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  • Charles Herrman added an answer in Moral Psychology:
    Is myth an essential component of political discourse and political practice?

    Even in modern times myth has served as a fundamental ingredient of politics: idealization of leaders, of historical events, of the origins of a community or a nation, are some of the most common. Myth and structured mythologies have played several essential functions in human life: 1) cognitive: myth explains the origin of all things, the reason of their existence, why is life as it is; 2) ontological: it roots human life in a cosmos and its archetypical order; 3) moral and psychological: it presents the conflicts inherent to human existence, the relation between interior conscience and the external world, offering harmonious solutions to those conflicts; 4) social and political: it creates the codes of collective identity, unifies the beliefs of social groups and legitimates social and political institutions.
    However, we should distinguish between traditional myths that have a religious character and modern myths, which are predominantly profane.

    Humor (but not glibness) is one of the universal solvents. I try to maintain it even despite irony and satire and it appears you do as well. I only hope that I reasonably stated the matters well enough that you can rearticulate them for yourself to your profit. Otherwise I risk having been bombastic as much or more than instructive. Three cheers for anthropology, sociology and political science (oh, and a tad respect for metaphysics)!.

  • Saeid Davazdahemami asked a question in Rosa:
    Which variety of Rosa damascena does bloom in autumn?

    the majority of damask rose flower in spring, but some varieties bloom in autumn. do you know them? what are their origin? 

  • ***mo*** Hamed added an answer in MATLAB:
    How can I plot a 3d surface in matlab?

    hi any help with plot 3d surface for
    x=[1 0 -1 1 0 -1 1 0 -1];
    z=[1 1 1 0 0 0 -1 -1 -1];
    y=[0.322 0.414 0.505 0.598 0.484 0.44 0.368 0.644 0.828];plz

    ***mo*** Hamed · University of Technology, Iraq

    hi sir thank alot i think fig 4 is useful for me  .where  matlab program  you give to me in attach   start and end only for give fig 4 

  • Why do Fst values differ when using frequency or sequence data in Arlequin?

    I have a COI dataset from 3 populations each with ~15 individuals. I calculated pairwise Fst among population to assess their differentiation with Arlequin 3.5.  At first I used the sequences as input data and computed 'conventional Fst using haplotype frequencies only'. Here Arlequin is supposed to calculate Fst purely from the frequency distribution.

    All pairwise comparisons were high (~0.4-0.5) and significant. However, if I calculate Fst using the frequency data itself (as shown by Arlequin and checked by hand) I do get very different results (all negative and non significant).

    Does anyone know why that is? I re-calculated my values with other programs (e.g. Fstat) and came to similar results for the respective data types.

    Aristotelis C. Papageorgiou · Democritus University of Thrace

    Dear Martin, I have sent you a message asking for the input files. Have you seen it?

  • Sharad Purohit added an answer in Vitamin D:
    What are the most important polymorphisms in vitamin D receptor that may affect vitamn D level in the serum?

    please mention the most important vitamin D receptors

    Sharad Purohit · Georgia Regents University

    Each invidual research lab provide their results. whether those are true in the population you want to study is entirely different matter. serum Vit D levels are affected by several variables. being a fat soluble vitamin dietary fat, calcium influences the absorbtion of vit D in the digestive tract. In the serum/blood compartment the carrier protein Vit D binding protein levels will further control the ratio between free and bound forms, ultimately affecting the transport of the vitamin to the the receptor. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21844098

  • Jolene van nevel added an answer in Veterans:
    Can anyone provide current articles on PTSD, incarceration and justice involvement of combat veterans?

    I am working on my dissertation and I am having some trouble getting articles that are with in the last 5 years for the most current research. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Jolene van nevel · Walden University

    Thank you !

  • Can I extract the PBMCs from frozen blood samples?

    Dear all,

    I am planning to do a immune response study in pigs and I have a doubt that I hope someone can clarify me:

    I need to get blood from the pigs and then extract serum and PBMCs (Peripheral Blood Monocytes cells) from the blood. Does anyone know whether I can freeze the blood and make up the serum and extract the PBMCs after freezing the blood?

    If someone can clarify my doubt I'd be really grateful.

    Thanks in advance.


    Iker Rodriguez-Arabaolaza · University of Bristol

    Dear all,

    Thank very much to all of you for your answers, they are absolutely helpful! I am really grateful.

    Thank you very much!

    Kind regards,


  • Sean Haughian asked a question in Convolution:
    How can I transform logistic data to be linear?

    I'm working with data from a few refurbished data loggers, and don't have much technical expertise with the mathematics involved in data logger readings. When tested against standardized data loggers of another type, the newer versions of these loggers give readings in a linear scale (temperature in degrees C), whereas the refurbished ones show a distinctly logistic (S-shaped) curve when plotted on a graph. I'm assuming the only difference is that the old logger's software has been reset by the refurbishing process, and is therefore no longer applying a transformation that allows the data to be read out more accurately. 

    I'm currently using a rather convoluted polynomial transformation to get it close to the comparison data, and it does okay within a limited range, but I can't help but think there must be something a little smoother and more accurate.

    Any suggestions for linearizing logistic data would be much appreciated!

  • How can we study the corrosion behavior of the nonmetallic inclusions in pipeline steels?

    The nonmetallic inclusions are problematic particles that develop during the steel making process. They are tiny entities that exist in high numbers. They disrupt the mechanical homogeneity of the steels and are believed to have significantly different corrosion reactivities (from the base steel), leading to galvanic effects and as a result accelerated, localized corrosion attacks.

    How can we study their corrosion behavior?  

    Faysal F. Eliyan · University of British Columbia - Vancouver

    Hi Alicja,

    Sounds interesting, I am studying ultra small, problematic inclusions, on the scale of tens of micrometers. I'm limited by the resolution the probe, which can't go less than 50 micros. I either need to upgrade the instrument or synthesize bigger inclusions.


  • Antonio Tito added an answer in Lamination:
    How can I prevent air bubbles from forming between two dark amorphous layers of plastics?

    I am currently exploring the possibility to prevent air bubble formations when I place two non-transparent layers of plastic normally used for lamination.  Can anyone please help me decipher how I can readily identify them and properly get rid of them once they form - or prevent them from forming? Thanks!  

    Antonio Tito · University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

    Dear All, 

    Thank you so much for your quick and thorough responses. I have figured out the problem which was due to the incorrect process which I was using to load the layer, as Dr. Serge and Dr. Al-Mosawi indicated.   Dr. Reiserer was also very helpful in recommending to measure thickness variation to identify the location of the bubbles.  Again, I appreciate all your comments and suggestions.  

    Best regards, 

    Antonio Tito

  • Francisco Cuevas added an answer in OpenCV:
    How o I detect discontinuity point in line?

    Procedure to detect the line breakage or disconnectivity of line for an edge in opencv/matlab.

    Francisco Cuevas · Centro de Investigaciones en Optica

    Check the following link:


  • What are Trivial and Non-trivial topology of band structure?

    I don't understand the meaning of the expression "trivial topology" or "non-trivial topology" for an electronic band structure. Does anybody have a good explanation?

  • José Lima added an answer in Applied Psychology:
    Practical experience applying social psychology to climate change?

    I am a student in applied social psychology program and my topics of interest are in cultural norms and values and climate change. What kinds of organizations or institutions would allow me to apply this knowledge? I will be looking for internships soon but I am not sure what kind of positions exist that would allow me to apply psychological principles to climate change issues.

    José Lima · Universidade Federal da Paraíba

    Dear Natasha, you can also look for universities where you can study Ethnoecology or Human Ecology. I am working now with ethnoecology, and also using social psychology. 

  • Ali Imanpour added an answer in Bioinformatics:
    Can anyone recommend a textbook on bioinformatics?

    Ideally, it should provide a good general introduction to the subject - probably aimed at BSc/MSc level students - and be clearly written with informative illustrations. It needs to be something that someone would enjoy opening up and reading, yet providing sufficient depth and breadth to serve as a value lab resource. It also needs to be reasonably up to date (i.e. not more than five years old). Thanks!

    Ali Imanpour · University of Tehran


    Bioinformatics for Dummies for start then study

    Bioinformatics Sequence and genome [David W.Mount]

  • How shoud uterine incision be selected in the third cesarean section?

    In the third cesarean section, should uterine incision be performed above the former uterine incision or under the former uterine incision or in situ of the former uterine incision?

    Luiz Gustavo Oliveira Brito · Harvard Medical School

    I agree, third incision should be above the older one.

  • To what extent is grounded theory used in management research?

    Does anybody have suggestions of articles on using grounded theory in leadership or management research? Thank you in advance.

    Joseph C Thornton · Bellarmine University

    I did my doctorate at Case Western through their doctor of management program (essentially a DBA). Almost every one at CWRU in the program used grounded theory approaches to develop their quantitative models. There should be a number of examples on The CWRU site if you look at the DM program under the Weatherhead school.

    My own research looked at how owners of small businesses in the US understand and implement socially responsible decisions, the paper is published in the The Academy of Entrepreneuership Journal , 2013, Vol 19, No. 1. "Social Responsibility and the Small Business". While I prefer quantitative studies, I found the qualitative study to be extremely useful in understanding the linkages between traits and perceptions of actions.

  • Diego Fernando Macias asked a question in Narrative:
    Does anyone know of any sources that illustrate the difference between narrative as a phenomenon and narrative as a research methodology?

    I have come accross lots of sources on the topic of narrative inquiry understood as a research methodology while others have focused on narrative (or story) as a phenomenon. I am wondering if a contrast between these two perspectives has been addressed in the literature.

  • Saeid Davazdahemami asked a question in Volatility:
    What is exact definition of volatile components?

    according to which criteria we can call some material " volatile components"?

  • Joseph Kouneiher added an answer in Universe:
    Is the Planck's constant really a constant?

    Or does it follow the expansion of space (i.e. of the universe)? How to measure it if  Planck's length is the space unit?

    Joseph Kouneiher · University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis/ESPE

    The Planck constant (denoted h) is the quantum of action in quantum mechanics.
    As Planck discovered, it is impossible to explain some phenomena without accepting the fact that action is quantized.
    Indeed, Planck discovered that physical action could not take on an arbitrary value. Instead, the action must be some multiple of a very small quantity (later to be named the "quantum of action" and now called Planck constant).

    Louis de Broglie generalized the Planck–Einstein relation by postulating that the Planck constant represents the proportionality between the momentum and the quantum wavelength of not just the photon, but the quantum wavelength of any particle. This was confirmed by experiments soon afterwards.
    In many cases, such as for monochromatic light or for atoms, this quantum of action also implies that only certain energy levels are allowed, and values in between are forbidden.

    So the value of the quatum action is linked with the stability of the matter this is in contrast with G :gravitational constant et and c the speed of light. So it's a real physical constant and the reduced Planck constant is the quantum of angular momentum in quantum mechanics).

  • Divaker Choubey added an answer in p53:
    I have obtained two different bands of p53 with ab26 antibody (abcam), what they mean?

    I am running a series of characterization experiments in different cell lines. When using the p53 [PAb 240] antibody from abcam (ab26) I obtain two bands around 50KDa. Surprisingly some lines have increased signal in the upper band and others in the lower (but all of them have the two bands), so I am intrigued. There are a lot of p53 modifications, is there anybody who can help me what to look for??

    Divaker Choubey · University of Cincinnati

    I agree with the previous response. Further, I would like to add that Pab240 antibody against p53 has been around for a long-time. Therefore, easiest thing to do would be to treat human normal cells with a DNA-damaging agent and see whether the intensity ratio of the two protein bands changes. If not, other possibilities need to be considered, including an alternative splicing variant.  Notably, the antibody recognizes both mutant forms and wild-type human p53 under denaturing conditions.

  • In today's society can a person be considered a renaissance person?

    Renaissance man definition. An outstandingly versatile, well-rounded person. The expression alludes to such Renaissance figures as Leonardo da Vinci, who performed brilliantly in many different fields.dictionary.com.

    With the drive for specialization can a renaissance person still be taken seriously in academia in many different subject/topics matters?

    Should education be crafted and curricula designed in to produce a well rounded and well versed person? 

    Please, your opinions are important

    Shaban Ahmed Ali Abdel-Raheem · Assiut University

    Yes you are right. Education should be crafted and curricula designed in to produce a well rounded and well versed person. This is a very necessary matter.

  • Hozhabr Mozafari added an answer in Abaqus:
    How can I extract velocity of the elements or nodes of a model in every increment in ABAQUS/EXPLICIT?

    How can I extract velocity of the  elements or nodes of a model in every increment in ABAQUS/EXPLICIT?

    Hozhabr Mozafari · Iran University of Science and Technology

    You can easily request a history output associated with with the specified location.

  • Natasha M Nesbitt added an answer in PET:
    Can pET vector be used to express in human cells?

    Can it be used to express a particular protein in human cells? 

    Natasha M Nesbitt · Stony Brook University

    You might want to try a pcDNA vector.

  • Is there laparoscopic training box especially for laparoscopic Gynaecology now? and do you think that is it useful?

    Is there laparoscopic training box especially for laparoscopic Gynaecology now? and do you think that is it useful?

    Luiz Gustavo Oliveira Brito · Harvard Medical School

    If you are looking for diversing types of trainer, it would be interesting a model for vaginal surgery. We have a diverse number of ways to teach residents how to operate but we don[t have a good model to do vaginal surgery.

  • John Ågren added an answer in Thermodynamics:
    Why the equation of the first law contains a negative definite function?

    For the first law


    According to the physical meaning of the internal energy, U represents the total energy within the system, so should be expressed as the sum of the different types of energy within the system, whereas, if we consider an integral equation, for Euler equation


    Since p and V are the two positive definite variables, so –pV is a negative definite function. Therefore that, the mathematical form of Euler equation conflict with the physical meaning of the internal energy.

    For instance, for a photon gas, the integral of –pdV is less than zero. Helmholtz free energy


    Where F is a negative definite function, so F cannot be explained as a part of the internal energy, then what it is?

    I have my own answer for this question, but want to know what your opinion is.

    John Ågren · KTH Royal Institute of Technology

    Well, I accept what you write but if I want to I could probably write other examples, when there is no absolute value for the internal energy of an ideal gas. One example is when you have an ideal gas as an atmosphere of a planet... I think we understand each other and I will refrain from driving this excercise further.

    Best regards


  • What is best for the university professor? Researcher only or teaching only, or a combination of both?

    In some of the countries of the world there is only one domain of either researcher or instructor?
    Does this affect the instructor's achievements in the field of scientific research?

  • Aicha Benmokrane asked a question in Cracks:
    Anyone familiar with the reinforcement of a steel beam ?

    If a beam is damaged, corroded or cracked, how could be reinforced ?

  • Hozhabr Mozafari added an answer in Solidworks:
    How to model Fastners in Abaqus? I have an assembly which are connected by more than 500 fastners and has angle and channel sections?

    IS there a method to do in ABAQUS?I have assembled my model in SOLIDWORKS by providing Concetric mating for all drills, but haven't included fasteners there as that will again increase the simulation time.

    Hozhabr Mozafari · Iran University of Science and Technology

    You can develop a Python script

  • Narong Chamkasem added an answer in Diquat:
    Can anyone help me to extract paraquat/diquat from potato?

    I am using the published method to extract paraquat/diquat from potato. I used 10 g sample shake with 1:1 MeOH:0.1 N HCl for 10 min and heat in a water bath at 80 C for 15 min and shake more for 10 min. I determined the analytes by LC/MS. Diquat is good with recovery around 100%, but I got low recovery for paraquat (around 40%) constantly. I use matrix matched standard and with internal standard.

    Narong Chamkasem · U.S. Food and Drug Administration

    It is not the cleanup (SPE), it is the extraction from the sample. I will dilute and shoot with matrix-matched standard with IS. I do not have sample cleanup so the loss does not occur at this point. It is the bining between the analytes and may be with  starch molecule (per the explanation of the paper).