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Media Art

  • Indranil Chakravarty added an answer:
    Are there any institutions concerned with the "arts ecosystem"?

    By "arts ecosystem" I mean the different entities (artists, audience, schools, galleries, r&d, etc.) and their relationships, so that a balance and mutual interests and benefits are attained. I would like to find any studies regarding such systems or institutions involved in them.

    Indranil Chakravarty

    The discipline of Cultural Studies intends to do precisely this, dealing not just with 'art' but with 'culture' in general and increasingly, the domain of culture (in an anthropological sense) is being perceived as all-pervasive. Cultural Studies departments exist within many universities but most of them have their specific interests. The earliest dedicated institute for this discipline is:

  • Sofian Audry added an answer:
    Are there any records of media art installations that use reinforcement learning?

    I am working on a research on adaptive systems in art practice and would like to know of any media art installations or other forms of artworks (apart from music) that make use of reinforcement learning. The only examples I have been able to find thus far are works that I have authored or co-authored.

    Sofian Audry · Concordia University Montreal

    Merci Stephane, quite an interesting project. What was the RL algo used exactly? Did you publish a paper that describes the approach?

  • Stefan Schmidl added an answer:
    Is there any ongoing research on film composer Jerry Goldsmith?

    Mauricio Dupuis´ "Jerry Goldsmith - Music Scoring for American Movies" (2014) was greeted for being the first monograph on this particular subject, but provided rather basic informations. So are there attempts to conduct more in-depth research on Jerry Goldsmith and American film music in the 1970s and 1980s?

    Stefan Schmidl · Austrian Academy of Sciences

    Dear Karl,

    thanks a lot for this bibliography - yes, I know these entries (to which Darby´s and Du Bois´ excellent chapter on Goldsmith in their book "American Film Music" could be added). But none the less it seems that there is no monographic survey on Goldsmith, that allows wide-ranging insight in his scores like Cameron N. Patrick did in his dissertation of Goldsmith´s "Star Trek" in an exemplary way (

    However, your own interest, Hollywood´s adoption of Viennese Fin de siècle, must be considered a crucial subject of media studies. For that matter there was published a study on Max Steiner three years ago (unfortunately only in German language): Peter Wegele´s "Der Filmkomponist Max Steiner" (Böhlau 2012) which covers some aspects of this aesthetic transfer.

    Thanks again and best regards from Vienna,


  • Raj Kumar Mazinder added an answer:
    Do new media experiments in visual art produce more impact towards larger number of audiences?
    New media experiments as installation and performances with support of audio and video.
    Raj Kumar Mazinder · Assam University

    Hello Scott

    Thanks for your thought provoking and analytical insights.

    Best Raj Kumar Mazinder

  • Jt Velikovsky added an answer:
    Transmedia Research Zurich October 2013 - looking for partners/ experts
    Research Project Zurich October 2013 - Looking for partners and advice
    CAST/ Audiovisual Media at the Zurich University of the Arts currently develops a research project in the field of transmedia storytelling. We would like to analyze the levels and forms of audience participation around the Swiss transmedia and ARG project "Die Polder" (October 2013, Zurich) we observe and monitor the project and look how transmedia stories can activate and engage the audience. We are looking for partners to cooperate. You have experience in transmedia research and/or have knowledge in new transmedia audience measurement methods. We would be also thankful for references and examples of transmedia evaluation and research.
    Jt Velikovsky
    Hi Martin,
    just FYI, the book is also out now. (8 pounds, but should soon also be free, on EBSCO)
  • Paul M.W. Hackett added an answer:
    Which fields of visual communication art or visual art have a direct impact on contemporary art?
    In which areas of contemporary art can we see the power of visual communication more than in others?
    Paul M.W. Hackett · Emerson College
    I am not sure I understand your question Elaheh. My initial response is that visual communication is more present in visual contemporary art, but I think you may be looking for a different answer?
  • Henna Saeed added an answer:
    What are distinctive features of media art in relationship to contemporary art?
    Media Art and Contemporary Art? Or Media Art in Contemporary Art?
    Henna Saeed · University of the Punjab
    Media art and contemporary art fall under the same umbrella so it really doesn't matter if you address it as two components or interrelated units. Its the purpose of the research and how you address their connection that will make the approach distinctive.
  • Elizabeth Ata added an answer:
    What role does computer technology have in secondary visual arts programs and how should it be integrated?
    In what year should students be introduced to Adobe creative suite (i.e. Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign)?

    Should it be taught separately or combined with traditional methodologies?
    Elizabeth Ata · St. Francis Medical Center, Lynwood
    I believe that given a well-defined focus using computer technology it can be a parallel to open creativity.

    Opening up the idea that everything we come in contact with starts with art as the work of either an engineer or artist.

    In teaching 8th graders I used one class to illustrate and define the role of the original artist and ancillary tools to promote them. Class of 42 was broken into 3 groups, with 3 students asked to develop a product - it could be art, it could be a practical item, or a service. The 3 groups were then given guidelines on how to be an ad agency - then they had to define their team by assigning a team leader, fabricators, line artist, etc. They used computer software to make proposals for all 3 products. They incorporated original painting, drawing, or 3-d elements as part of the promotion. Each "owner" of a product was given a proposal demonstration by each group. In the end each person identified the agency they wanted to use. It was wonderful and very hands-on.
  • David Santos added an answer:
    You think that Bioart (and artists like Eduardo Kac, SymbitoticA, CAE, among others) are what can be called as Tactical Media artist?
    Tactical media as political engagement
    David Santos · Instituto Politécnico de Leiria
    Dear Roger

    I know very well the work of Betariz da Costa and Kavita Phillips. The idea that features of the concept of "hard humanities", seems to me a very interesting one, and perhaps I would like to exploring more (since it's part of my research universe).

    This ideia (hard humanities) has been explored in some specific bibliography?

    Best regards

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