Rich Mobile Application (RMA)

Rich Mobile Application (RMA)

  • Amr Ali-Eldin added an answer:
    Searching for a research topic in Software engineering and mobile software?
    Looking to expand my research portfolio.
    Amr Ali-Eldin
    Maybe you can look at privacy or trust aspects related to mobile services provisioning. Context-aware services modelling and definition for special domain area is something I have worked with too.
  • Saeid Abolfazli asked a question:
    Are RIAs dedicated to desktop machines and RMAs to mobile devices?
    There is a confusion in literature that RIAs are augmented web applications that aim to deliver rich user experience. But it is not clearly mentioned which users, mobile users or desktop users?

    Many scholars argue that RIAs are accessible from both mobile and desktop machines while I personally believe that RIAs are lonely dedicated to desktops, though some of them are able to be accessed using mobile device. I support my argument with the fact that majority of mobile devices are unable to perform heavy processing tasks. Then how can we run RIAs through them? One of the distinctive attribute of RIAs is that presentation layer must be offloaded to the client machine so that client resources can be utilized. Now, consider that while researchers are endeavouring to offload mobile applications to remote resources, how can we say that UI of RIAs can be migrated to the mobile device?

    Considering such argument, RMAs are the mobile version of RIAs. In what extent do you agree this argument. Do you consider RIAs as web application that can be accessed from any machine?

About Rich Mobile Application (RMA)

RMAs are likely future generation of mobile applications, especially smartphone's applications which aim to deliver rich user experience to end users. Considering the dominating trend of mobile applications against desktop applications, RMAs is an emerging research area. There is not yet a clear understanding about RMAs and distinction between them and other types of software applications. Several issues like resource deficiencies of mobile devices, lack of reference architecture, lack of reliable communication network inhibit development and success of RMAs.

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