflora von Mitteleuropa 19/2, Cyanoprokaryota Part I, II and III. This is the most resent and reliable monograph.

    Most works dealing blue green algae depend on cultural characterstics and new tools of identification because the taxonomy of cyanobacteria has undergone many changes .There is no system of identification can offer the final solution so, you need to know further knowledge on biology biochemistry and cytology of cyanophyceaen cells  to know better about them.

  • Pyali Chatterjee added an answer in Criminal Law:
    Dentist has been charged with carrying out unauthorized surgery on elderly. What charges can arise?
    A New South Wales dentist has been charged with carrying out unauthorized surgeries on elderly patients
    Pyali Chatterjee · Disha Education Society

    His medical license should be cancelled along with fine as penalty.

  • Kindly Suggest some useful papers on electoral behaviour, indicating determinants and methodology?

    One of my students is working on Electoral behaviour in Lahore. She wants to compare general and bye elections in Lahore (she can change the focus of the study at the moment). Kindly suggest some useful readings in this regard, outlining determinants of the electoral behaviour and methodology to be used. 
    Furthermore, Kindly suggest some scale that has already been developed to study electoral behaviour. 

  • Kamal Kumar added an answer in Scientific Community:
    Is it ethical that articles/reviews are being reviewed for publication by the faculties of the same host University/ Department/ institution?

    It gives an impression of false practice in science beside many others that we all must be aware of. What steps scientific community is taking to avoid it and punish the authors & reviewers who do like this. I hope for a particular topic/subject there must many reviewers outside the host University/ Department/ institution. It seems just like a business for money by publishers and job promotions for authors rather than developing science.

    Kamal Kumar · National Institute of Plant Genome Research

    But it is happening with many of the so-called "open access" and peer-review journals so the conflict of interest seems to be there.

  • Shankar Ysb asked a question in Natural Fibers:
    What are the natural fibers that are available abundantly in India that are usually less known?

    natural fibers that are used in composite materials