• Dilmini Karunaratne added an answer:
    How do you effectively use logbooks in the undergraduate medical setting?

    I've too frequently seen and had to fill out logbooks that were nothing more than a glorified attendance log. What are techniques that you have seen used to make logbooks an effective tool to promote self development among medical students. Then how do you address the need for some sort of attendance log during clinical placement?

    Logbooks are an essential part of medicine that spans all the ranks, but using them effectively for each stage of training is something that I believe still needs to be worked on!

    Dilmini Karunaratne

    I also doubt the use of log books in the medical field. A more useful version of it would be a portfolio with reflective logs of the students on their learning experiences and how they plan to improve on them.

  • Nagendra Singh Chauhan added an answer:
    How can we determine if a particular compound is the active component of a plant or herb used for medicinal or cosmetic purposes?

    In Ayurveda s , many plant are used as folk medicine and different cosmetic use. But how can we judge the particular compound is behind the cure of particular disease or special application. Can we isolate and characterize directly that  compound? Suggest me the standard procedure to identify and get the useful compound only.

    Nagendra Singh Chauhan


  • Kenneth Jones added an answer:
    Where can I get spores of Cordyceps sinensis and C. militaris?

    Can anyone suggest me how to buy the fresh spores of Cordyceps sinensis and C. militaris fungi?Or please let me know any lab which is working with these fungi?

    I am very interested in these species, since they are high value for medicine.

    Thank you in advanced.

    Kenneth Jones

    An account of the first successful culture of Hirsutella sinensis, the true anamorph of Ophiocordyceps sinensis, was related to me in confidence many years ago. What I can reveal today is that the first attempts to culture the anamorph after transporting the fungus from its natural habitat located at high altitude to the laboratory at sea level resulted in failure. A second attempt using a portable refrigeration unit was also a failure. Only when both the temperature and atmospheric pressure of the transportation unit matched those of the area in which the fungus was harvested were researchers able to successfully isolate and culture H. sinensis.

  • Homayoun Roshanisefat added an answer:
    How can I treat azetatsolamid-resistent CME in retinitis pigmentosa?

    17 years old Usher patient, po azetatsolamid (growing dose, now 500 mg x2) used since 12/2013. CME is getting worse, but BCVA is still about 0.5-0.6 oa. I read that intravitreal corticosteroid gives only limited and transient response - so maybe not so good idea? Anti- VEGF?? Something else?

    Homayoun Roshanisefat

    I will by that young age suggest to use drug with a more long term efficacy. In this case new monoclonal antibody. I will suggest to look after the latest update in this area.

  • Kenneth Jones added an answer:
    How many plants do you know which have latex with traditional uses?

    In traditional methods we can see some plant latex in drugs.

    Kenneth Jones

    The blood red latex of sangre de drago (Croton lechleri) continues to be used in traditional healing in South America. A proanthocyanidin derivative of the latex recently became the first botanical drug (Fulyzaq) allowed for prescription in the U.S. As for an ecological role, when the smooth outer bark is cut, the latex that exudes from the tree serves to seal and protect the wound. In Peru, indigenous peoples use the latex for the same purpose of healing skin wounds.

  • Haimanot Tassew added an answer:
    Synergistic vs additive stimuli if one stimulus is binary?

    A quick question about scientific semantics regarding interaction of stimuli: I have two stimuli, A and B that induce quantifiable effect E. A is a drug and shows a dose-response curve, B is a cell-culture condition (e.g. 2d vs 3d) and therefore a binary categorical variable.
    The effect of both stimuli together is less than the sum of the two separate effects (E.g. E|AB < (E|A +E|B) for relevant doses of A. How do I describe the interaction, as additive or as synergistic? My gut feeling would say additive, as the combined effect is lower than the sum but I'm not sure.
    Which is the 'safest' formulation? Would you say it's additive until you can show synergism?

    Haimanot Tassew

    As you know synergism is increased activity obtained from two different

    agent used combined than when they are used alone. Additive is the sum. for instance let as assume A = 2, B= 3. during synergy A+B = 8, additive A+B=5

  • Barbara Dunning added an answer:
    Shape memory alloys are used in Angioplasty.How does the concentration of such elements impact blood?
    Barbara Dunning

    Are the alloys unstable in the body?

    Why not use grapheme?

  • Jean Edelstein added an answer:
    In patients with lateral epicondylitis, what is the effective injection of platelet-rich plasma (PRP), glucocorticoid, or saline in reducing pain?

    See above. 

    Jean Edelstein

    If you plan to prove the effectiveness of PRP by one article, you will be surprised about the numbers of articles regarding PRP and success rate. Overall, tehe results of PRP treatment are very questionable.

  • Hossam hassan Elborombaly added an answer:
    Should we question the credibility of international conferences?

    We see most of international conferences accept more than 90 percent of the papers that they receive regardless of the quality of the papers or plagiarism possibilities. Shall it make us think that the conferences are only business?

    Hossam hassan Elborombaly

    I believe that some conference has a high impact point also some journal. but the majority take the commercial way in order to make business work. We need a quality control for these factors. It should be our duty to put some argument for shearing both published associates to raised the quality of researches and to encourage researchers to publish researches without panic. 

  • Max Stanley Chartrand added an answer:
    What is the best treatment for fibromyalgia?
    Pregabaline treatment, tramadol and NSAIDs have not been sufficient to reduce pain.
    Max Stanley Chartrand

    In my lecture yesterday, I pointed out the pervasive problem of tooth sepsis as an underlying cause of many chronic conditions. If one does not floss regularly, and especially if they do not brush at least twice daily, they risk sepsis and the inflammatory conditions that emanate therefrom. Getting to causal factors is what any viable treatment program should make its main focus---anything else is shooting in the dark and setting up the patient for worse problems in the future.

  • Parviz Parvin added an answer:
    Is there any attempt to model "Physics of Cancer"?
    Cancer consists of a series of diseases based on undesired cell proliferation. The cancerous cells are continuously formed in infectious organs whereas the human immunity system regularly identifies and destroys the unhealthy cells. When the defense system fails to demolish these malignant cells because its mal-function then the proliferation takes place in a definite rate (constant or increasing).
    In this case, the patient needs to be treated by chemo-therapy to hinder (or slow down) the peroliferation rate. This may be done by using vaious techniques available such as employment of the nanostructures, novel bio-clusters, bio-stimulation, thermal therapy and laser techniques or hybrid methods of treatment accompanied by traditional chemo-drugs to enhance the efficiency.
    Parviz Parvin

    Presently, our research team  is focused on the project entitled by "Optically enhanced nano-particles for efficient cancer therapy".

  • Püreda Yazıcı added an answer:
    A patient with deep vein thrombosis under oral anticoagulants and INR of 2.9 wants to travel. How soon can he fly after a DVT?
    A patient with deep vein thrombosis under oral anticoagulants and INR of 2.9 wants to travel. How soon can he fly after a DVT?
    Püreda Yazıcı

    Because of efervesan effect in German, perhaps it can be used of water drinking in recovery truncate, but in another country, drinking water may not be safe. Drinking water because of heart insuffiency or diabetes mellitus following?

  • A. Ismail added an answer:
    Is hair analysis of minerals and trace elements reliable?
    Especially in alternative medicine, hair analysis often used to detect deficits and surpluses of minerals and trace elements. Are these tests reliable? What are the minerals and trace elements suitable for element analysis in hair, and what are not suitable?
    A. Ismail

    Hair analysis  technique is very reliable especially for heavy metal such as Pb, Hg and Cd

  • Nelson Elias added an answer:
    What should be defined as complementary and alternative medicine?
    The answer to this question depends on both geographical, cultural, legal and time-related conditions. Many methods used in alternative medicine, in the Nordic countries, today may be accepted in other countries (for example, homeopathy (Germany), acupuncture (China), and Ayurvedic medicine (India)). Many methods once considered "alternative", are many places accepted today (for example, diet therapy and acupuncture).
    Nelson Elias
    Dear Geir

    Alongside the officially recognized medicine coexist in our midst and other diagnostic practices related to health care . The trend in the literature is to classify them under the term complementary and alternative medicine
    Unconventional medicine may be defined functionally as interventions that are not widely discussed in medical schools and are generally not available in hospitals or are not in accordance with the standards of the medical community
    The most common forms include : herbal medicine , massage, homeopathy, prayer to God , self-help groups , folk remedies , diets programs , acupuncture, chiropractic , physical exercise , among others . What is conventional in place , it is not necessarily in other
    The increased popularity of alternative complementary medicine reflects changing needs and values ​​in modern society. This includes an increase in chronic diseases , increased access to health information and increase awareness of the right to quality of life
    The rapid increase in the public interest and the use of complementary and alternative therapies is exerting a strong influence in medical education
    Most Brazilian medical schools do not have on his resume a space for discussion of this issue
    The growth of alternative medicine , even though an increasingly present reality in health services , presents great challenges to its institutionalization , such as : reduced number of trained human resources , insufficient funding for most practices , and few institutional spaces for your development services.

    In a paper published in Brazil, comparing utilization of complimentary medicine ,the conclusions were
    Utilization of complementary and alternative medicine was of 8.9% when only those involving costs such as homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropractics, techniques of relaxation/ meditation and massage are considered and of 70.0%, when all therapies found were included. Prevalent were prayers to God (52.0%), popular medicines (30.9%), physical exercises (25.5%), faith healers (15.0%), popular diets (7.1%), massage (4.9%), relaxation/meditation (2.8%), homeopathy (2.4%), and groups of self-help (1.9%), chiropractics (1.7%), acupuncture (1.5%) and orthomolecular medicine (0.2%). Women, Catholic, married of higher income and education were positively associated with utilization of therapies involving expenses.

    Medicina Complementar e Alternativa: utilização pela Comunidade de Montes Claros, Minas Gerais
    João Felicio Rodrigues Neto et al., Universidade Estadual de Montes Claros,
    Rev Assoc Med Bras 2009; 55(3): 296-30
  • Howard King added an answer:
    Medical Student Networking
    Hi there, I just wanted to let you know of a site I have set up called Memorable Medicine. It's a free revision and social networking site for medical students and junior doctors. Here's a link to the internal medicine section: http://www.memorablemedicine.com/course/view.php?id=7

    Please get in touch if you would like to be more involved in its evolution!

    Howard King


    It is extremely difficult to gain access to your website - end up with Japanese writing, but despite translating it does not appear to give access to your website.


  • Eva Hamilton added an answer:
    Are we really drifting towards pre-antibiotic era in view of fast developing antibiotic resistance in pathogens against the current antibiotics?
    Antibiotic resistance among common pathogens is becoming quite frequent these days. Such infections have begun to pose a serious threat to human health. I would like to know the current situation with respect to our preparation to deal with such serious issues of human health.
    Eva Hamilton


  • Yulia A. Strekalova added an answer:
    How does your institution incentivize researchers to write more grants?
    For example, our institution returns a portion of the indirect costs to the investigator to use for various expenses (unfunded research, additional staff salaries, professional memberships, etc). My institution wants to look at different incentive plans.
    Yulia A. Strekalova

    University of Florida, too, automatically returns a portion of indirect costs back to investigators. in addition, some funded retained by the central office are used for internal, competitive seed-funding programs. These programs are invaluable for junior investigator development and team science projects. 

  • Saileswar Goswami added an answer:
    What are the causes of having a feeling of choking or something getting stuck in the throat?

    People occasionally have a feeling of difficulty in swallowing or like something being stuck in the throat. When this happens, it is a matter of seconds? It feels like breath getting stopped until one succeeds in clearing the choking. Recently one of my relatives died because of food having stuck up probably in wind pipe. How can this be explained? People start swallowing right from the birth and continue it till death without having the least clue that this could anytime be fatal. What are the causes and possible remedies?

    Saileswar Goswami

    The functional and most of the organic causes have nicely been covered by others. I want to share two cases from my experience. In the  first case, a mother was feeding her male child of two years with solid foods. The child was reluctant to swallow the bolus of food but her mother was insisting the child to take more food quickly. Ultimately the bolus choked the larynx. The patient was brought to me after five minutes but I could do nothing to save the patient.

    In the second case, a child of three years was playing with stones by the road side. Eventually he introduced one small piece of stone in his mouth and started having respiratory distress. Fortunately for him, he was brought before me within two minutes with deep cyanosis. At that time, I was not equipped with any instrument. I immediately held the patient by his feet with head down position and started slapping over his back strongly and repeatedly to dislodge the foreign body but was unsuccessful. I then introduced my middle finger in his throat, ignoring his biting my finger and was successful in removing the stone from his laryngeal inlet and saving the patient. 

  • Arturo Geigel added an answer:
    Shouldn't we push for a bio-cyber security specialization?
    Since the disclosure made by Jay Radcliffe "Fact and Fiction: Defending your Medical Devices" I have been anxious about this subject matter and lately I have seen proposals of automating anesthesia computer-assisted sedation. This trend will only grow and I would move to analyze this before the first casualties arise. Thoughts anyone?
    Arturo Geigel

    A recent article which bring my original post back to life in my opinion.


    The link to the research paper is in the link above

  • George Stoica added an answer:
    What is the degradation scale in the higher education worldwide?
    In my previous question I suggested using the Research Gate platform to launch large-scale spatio temporal comparative researches.
    The following is the description of one of the problems of pressing importance for humanitarian and educational sectors.
    For the last several decades there has been a gradual loss in quality of education on all its levels . We can observe that our universities are progressively turning into entertaining institutions, where students parties, musical and sport activities are valued higher than studying in a library or working on painstaking calculations.
    In 1998 Vladimir Arnold (1937 – 2010), one of the greatest mathematicians of our times, in his article “Mathematical Innumeracy Scarier Than Inquisition Fires” (newspaper “Izvestia”, Moscow) stated that the power players didn’t need all the people to be able to think and analyze, only “cogs in machines,” serving their interests and business processes. He also wrote that American students didn’t know how to sum up simple fractions. Most of them sum up numerator and denominators of one simple fraction with the ones of the other, i.e. as they did it, 1/2+ 1/3 according to their understand is equal to 2/5 . Vladimir Arnold pointed out that with this kind of education, students can’t think, prove and reason – they are easy to turn into a crowd, to be easily manipulated by cunning politicians because they don’t usually understand causes and effects of political acts. I would add, for myself, that this process is quite understandable and expected because computers, internet and consumer society lifestyle (with its continuous rush for more and newer commodities we are induced to regard as a healthy behavior) have wiped off young people’s skills in elementary logic and eagerness to study hard. And this is exactly what the consumer economics and its bosses, the owners of international businesses and local magnates, need.
    I recall a funny incident that happened in Kharkov (Ukraine). One Biology student was asked what “two squared” was. He answered that it was the number 2 inscribed into a square.
    The level and the scale of education and intellectual decline described can be easily measured with the help of the Research Gate platform. It could be appropriate to test students’ logic abilities, instead of guess-the-answer tests which have taken over all the universities within the framework of Bologna Process which victorious march on the territories of former Soviet states. Many people can remember the fact that Soviet education system was one of the best in the world. I have therefore suggested the following tests:
    1. In a Nikolai Bogdanov-Belsky (1868-1945) painting “Oral accounting at Rachinsky's People's school”(1895) one could see boys in a village school at a mental arithmetic lesson. Their teacher, Sergei Rachinsky (1833-1902), the school headmaster and also a professor at the Moscow University in the 1860s, offered the children the following exercise to do a mental calculation (http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:BogdanovBelsky_UstnySchet.jpg?uselang=ru):
    (10 х 10 + 11 х 11 + 12 х 12 + 13 х 13 + 14 х 14) / 365 = ?
    (there is no provision here on Research Gate to write square of the numbers,thats why I have writen through multiplication of the numbers )
    19th century peasant children with basted shoes (“lapti”) were able to solve such task mentally. This year, in September, this very exercise was given to the senior high school pupils and the first year students of a university with major in Physics and Technology in Kyiv (the capital of Ukraine) and no one could solve it.
    2. Exercise of a famous mathematician Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss (1777–1855): to calculate mentally the sum of the first one hundred positive integers:
    1+2+3+4+…+100 = ?
    3. Albrecht Dürer’s (1471-1528) magic square (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_square)
    The German Renaissance painter was amazed by the mathematical properties of the magic square, which were described in Europe firstly in Spanish (the 1280s) and Italian (14th century) manuscripts. He used the image of the square as a detail for in his Melancholia I painting , which was drawn in 1514, and included the numbers 15 and 14 in his magic square:

    16 3 2 13
    5 10 11 8
    9 6 7 12
    4 15 14 1

    Ask your students to find regularities in this magic square. In case this exercise seems hard, you can offer them Lo Shu (2200 BC) square, a simpler variant of magic square of the third order (minimal non-trivial case):

    4 9 2
    3 5 7
    8 1 6

    4. Summing up of simple fractions.
    According to Vladimir Arnold’s popular articles, in the era of computers and Internet, this test becomes an absolute obstacle for more and more students all over the world. Any exercises of the following type will be appropriate at this part:
    3/7 + 7/3 = ? and 5/6 + 7/15=?
    I think these four tests will be enough. All of them are for logical skills, unlike the tests created under Bologna Process.
    Dear colleagues, professors and teachers,
    You can offer these tasks to the students at your colleges and universities and share the results here, at the Research Gate platform, so that we all can see the landscape of the wretchedness and misery resulted from neoliberal economics and globalization.
    George Stoica

    There are universities with special agendas, very well hidden, and that makes it close to impossible to identify the real quality of their programs. There are universities with constantly very good results, and those should be analyzed and followed. 

  • Nandini Suresh added an answer:
    How to stop Plagiarism? What can be done with the article once identified for Plagiarism?
    A recently published article Medications for Anxiety: A Drug utilization study in Psychiatry outpatients from a Tertiary Care Centre Of Eastern India. SIDDHARTHA GHOSH, Swati Bhattacharyya, Amit Bhattacharya in Journal of Drug Delivery and Therapeutics is almost the copy of the article published in Nepal journal of Epidemiology. Authors forgot to change the place of their hospital in India instead of our hospital in Nepal Still. Manuscript Published. What to do with this type of Methodological rigor?.
    Nandini Suresh

    Plagiarism is a serious research misconduct but there are many types of it, the magnitude of the misconduct may vary from being subtle to severe. Out of the various types of plagiarism, copy pasting, i.e, taking verbatim from other articles without proper citation or absence of quotes  does come under the serious types of plagiarism. Though most authors do it unintentionally, it may have dire repercussions. The journal editors, reviewers should screen for plagiarism before publication.  It is also the duty of authors to check for plagiarism before submitting an article. The universities may have a publication committee which should insist on checking every article for plagiarism check before submission. There are various softwares available which can be purchased by the universities and can motivate ethical writing. The other important point to be considered and the need of the hour is the young researchers have to be educated in this aspect through lectures or workshops. The following article highlights the ways to avoid plagiarism

    ori.hhs.gov/sites/default/files/ plagiarism.pdf

  • Julian Cockbain added an answer:
    Who owns patients' health information?

    According to the Freedom of Information Act, American patients can access their health information upon their request. I wonder if there is a global consensus over this issue? Do other countries have a similar legislation?

    In my country, doctors can refuse to show the patients their own information. They believe and say that the doctor and not the patient owns the patient's information. Is it legal? Is it ethical?

    ps. By "owning the health information" I mean "the right to read, copy, or keep a copy of everything written in the patient's record".

    Julian Cockbain


  • Wise Young added an answer:
    Can mycoplasma infected microglia be used for in-vitro experiment ?

    i'd like to see if  cytokines secreted by activated microglia will be reduced in different medicine concentration . but occasionally ,i found the microglia was contaminated by mycoplasma although its growth and morphology is almost normal .

    do these cells can be used in the experiment ?

    Wise Young

    Unless you are interested in seeing what mycoplasma infected microglia do, don't use such cells for two reasons. First, mycoplasma is very likely to affect the responses of microglia and other cells in the culture.  Second, it will infect other cells In the culture and other cultures in your incubator and facilities.  You should not only discard the cells but discard all cells that have been in the same incubator.  When we had a mycoplasma infection in our facility, we had to throw out all cultures from the incubator.

  • Lars Lafferty added an answer:
    What are some of the current, most innovative public and private wireless medical device test bed programs today, and where are they housed?

    (ex. hospitals, non-hospital settings, homes, universities, etc.) What components and characteristics comprise these test beds? Are there different types of medical device test beds(ex. hardware, software, etc)? Where do these devices operate in the radio frequency? Is there a central repository of test results/data that the medical community and other stakeholders can access? What types of medical devices and innovations are being tested? How are tests and simulations being conducted in these settings? What testing standards, if any, are being applied for current wireless medical device test beds? Who are the primary users of wireless medical device test beds (researchers, doctors, innovators, entrepreneurs) and what knowledge can be gleaned from them?

    Lars Lafferty

    Mr. Don Kaiser,

            Thank you for providing me with another excellent and credible source, pertaining to the Health Level Seven International, a level of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) seven-layer communications model for Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) - the application level. Have you, or do you currently engage with the HL7? Would be thrilled to discuss with you in further detail, at your earliest convenience. Hope the you are having and continue to have a wonderful day. Looking forward to hearing from and speaking with you in further detail. Thanks.


    Lars Lafferty

  • Jacob Simons added an answer:
    Are there any objective parameters to follow up a "detox therapy"
    Can a detox therapy be monitored by means of sound medicine?
    Jacob Simons

    I too am interested. Have you found any useful information? It would have to be looking at the metabolites of the many chemicals being broken down in the liver. Loss of adipose tissue would actually increase levels of toxins, in the short term.

  • Samad Esmaeilzadeh added an answer:
    Who is interested in collaborating on how “Buerger’s Disease” and “Raynaud’s phenomenon” can be treated completely in just days?

    I have found how “Buerger’s Disease” or “Raynaud’s phenomenon” can be treated, just at some days completely and forever, and I think that this discovery (because of the remedy’s anti vasospasm effects) can be one of the most important discoveries in the science of medicine and numerous patients who suffer from diseases which are related to vasospasm will be able to find their healthy life again. But there are some problems for patenting the discovery, and I need supporters, collaboration or guidance of some professionals in the field. Who is interested in collaborating me for patenting it in scientific ways?
    Samad Esmaeilzadeh

    Samad Esmaeilzadeh


  • Aamir A. Hamza added an answer:
    Do you agree there is a decline in the ethical values in the field of medicine?If so what are the contributing factors?

    Ethics is an important element in the field of medicine, and it is astonishing to note that is a constant decline over the period of years, it is a must to address this issue to preserve the field from further deterioration. 

    Aamir A. Hamza

    What you are addressing in your question, is it the:

    1. Moral values of ethics (Probity, Honesty, Integrity, Truth telling, Alturism, etc.)
    2. Principle of ethics (Beneficence, Nonmaleficence, Autonomy and Justice)
    3. communication?
    4. Behavior?
    5. Medical professionalism in general?  
  • Jerry Goddard added an answer:
    Which is the best wound dressing for a pressure ulcer of type III or IV?

    There are many available technologies for a wound with a high level of drainage.

    Which type do you think is the best one?

    (Ag, TLC, polymer, ... ?)

    It is necessary to emphasize that we are interested for treatment after a month from the surgery cleaning of the wound.

    Jerry Goddard

    Great resource for your question


  • Judocus Borm added an answer:
    Do Radiology residents require personal dosimeters in present scenarios?
    Personal dosimeters (viz. TLD) are used for monitoring radiation exposure. As in the current Radiology curriculum, residents hardly work in an environment where radiation monitoring would be required (except DSA), what is the current guideline for personal dose monitoring?
    Judocus Borm

    Mandatory  in The Netherlands. This is based on national law implementing Euratom guidelines. All countries under the Euratom treaty [most european countries] had to turn this requirement into national law long ago.

    A few years back one major radiotherapy institution requested the government for permission to stop registering doses for workers involved in external beam radiotherapy. To my knowledge, the use of TLD-badges has not been disconinued in The Netherlands.

    For Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, for workers, whenever there exists a conceivable risk of exposure above and beyond 1 mSv/year, TLD-badges are mandatory.

    Because of the increasing use of PET/CT camera's and the problems with potential very high [Gray's] doses to the extrimities when using 18F-FDG, it is extremily unlikely that this practice will be abandoned.

    In the past few years the Dutch government has tightened the rules also for dentists, ensuring that both the dentists and the equipment used conforms to the letter of the law.

    In response to your question, I have question in return: don't your residents also  train for interventional procedures ?  If simple procedures such as biopsy under CT guidance are performed, dose monitoring becomes important.

  • Andrei Gonzales I. added an answer:
    Are you familiar with the notion of complementary and alternative medicine more than conventional primary care?
    Conventional medicine prides itself on being science-based, and shuns alternative medicine for being "unproven," however, many of the non-communicable diseases have been taken care of successfully by alternative medicine. Conventional medicine is still behind and it will send your health into a downward spiral.
    Andrei Gonzales I.

    Thanks Dr. Partha Pratim Dhar, yes I tried to mean that a lot of traditional knowledge are inside of alternative medicine, so they are a lot of applications like Dr Partha mentioned; they are very useful, the problem is that a lot of people dont like this type of medicine because they are not proved scientifically, how ever they are a lot of new publications that are proving this facts, we scientists must try to help in this topics.
    I am aware that in many cases the knowledge of alternative medicine have been misrepresented, used only for trade and deceit and also for illegal things. It is a difficult task trying to keep the original knowledge that many cultures that left, most of this knowledge is dying with their carriers ancestors who had 80-100 years old.
    At this point I dare say that it is possible to mention that many people when they hear about alternative medicine only comes to their minds facts unconvincing, because the most part of the information is already infected, to the point that people believe in such superstitions.

    Another reason why many of knowledge of alternative medicine is not demonstrated is by the difficulty you have when making experiments or controlling the confounding factors in the observations.

    Then the task is to separate objectively all knowledge that show significant solutions and their real applications, but often involves taking a multivariate analysis and even a lot of protocols sustain that the essence of the expression of the fact it is on non physical (touchable) variables (subjective) and non counting this facts could affect the experiment (or observation) (For example the problem with the Masaru Emoto experiments ). To the other hand we must to correct the distorted knowledge.

    There are already people working on this topic, even objectively trying to improve the reputation of alternative medicine.

    A strong example in the application of alternative medicine is the effect of the moon on living organisms through its gravitational field, as this example there are others.

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