Observation Medicine

Observation Medicine

  • Kannadasan Narasimmarajan added an answer:
    How to monitor the estrous phases of a bat?

    Is there a way to observe and document the varios phases of the estrous cycle in a wild female bat?

    Kannadasan Narasimmarajan · University of Madras

    I think this is possible through urine and /or fecal matter analysis. one more way if time and FD permission permits you marked few females and recaptured through mist net and get blood or urine to do the analysis.  if you willing to do through non-invasive technique urine or fecal is the best way to collect hormone data...

About Observation Medicine

Observation medicine is a medical service aimed at continued care of selected patients, usually for a period of 6 to 24 hours, to determine their need for inpatient admission. This service is usually provided in emergency departments.

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