Power Systems Simulation

Power Systems Simulation

  • Bala Dabhade asked a question:
    How to generate ptrace file from wattch power simulator which is used as input to hotspot?

    I want to to generate the power trace input file for HotSpot.

    I am using Wattch power simulator. Wattch doesn't generate the power trace for directly.

    can any one help me what changes required in wattch source code to generate ptrace file

  • Mayur Sailor added an answer:
    How can i get a data sheet for IEEE 24 Bus test system with per unit values ?

    I need to perform Power flow on IEEE 24 Bus system using PSAT Tool in MATLAB. And for that i need proper data sheet of IEEE 24 BUS test system.

    Mayur Sailor

    thank you so much Tapan Prakash for your answer &  attachment.

  • Mahamad Nabab Alam added an answer:
    Which is the latest Optimization technique for Power system problem solving?
    My project work is optimization in power system (like load flow, parameters and position finding, filter designing, fault location etc ) and I have used PSO (particle swarm optimization), different new improved version of PSO, HS (harmony search), and different new improved version of HS but I want a new technique, which will gives best results in comparison to all other existing Optimization technique. Please can anyone suggest a new technique which will give best result in comparison to other technique?
    Mahamad Nabab Alam

    Algorithm References Inventor&Year
    1. Ant colony optimization (ACO) ; I Dorigo and Stutzle (2004)
    2. Artificial immune system optimization; Cutello and Nicosia (2002)
    3. Bacterial foraging optimization ; Kim, Abraham and Cho (2007)
    4. Bee optimization ; Karaboga and Bosturk (2007)
    Pham et al (2006)
    5. Cuckoo algorithm ; Yang and Deb (2009, 2010)
    6. Differential evolution (DE) ; Storn and Price (1995, 1997)
    7. Firefly optimization ; Yang (2010)
    8. Fish optimization ; Huang and Zhou (2008)
    9.Genetic algorithms (GA) ; Haupt and Haupt (2004)
    10.Particle swarm optimization (PSO), Binary Particle Swarm Optimization (BPSO); Eberhart and Kennedy (1995)
    11.Raindrop optimization ; Shah-Hosseini (2009)
    12.Simulated annealing ; Kirkpatrick, Gelatt and Vecchi (1983)
    13.Biogeography-based optimization (BBO),
    14. Chemical reaction optimization (CRO)
    15. A group search optimizer (GSO),
    16. Imperialist algorithm
    17. Swine flow Optimization Algorithm.
    18. Teaching Learning Based Optimization(TLBO)
    19. Bayesian Optimization Algorithms (BOA)
    20. Population-based incremental learning (PBIL)
    21. Evolution strategy with covariance matrix adaptation (CMA-ES)
    22. Charged system search Optimization Algorithm
    23. Continuous scatter search (CSS) Optimization Algorithm
    24. Tabu search Continuous Optimization
    25. Evolutionary programming
    26. League championship algorithm
    27. Harmony search Optimization algorithm
    28. Gravitational search algorithm Optimization
    29. Evolution strategies Optimization
    30. Firework algorithm, Ying Tan, 2010
    31. Big-bang big-crunch Optimization algorithm, OK Erol, 2006
    32. Artificial bee colony optimization (ABC), Karaboga,2005
    33. Backtracking Search Optimization algorithm (BSA)
    34. Differential Search Algorithm (DSA) (A modernized particle swarm optimization algorithm)
    35. Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization and Gravitational Search Algorithm (PSOGSA)
    36. Multi-objective bat algorithm (MOBA) Binary Bat Algorithm (BBA)
    37. Flower Pollination Algorithm
    38. The Wind Driven Optimization (WDO) algorithm
    39. Grey Wolf Optimizer (GWO)
    40. Generative Algorithms
    41. Hybrid Differential Evolution Algorithm With Adaptive Crossover Mechanism
    42.Lloyd's Algorithm
    43.One Rank Cuckoo Search (ORCS) algorithm: An improved cuckoo search optimization algorithm
    44. Huffman Algorithm
    45. Active-Set Algorithm (ASA)
    46. Random Search Algorithm
    47. Alternating Conditional Expectation algorithm (ACE)
    48. Normalized Normal Constraint (NNC) algorithm

    What are the recently invented Evolutionary algorithms (EAs)/ Optimization method? Which method you found en effective method ? - ResearchGate. Available from: https://www.researchgate.net/post/What_are_the_recently_invented_Evolutionary_algorithms_EAs_Optimization_method_Which_method_you_found_en_effective_method [accessed Nov 16, 2015].

  • Jeremy Lin added an answer:
    Any advice on an infeasible solution for reduced gradient less than tolerance?

    Dear all ;

    Am working on MINLP to minimize the total power losses of the network.

    All the used equations were typed correctly.But when i run the GAMS code it gives this error : Infeasible solution. Reduced gradient less than tolerance?

    I need assistance in that error ?

    Best Regards.


    Jeremy Lin

     Yes, it is not easy to solve MINLP problem. One has to be very familiar with solution method. If MINLP does not work, consider linearizing the non-linear part and solve it with LP algorithm, where the solution is global optimum. With MINLP, the optimal solution may not be global optimum.

    Sorry for replying so late......

  • Mohamed Mousa added an answer:
    Can you suggest to me a reference paper on vsc hvdc load flow algorithm for initial level ?


    Mohamed Mousa

    You can see the following:

    I hope that they are useful for you.

    + 1 more attachment

  • Bala Dabhade added an answer:
    How to calculate power usage of single C program running on desktop ?

    I have a C program running on a linux platform and I have to measure the power consumption of program. Please suggest a power simulator apart from XEEMU and Wattch. I basically want it for power optimization at software level work.

    Bala Dabhade

    Thanks a lot for everyone for your quick help its really helped me to get more insight into topic.

    My research area is related to code optimization for low power(reducing switching activity to reduce dynamic power dissipation). For validation purpose, I need a tool which can give me power usage before and after optimization. There are few tools like XEEMU or Wattch available but they are working  on linux 64 machine.

    Can you please suggest some more open source tools available or any better technique for validation


  • Krishnarayalu Movva added an answer:
    How can I design hardware for Power system stabilizer in power system?

    i have worked on design of PSS for SMIB and multimachine system.

    At present my task, design hardware of PSS in power plants.

    plz provide best suggestion to solve above problem.

    Krishnarayalu Movva

    Traditional PSS is a lead-lag controller. PID controller can also be used as a PSS. Please refer to the following paper. It may help you.


    • Source
      [Show abstract] [Hide abstract]
      ABSTRACT: Large power systems are often characterized by spontaneous inter-area oscillations, which may be caused by small disturbances such as changes in load that take place continually. Inter-area oscillations are detrimental to the goals of maximum power transfer and optimal power system security. A contemporary solution to this problem is the addition of Power System Stabilizers to the Automatic Voltage Regulators of the generators in the power system. The damping, provided by these PSS, reduces the restraining effects of the oscillations. In this paper, conventional PSS and PID based PSS have been studied. The designed PSSs are applied to three area power system model and the stability of the system has been restored. It is observed that PID controller’s performance is better.
  • Ashu Taneja added an answer:
    Can someone please tell me the steps to follow when performing a simulation on power consumption of multi-user systems with matlab?

    I am working on reducing the power consumption of multi-user systems .Can anyone provide me with the steps to be followed while writing its code for simulation in matlab?

    Ashu Taneja

    By "Multi-User Systems" i mean  Multi-user wireless communication systems with base station with number of antennas serving number of terminals.

    And Power consumption includes both the transmit power and RF circuit power.

  • Srete Nikolovski added an answer:
    Is there any practical data or literature where the accelerating time from zero to nominal speed for turbo generators can be found?

    Generators are rated power from 3-50 MW. In attachment is one test diagram for 5 MW generator

    Srete Nikolovski

    Dear Gabriel. Thank you

    That is it. I have found answers on Fig 11 in the first and Fig 12 in the second paper which confirm our measurements for 5 MW steam generator which time was 40 min.


  • Pouyan Asgharian added an answer:
    How to make an interface between matlab and pscad?

    Hello, everyone I'm working on optimization of coordinating overcurrent relay I wrote allocation codes and optimization code in matlab but I need to recall mfiles in PSCAD. I want o know is that possible to link between matlab and pscad wich I able to use matlab codes in Pscad?

    Pouyan Asgharian

    Hi ,

    i have this problem too!if you find your answer , please help me.

    thanks alot

  • Mostafa Eidiani added an answer:
    Which is the best method to analyze both voltage stability and transient stability in normal IEEE systems?
    Voltage stability analysis by using continuous power flow analysis, transient stability analysis in the equal area criteria and swing equation. I want to know, if any analysis method is available to find both voltage and transient stability at the same time?
    Mostafa Eidiani


    Please download my paper:



    • Source
      [Show abstract] [Hide abstract]
      ABSTRACT: This paper presents a fast and accurate dynamic method for ATC calculations considering transient stability analysis (TSA) and voltage stability analysis (VSA) termination criteria (CTV method). This method can be used for contingency screening and ranking. Estimation of the determinant of Jacobian matrix is used for assessment of voltage stability. This method is compared with the following methods: energy difference between SEP (stable equilibrium point) and UEP (unstable equilibrium point), ts index of Chiang, and continuation power flow. The TSA method uses Athay's PEBS (potential energy boundary surface) and a new method named POMP. The POMP method follows the Point Of Maximum Potential energy on post-fault system trajectory. This point is approximated by Taylor's expansion of second order. Because this method does not use any convergent algorithm, it is more reliable than all existing methods that use UEP. The goals of this method are assessment of ATC considering VSA and TSA and assessment of dangerous contingencies. The ideas are demonstrated on 2, 3, 7 (Cigre), 10, 30 (IEEE) and 145 (Iowa State) bus networks.
      International Journal of Power and Energy Systems 01/2006; 26(3). DOI:10.2316/Journal.203.2006.3.203-3597
  • Lars Abrahamsson added an answer:
    Anyone knows any software package able to simulate railway power systems?
    I need to know which are the commercial options for simulation of electrical railway networks, not for transient simulation but for electrical power flow analysis. Do any of these packages also simulate the train behavior?
    Lars Abrahamsson

    Phew! Here it is - finally?

  • Fayas Ahamed added an answer:
    Can someone suggest a Dc microgrid test bench system, tested for telecommunication loads?

    Simulations done using PSCAD/EMTDC is preferable. 

    Fayas Ahamed

    Thanks for the tip Saeed.

  • Moein rz added an answer:
    Can anyone explain how to create subsystem In PSCAD?

    Hi, can anyone explain how to create subsystem in Pscad?

    Moein rz

    Dear Dinesh Reddy,

    In order to create subsystems in a system, you should right-click on the project page and select "create a new component", then you will be asked for the specifications of inputs and outputs like: their types (integer, real, electrical, logical), their names, dimensions, etc. You should also put a check for "page module".  Otherwise it will not be a subsystem but a code block.

    I hope I could be helpful.

  • Sajad Alal added an answer:
    Does anybody know Matlab codes for optimal placement and sizing of DG ?
    Sajad Alal

    dear Sandeap

    if you have any files irregular to subject ,please send it for me too.

    thanks a lot

  • James F Peters added an answer:
    How can I find the IEEE-118 bus system data?
    I am working on an economic dispatch problem considering environmental issues and want to apply a new meta-heuristic algorithm to solve this problem. I need this system data. I don`t have access to this system the B-loss coefficients. I have a B-loss coefficients matrix, but its size is 54 and in this system in papers there is just 14 units. Any advice? Can anyone send me this matrix?
    James F Peters

    This is a good question.

    In addition to the incisive answers already given, Network data for the IEEE 118-bus system is given in detail in

    S.A.Blumsack, Network topologies and transmission investment under electric-industry restructuring, Ph.D. thesis, Carnegie Mellon University, 2006:


    See Appendix A, starting on page 249, on

    bus and demand data, p. 249

    generator data, p. 254

    branch data, p. 260

    generator marginal cost data, p. 260

  • yaswanth reddy Arumalla added an answer:
    How do I simulate a nonlinear model of a single machine infinite bus system in matlab?
    In addition to Simpower.
    yaswanth reddy Arumalla

    Mr. Hosein Karimi can you please send it for me too. Thanks 

  • Gregory Diana added an answer:
    How can I represent a delay function exp(sT) in Simscape?

    I want to add a delay T to a sin function: sin(wt) must become sin(w(t-T)).

    Gregory Diana

    Dear Gaetano,

    The transport delay or Pade function exp(sT) may be found under the Simulink extras library  or under the Simulink Library under Transport or Variable Transport Delay.

    Go to the Simulink Library browser and enter transport delay in the search window and it will find it for you.


    Greg Diana

  • Christian E. Jacob added an answer:
    How can I change the nominal power of the generator DFIG and SCIG during simulation?

    My project is depend on changing the nominal power of the generators, transformer and loads during simulation But when I do it with command set_param error appear, the error is {Cannot change parameter of generator while simulation is running.) I want to change the nominal power of these block especially generators. How can I overcome of this error? 

    Christian E. Jacob

    Dear Mona, the PMSG model in Simulink has only an input (as definition of output load) for torque and/or speed. This PMSG model is non-qualified for output of energy in your wind farm. Please use other model! Regards Christian

  • Hajar Bagheri Tolabi added an answer:
    Does anybody knows a free software for drawing single line diagrams?
    I want to draw single line diagrams of power systems
    Hajar Bagheri Tolabi

    I think CYME DIST can be useful..

  • Tareq Aziz added an answer:
    Is there any established method to combine power system simulation with communication simulation in a smart grid?

    I am working on cyber-security and therefore I need to have simultaneous simulations in both- power and communication systems. What software platforms are generally used for this purpose? Is there any scope to do such simulations in DIgSILENT Powerfactory?

    Tareq Aziz

    To start with (specially to model cyber security), I found the following paper very useful:

    Kundur, D., Feng, X., Mashayekh, S., Liu, S., Zourntos, T. and Butler-Purry, K.L. (2011) ‘Towards modelling the impact of cyber attacks on a smart grid’, Int. J. Security and Networks.

  • Joel Kitheka added an answer:
    Does have any experience of extracting state space model in matlab format from power factory by outputting the result of model analysis?

    I am trying to do model reduction of power system using Hankel norm approximation for that I need state space model of the system. I tried to output the state space form model analysis in powerfactory in matlab readable file but I am not able to sort it into standard state space form. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

    Joel Kitheka

    After Digsilent (power factory) simulation, identify the state space results, go to initial calculation, result variable, export, apply file name then execute, ok. execute your results to note pad. Go to matlab work space, input data, change file name, all files, matlab command window, name your data and it's column then enter. e.g A1= data1(:,2) ENTER.   

  • Ahmer Wadee added an answer:
    Is it possible to plot time solution of variables against time in AUTO 07P, such that the time axis is not limited to the value of 1?

    Hello all,

    I am using Bifurcation and Continuation Software AUTO-07p, for my thesis. I need to plot some of the variables of my system, against time. However, solutions are only plotted for the time interval of [0,1]. I was wondering if there is a way to extend the time axis and obtain the time solution of my variables in a larger interval.

    Thanks in advance for your kind attention.

    Ahmer Wadee

    If you wish to solve your equations for an arbitrary time duration T0, a neat way would be re-scale your time variable from "t" to, say, "tr" such that tr=t/T0. If you then re-cast your equations in terms of "tr" rather than "t" then all you need to do is to change T0 before you begin your Auto run to change the duration since Auto will solve for tr=[0,1], hence t=[0,T0]. With this technique, you could also conceivably introduce T0 as a continuation parameter.

  • Mostafa Eidiani added an answer:
    How to simulate DFIG in digsilent?
    Simulation in digsilent
    Mostafa Eidiani


    Please see these links:



  • Mostafa Eidiani added an answer:
    Where can I find microgrid smartgrid software simulators?
    We are conducting research on combined heat and power systems and we are looking at smartgrid and microgrid models for rural villages in African and India.

    We managed to find one or two simulink simulators, but was hoping to find more.
    Mostafa Eidiani

    You can see also this link


  • Mostafa Eidiani added an answer:
    How to define multi-machine power system in matlab?

    how to give input in matlab a multi-machine power system? or mathematical model of multi-machine power system as SMIB is defined by Heffron's Flipines model?

    Mostafa Eidiani

    You can see also this link


  • Amr Kassem added an answer:
    Can any one help me with simulation of a multi-machine power system in MATLAB? 4,9,10,16,..
    Multi machine power system stability
    Amr Kassem

    Mr. Mostafa Eidiani

    Could you please updated the above links.

    Thanks in advance

  • Imran Mabqool added an answer:
    How to do small signal stability analysis in Simpowersystem(MATLAB) using predefine models of the system?

    I am trying to build a model for kundur two area system and do small signal stability analysis in simpowersystem .The state variables in simpowersystem are different from the kundur as simpwer system takes state as curent of inductor and capacitors.  Any idea how to build state space as in kundur  would be greatly appreciated

    Imran Mabqool

    Thank you very much Morteza for your reply. I have already seen your paper you mentioned and its quite interesting but what i was hoping to get is linearizing the system in simpower system instead of simulink general environment using built in models as i am working on model reduction of the system for which i need system matrices and then i am hoping to simulate transient analysis with me reduce system

  • Lokesh Panwar added an answer:
    What are the current areas of stress in V2G technology?

    I am working on V2G model developments of power system. i want to know the current area of research in the field of V2G development.

    Lokesh Panwar

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    i think you are all working on V2G. 

  • Shian-Loong Bernard Lew added an answer:
    Can anyone suggest energy market simulations and share experiences?
    I am looking into available power market simulators (preferably to be used in the context of multi-agent systems).

    I am familiar with the AMES Wholesale Power Market Testbed (http://www2.econ.iastate.edu/tesfatsi/AMESMarketHome.htm) as well as with PowerWeb (http://www.pserc.cornell.edu/powerweb/) and MASCEM (from the university of Porto).

    Further suggestions?
    Shian-Loong Bernard Lew

    pg 177-188 of the linked book

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