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    Can glibenclamide be used as an adunctive therapy for cerebral edema in traumatic brain injury?
    The use of glibenclamide to control plasma glucose after TBI had no significant effect on patient outcome at discharge, but it could reduce the LOS-NICU (p<0.05). Glibenclamide also had no apparent effect on the presence of PSH in TBI patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus.
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    Corticosteroids are contraindicated in TBI as they resulted in worsening of outcomes in recent studies
    It s a guideline according to evidence based data
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    What is the reason for projectile vomiting and nausea due to elevated intracranial pressure?
    Elevated intracranial pressure is often associated with vomiting. I would like to know how the pressure triggers the vomiting.
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    Management of post head-injury Bruxism.
    Patients with severe head injury esp , diffuse axonal injury may have associated bruxism which, to my experience, lasts for 10 -14 days. I have been studying these patients in recent years with trials of pramipexol and benzodiazapines. I have come across the botox inj studies as well. I wish to have suggestions from colleagues.
    Non-invasive treatment modalities with symptom appropriate ancillary care can be very efficacious. With any head injury the trigeminal system is ramped up and it interrupts afferent signals improperly, even normally innocuous signals. Well developed night guards can reduce the excessive motor intensity of V3 and possible on the over all upper quarter pain.

    Svensson, P; Jadidi, F; Baad-Hansen, L; Sessle, B.J. Relationships between crainofacial pain and bruxism. Journal of Oral Rehabilitation, 07/2008, Volume 35, Issue 7, pp. 524 - 547.
    Lobbezoo, F. Naeij, M. Bruxism is mainly regulated centrally, not peripherally. J Oral Rehabil, 2001. 28(12): p. 1085-91.
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