Mobile Phone Radiation Toxicity

Mobile Phone Radiation Toxicity

  • Shanmuga Raja added an answer:
    What will the heat generated from continuous cell phone use (say 1 hour) cause to the user if eventual contraction of cancer is disputed?
    It is claimed that research so far does not point to the risk of contracting cancer
    Shanmuga Raja · sudharsan engineering college
    in cell phones EM waves are used for caring information .EM waves are very high oscillatory waves .that heat is generated due to these very high oscillations. this is called as radiation. this will affect biological tissues of live thing not only human but also every thing..
  • Eduardo G Moros added an answer:
    Has anybody has worked on the effects of mobile phone radiation on living cells?
    Effect of mobile phone radiation on animal and plant life.
  • Hussin Jose Hejase added an answer:
    Do you believe that mobile phones radiation may be harmful to human health?
    Mobile phones use electromagnetic radiation in the microwave range.
    Hussin Jose Hejase · American University of Science and Technology Lebanon
    Any abuse in the use of technology could lead to serious issues specially if the specific user's physiology is vulnerable. Therefore, one must watch for any signals that may translate later into illness or more.
  • Devra L Davis asked a question:
    Are you aware of pending applications of electroporation in medicine using currents that are similar to cell phone radiation?
    Cell phones have never been tested for their impact on public health and human biology. The power of radiation is one component, while frequency and power density may be more important indicators of biological impact. Important report highlights the fact that radiation differs up to 300 times depending on which cellphone provider you use. But, in terms of physiological response, the level of radiation may not be the most important component of cell phone exposure. Instead even where signals are much less powerful, they still rely on erratic pulsed digital nature of the signal may be more important than power of radiation. Electroporation is being used in state of the art medical treatments today with radiation that is much less strong than that of a cell phone or wireless device. New technologies have not been tested for their biological impacts.

    Researchers are using milliseconds of current that do not induce heat in order to open membranes to ablate tissue and cause irreversible electroporation. "Certain electrical fields, when applied across a cell, have the ability to permeabilize the cell membrane through a process that was named in the early 1980’s “electroporation” (1) While much of this work used very high voltage microcurrents, current work is using very much weaker exposures.
  • SMJ Mortazavi added an answer:
    Cell Phone Usage & Health Hazard.
    Thanks to the technology which brought everything to layman with danger in disguise. I welcome simplified/ generalized answer in the context of layman education about the safer usage of cellular technology, hazard limits, environments, precautions, or possible remedies.
    SMJ Mortazavi · Shiraz University of Medical Sciences
    Cell phone use, oxidative stress and adaptive response

    The relationship between exposure to EMF and oxidative stress dates back to last decade and has been reported by many investigators around the world. Although the mechanisms through which EMFs induce oxidative stress are not fully understood, some hypotheses have been proposed by Liboff (2010) and Georgio (2010). Some of my master students are currently working on different aspects of EMF-induced oxidative stress. On the other hand, we have shown that EMFs may induce some beneficial responses such as the induction of adaptive response. We found that laboratory animals pre-irradiated with radiofrequency radiation were less susceptible to subsequent lethal effects of high doses of ionizing radiation or infections caused by life-threatening microorganisms.

    Mortazavi SMJ, Mosleh-Shirazi MA, Tavassoli AR, Taheri M, Mehdizadeh AR, Namazi SAS, Jamali A, Ghalandari R, Bonyadi S, Shafie M, and Haghani M. Increased Radioresistance to Lethal Doses of Gamma Rays in Mice and Rats after Exposure to Microwave Radiation Emitted by a GSM Mobile Phone Simulator. Dose Response 2013.11:281–292.

    Mortazavi SMJ, Motamedifar M, Namdari G, Taheri M, Mortazavi AR, Shokrpour N. Non-Linear Adaptive Phenomena which Decrease the Risk of infection after Pre-Exposure to Radiofrequency Radiation. Dose-Response. in press.
  • Nitish Ranjan added an answer:
    Can we use the radiation from mobile phones to charge itself or for any productive use? If yes, the how?
    Mobile phones always radiates some form of energy which is dangerous for our body. How can we use this energy for any of our daily life productive use?
    Nitish Ranjan · KIIT University
    thanks Pimiskern and Parikshit.
  • Tajdar Husain Khan asked a question:
    Need help for Mobile phone frequency exposure setup for Rat and Mice
    Reverberation chambers
  • Ammar Abdulrassol Monier added an answer:
    What are the effects of radiation from electronic appliances on living organisms?
    What are the effects from mobile phones, and other electronic devices on living organisms, such as plants and animals.
    Ammar Abdulrassol Monier · University of Technology, Iraq
    Affect on mood , people live in crowded urban cities are subjected to this issue more than others
  • Banwari Lal Gupta added an answer:
    Silver Nitric Oxide and cancer.....the hot topic nowadays. Is silver nitric oxide coated in recharge cards and are cacinogenic?
    According to Okunola et al. (Risk assessment of using coated mobile recharge
    cards in Nigeria. Journal of Environmental Chemistry and Ecotoxicology Vol. 3(4), pp. 80-85, April 2011), the trend of Daily Intake of Metals for heavy metals in the coatings were in the order of Cd > Al > Zn > Fe > Ni > Cr > Mn > Pb > Cu. Also, the High Risk Index of metals indicated that Pb, Cd and Ni through adhering ‘silver’ coatings on mobile recharge cards on nails or under the finger contaminating food were higher, which indicates that users experience relatively high health risk.

    What is the role of nitric oxide in cancer?
    Banwari Lal Gupta · Periyar University
    Of course it comes under intercalating agent.

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