Reproductive Endocrinology

Reproductive Endocrinology

  • Xue Du added an answer:
    Is anyone interested in poly-cystic ovary syndrome induction without chemical or hormone therapy?
    We designed a chemical induction free animal model (in rat) for PCOS and are designing projects for better evaluation of brain physiologic characteristic of this disease. We will be glad for other researcher collaboration on this subject.
    Xue Du · Tianjin Medical University

    Dear Amin,
    I am a doctor and researcher of reproductive endocrinology in  General Hospital,Tianjin medical University.I am also interested in participation in this project.I'd like to know more details.
    Best regards

    Xue Du

  • D. Erickson added an answer:
    Does somebody know of a book about comparative mice-human physiology?
    I need a book about reproductive mice physiology, and better if its compared to the human one. I'm working in research about the hormonal effects in cancer development in mice model and need some backup about it and the similarities to the human model.
  • Petra Roosen added an answer:
    Does anyone know of a provider of the hormone used for sex reassignment surgery: 17 alpha methyltestosterone?
    I'm from Peru and I need to buy (import) this product as soon as possible.
    Petra Roosen · Fachhochschule Aachen

    Maybe you mistook the name of the desired hormone? For a male to female hormonal (not: surgical) reassignment it is 17β-Estradiol. If this is what you are researching, ask your doctor to prescribe it. The medication itself is comparably cheap in its generic form and available world-wide.

  • Eric Sc added an answer:
    Is it possible to isolate germ cells (pachytene or pre- pachytene stage) from mice testis for in vitro culture?
    I want to isolate and culture germ cells of pachytene or pre-pachytene stage from mice testis to study my drug effect, but i can't find any precise protocol to do so. Is it possible to culture germ cells without a feeder layer of somatic cells?
    Eric Sc · NYU Langone Medical Center

    Check out "Flow Cytometry Purification of Mouse Meiotic Cells" on Jove by Getun IV et al..  You can sort based on DNA content, but they were able to distinguish between cells along 2-4N based on Hoechst dye staining.

  • CHEBOUB Amina added an answer:
    Is aromatisation the only source of estrogen in adult male?
    I want to know if the inhibition of aromatase is a total inhibition of the production of estrogen?
    CHEBOUB Amina · University of Science and Technology Houari Boumediene
    Thank you very much
  • Vicki Clifton added an answer:
    How does the level of dihydrotestosterone in blood vary before, during, and after ejaculation in human males?
    If not known in humans, what about in other mammals? Please feel free to direct me to literature sources.
    Vicki Clifton · University of Adelaide
    Manfred Schedlowski has published work on hormone profile of men and women before, during and after masturbation and sexual intercourse
  • Weronika Rupik added an answer:
    Is there anyone with experience in neonatal mice ovaries ablation?
    I want to collect newborn (1 day) mice ovaries to study it microscopically, but I can't find precise/complete information about the procedure.
    Weronika Rupik · University of Silesia in Katowice
    Hi Daniel, please, write what kind of microscopic examination you plan (electron, light or immuno).
  • Veena Vidyasagar asked a question:
    What are the causes of menstrual disturbances in hypothyroidism?
    Abnormal uterine bleeding and hypothyroidism
  • Matthew James Conroy added an answer:
    Real time PCR primers for oestrogen and progesterone gene in pigs?
    I want to study the real time expression of oestrogen and progesterone gene in pigs (RIA being not possible in my case). Whenever I do a nucleotide search in NCBI it gives me back only the results for receptors of both the genes. Since these two hormones being tissue specific, I want to study the gene itself and not receptors. Does anyone have any articles/references/suggestions in this regard ?
    Matthew James Conroy · European Molecular Biology Laboratory
    You will not find a gene for either of these hormones, because steroid hormones are not gene products.
  • Manjeet Kaur Sharma added an answer:
    I am looking for a methods or any drug administrable to rats, in order to induce sexual arousal. Does anything exist?
    I was wondering if sexual arousal in one rat can induce sexual stimulation in other one, separated from each other, kept in different cages about 2 meter from each other.
    Manjeet Kaur Sharma · Indian Council of Medical Research
    As a postdoc I was working with a PhD student who was trying to study feedback effects of DHT on FSH. She was injecting DHT to rats over a period of several days to induce infertilty. But when we mated the treated males with naive females, it increased their fertility status because we saw a spurt in the number of pups! At the time I was new to the field and did not know that in rats T/DHT actually induce the release of pituitary FSH! Higher androgens would also increase mating behaviour.
    Look up this publication:Studies on the effects of low doses of 5 alpha-dihydrotestosterone (DHT) on the basal levels of serum gonadotropins and the sensitivity of the pituitary to luteinizing hormone releasing hormone (LHRH) in adult male rats.Karanth S, Gill MK, Dutta A, Juneja HS. Hormone and Metabolic Research 01/1984; 16(1):32-36.

    Also try and look up the t for an approprite publication on the behavioural effects of estrogen on male sexual behaviour/mounting.Male rats mate with proestrus females very early in the morning which can be checked either from plugs/sperm in vaginal smears/diestrus from 10-20 days.

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