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Market Research

  • Valentina Della Corte added an answer:
    Which papers on innovation competence can you recommend?

    Dear all, we are looking for a broad collection on innovation competence and its measures. Can you help by sending paper suggestions? best regards, Doreen

    Valentina Della Corte · University of Naples Federico II

    I would suggest all the works bt Chesbrough and Von Hippel.

  • Juehui Shi added an answer:
    Question for someone who used AIDS model. Which software did you use for computation of the AIDS model?

    I compute AIDS model in SAS, but I am not satisfied with the results.

    Juehui Shi · University at Buffalo, The State University of New York

    The research objective is more important than modeling. And I believe that model should follow data not the other way around.

  • Danish Iqbal added an answer:
    How to treat with Multicollinearity in Market Mix Modelling(MMM)?

    Dear freinds,

    I am doing MMM on the time series data, my dependent variable is sales and  independent variables are investemt on different format of Ads(Like Functional, thematic, promotional etc.). Here is finding high correlation(.58) between these format of Ads.

    All my independent variable are important, please suggest how I take these variables into the model or how to tackle multicollinearity.

    Thanks in Advance. 

    Danish Iqbal · Madras School of Economics

    Dear Juehui, Paul & Nawaz,

    Thank you so much for detail on avaluating the Multicollinearity.

    Now if the multicolliearity exist the data then how can I reduce it without droping any IVs.

    What are the remedial measures to reduce multicollinearity.

    Is Ridge Regression can useful on this ?

    Thank you so much once again :)


  • Ankur Srivastava added an answer:
    What are scholars studying in the area of global branding?
    In the context of emerging markets.
    Ankur Srivastava · ICFAI Business School

    i just got my dissertation title approved:

    i am looking at the factors influencing the global brand purchase likelihood , in the presence of a local brand

  • Haitham Hmoud Alshibly added an answer:
    How can I measure the OCR (Online Consumer Review)?

    I want to take OCR (Online Consumer Reviews), as an independent variable and to measure its influence on PI (Purchase Intention), in my research project. I can't find any questionnaire of OCR yet.

    If anyone who has done work in this area, please kindly help me.

    Haitham Hmoud Alshibly · Al-Balqa' Applied University

    free simulation experiment 

    A Free Simulation Experiment To Examine The Effects Of Social Commerce Website Quality And Customer Psychological Empowerment On Customers Satisfaction 

  • Hengky S H added an answer:
    Is there a useful method to measure the contribution of mix marketing elements on tourist destination choice making?

    I would like to find some similar studies, about this topic.

    Hengky S H · Universiti Utara Malaysia

    May be the match with you research outcome (attached)

  • Sunny Bose added an answer:
    Can anybody recommend some papers and analytical materials about the Branch Appiarance influence on the client's loyalty and bank profit?

    Can anybody recommend some papers and analytical materials, marketing research results about the Branch Appiarance influence (interior and exterior of branch bank) on the client's loyalty and the bank profit? I know about the Branch Appiarance impact on  loyalty and profit, but I can't find any research materials with  with figures (% or values). Can you give me information about this? Thank you

    Sunny Bose · IBS India

    I have done a similar kind of work in the Indian context.

    Bose, S and Gupta, N (2013), Customer perceptions of services based on the SERVQUAL dimensions: A study of Indian commercial banks, Services Mareting Quarterly, 34(1), 49-66

  • Tamara Jovanov Marjanova added an answer:
    How to analyze the competitive competitive environment intensity for 787 dreamliners?

    How do i use PEST analysis and Porter 5 forces analysis to analyse the competitive environment  for 787 dreamliner?

    Tamara Jovanov Marjanova · Goce Delcev University of Štip

    For the analysis of problems in business, there are several models that have been successfully used in determining the extent of the impact of the factors analyzed for a certain phenomenon. One of the frequently used in cases of high degree of uncertainty in the analysis, is the rule of thumb (If <a number of conditions are met> then < a number of activities can be performed >.).
    In order to make a successful analysis based on Porter’s 5 forces model, it is necessary previously to determine the factors that contribute to the end result - whether and to what extent they affect the profitability of the industry. These factors are actually the five forces, which are further divided into their sub factors of influence, and these are the element of analysis in order to obtain information that will formulate a strategy for the business plan. One way to determine the weight of each of the factors provided is that each of the sub factors have more or less the same degree of influence and if each of the sub factors are assessed with "high" (3), "medium" (2) or "small" (1) impact on increasing rivalry and decrease of the attractiveness, then subsequently the conclusion for the impact of each factor can be assessed as "high", "medium" or "small" according to the average of the estimates of the sub factors. With the same algorithm it can be determined which sub factors can be involved in assessing the impact of each of the factors.

    Example of the calculation of the influence of the 5 forces on industry attractiveness: ∑rates of sub-factros÷number of sub-factors=rate of the force, i.e. Rivalry among existing competitors.

  • Klaus Solberg Søilen added an answer:
    Corporate marketing departments new mission: provide 'corporate intelligence services'.
    What are the 'forces' causing corporate marketing departments to reorganize themselves to become more of a corporate intelligence service? Are you aware of any that have made such a transition? What does their new model look like?
    Klaus Solberg Søilen · Halmstad University

    Hi Rich, there are many examples, see ex. 

    Solberg Søilen, K. (2010). Management Implementation of Business Intelligence Systems/Gestion de la implementacion de sistemas de intelligencia de negocios. Inteligencia y seguridad, No. 9, December 2010- May 2011, pp. 46-67.

  • Maryann P DiEdwardo added an answer:
    Information on status of applied media research in country?

    -what is the focus of academic media research in uganda; how is this connected to academic progress and interest or media practice interests

    - what challenges to academics encounter in their research?

    -known market research in your country? who funds, sponsors them? any associated challenges

    - what are the gaps in research

    - what is the potential of media research in your country?

    recommend readings if any.

    Maryann P DiEdwardo · Lehigh University

    In my resent research in the area of metacognition (published in an Ebook called Adjunct Life by me, Maryann DiEdwardo, I talk about how students need to think about thinking. If you search databases in area of research on metacognition, there is evidence of lack of ability to think in areas of Africa due to cultural issues. These are only a part of strife and results of other issues that we all face such as neurological damage to children who are exposed to violence. 

  • John Ireland added an answer:
    How do I perform a conjoint analysis for agriculture input services delivery?

    Conjoint analysis is being widely used in market research.

    In regard to the agriculture service delivery sector where limited work has been attempted, can you please provide any methodology or questionnaires on how to perform it?


    John Ireland · Canadian University of Dubai

    Dear Subhash:

    Your questions are far too broad to answer. You need to do some reading on conjoint analysis to prepare yourself to ask good questions. Read Understanding Conjoint Analysis in 15 Minutes by sawtooth software then you will know the questions to ask.

    Good Luck

  • Sheri Williamson added an answer:
    Has anyone used an online platform for focus groups?
    Can anyone recommend software/web service for conducting an online (asynchronous) focus group as part of a research study?
    Sheri Williamson · University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

    Thank you all for sharing your experiences. This was incredibly helpful. I had been considering online focus groups for a study I'm organizing this fall and this information has been encouraging regarding use of media such as Facebook!

  • What would be an appropriate example of extreme users (consumers)?
    Marketing research perspective; small group of distinctive users?
    Munteanu Claudiu-Cătălin · Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies

    Determining who is an extreme user starts with considering what aspect of your design challenge you want to explore to an extreme. List a number of facets to explore within your design space. Then think of people who may be extreme in those facets.

    For example, if you are redesigning the grocery store shopping experience you might consider the following aspects: how groceries are gathered, how payment is made, how purchase choices are made, how people get their groceries home, etc. Then to consider the aspect of gathering groceries, for example, you might talk to professional shoppers, someone who uses a shopping cart to gather recyclables (and thus overloads the cart), product pullers for online buyers, people who bring their kids shopping with them, or someone who doesn’t go to grocery stores.

    Look for work-arounds (or other extreme behaviors) that can serve as inspiration and uncover insights.

  • Rauf I Azam added an answer:
    What is Brand Love and does it really exist?
    In marketing literature the term Brand Love is used quite consistently but recent events, for example the fall of BlackBerry from glory, indicate that there is nothing like Brand Love. The only important thing is the customer satisfaction and the customer will, without any hesitation, dump a product as soon as it looses its charm and fails to satisfy the customer expectations. What is your take on it?
    Rauf I Azam · PMAS - Arid Agriculture University

    Thank you Deepak Shah

  • Deepak Shah added an answer:
    What the imprtance of marketing research for launching a new product in the market ?
    When company need to launch a new product or service, what is the importance of marketing research?
    Deepak Shah · Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics

    Market research is the most crucial aspect before launching any product. A company which launches any new product must do market survey to know the preference of consumers, their price affordability, quality requirement, etc. Further, it is also important to know as to who are your potential customers and where they are located. Are you addressing low income groups or high income? Market research is also important to know about the competitors of your product and the strategies followed by them. Almost, all the companies now have market research cell, which takes care of all these aspects before launching any new product in the market. 

  • Zaur Abdullazade added an answer:
    In what area does consumer behavior require further research at present, or past research which requires a further in depth research and analysis?
    Uk being the market under consideration as the research population.
    Zaur Abdullazade · The University of Calgary

    There are some spots which have not been thoroughly researched in a modern microeconomics. Do your literature search and locate articles and papers related to the violation of transitivity axiom for measuring consumer preference relations.
    I could spot the following moments to question transitivity axiom:
    1) preference relations in the environment of group decision making;
    2) the need for revision of attributable (qualitative, not cardinal) properties assigned to elements of bundle sets;
    3) addictive behavior, i.e. increasing degree of the preference that reverses transitive relations among elements of bundle sets.

  • Jt Velikovsky added an answer:
    How can a consensus effect be measured? How do social media marketeers detect consensus?
    Considering the opinion about a product or a political topic as a categorical variable. How can an experiment be designed without fancy budgeting.

    I read a news story (based on a peer-reviewed scientific academic paper in Opinion Dynamics) that in showed when 40% of people have an opinion it becomes the prevailing opinion.

    But - sorry I cant find the article now. I wish I could!

    But maybe look into studies on `Opinion Dynamics'?



    (I study movies as memes:

  • Abbas Salehi added an answer:
    What is the best way to measure the market (market research) in the Middle East, especially Iran?

    Marketing for food and organic product

    Abbas Salehi · Isfahan University of Technology

    Thank you.
    Your information was useful.
    Our work is product safe and organic agricultural such as vegetables and fruits.our community aim is big cities in Iran, such as Tehran, Isfahan, Tabriz, Mashhad and Shiraz. Considering Industrial of this cities access to healthy vegetables is low.

    The industries of the city is low access to healthy vegetables. On the other hand, the use of these products is important for good health throughout life. However, because of the excessive use of fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides, the production cost per unit goes up. Because the rate of production compared to the use of fertilizers and herbicides reduced. Now the question is whether, according to the specification (providing healthcare and higher prices), the people of this city are interested in buying these products. Can this be (due to the sale and consumption) is affordable?
    The average income in the Iran is not high, especially after the policy targeted subsidies and rising fuel prices, the value be less. So people more try to buy cheaper food and the long-term healthy effects are little importance.
    Sometimes they do not have the ability to pay for it. Inflation has been a dramatic increase in the last three years, resulting in reduced purchasing power.
    That is why we need the information needed to be careful from the potential target population.

  • Maria Petrescu added an answer:
    Did you use single-item measures in your SEM models? How did it work out?

    I am interested in seeing opinions about the use of single-items in practice and the results you got. Do you use single-item categorical variables in SEM?

    Maria Petrescu · Nova Southeastern University

    Thank you all very much. 

  • Rojan Baniya added an answer:
    Should there be improvised brand health measurment metrics for finacial services and insurance categories with low involvement and familiarity?

    Brand health measurement for categories like FMCG, durables and telecom services have a standard pattern of metrics considering higher involvement of customers. But in categories like general insurance and some financial services the familiarity and involvement level are rather low. There seems to be a need for improvised new metrics and pattern for measuring brand health in such sectors. What are your thoughts?

    Rojan Baniya · Kathmandu University School of Management

    Brand Asset Valuator is one of the metrics, I used to use a lot for all sorts of industries. The way it works is it compare brand value across four main pillars, energized differentiation, esteem, knowledge and regards. The reason this might be good one is because while deriving the brand health or value, we take into consideration all types of brands to compare with, right from FMCG to branking to insurance. All types were used, so this might be a good metric. 

  • Bob van Limburg added an answer:
    Can hierarchical clustering technique be used for categorical data (data on nominal scale)?
    I want to group green consumers in different clusters on the basis of their demographic and psychological variables. So, can I use hierarchical techniques for the same? If not then which will be the best technique for profiling of consumers on the basis of demographic and psychological variables.
    Bob van Limburg · Northern Hogeschool Leeuwarden

    Better use two step cluster.

  • Gordon Mulligan added an answer:
    What technique(s) of analysis can best be used to analyse the relationship between listing/asking price and sales price?
    I am particularly interested in knowing the causal relationship; that is, the prediction power of listing/asking price on sales price.
    Gordon Mulligan · The University of Arizona

    in a 2002 hedonic paper in Urban Geography we look at the determinants of the differences between selling price and lsi price in Tucson, AZ

  • What are the best measures of `Willingness to Adopt` and/or `Consumer Innovativeness` for use with electronic devices?
    In addition to the above question, has anyone looked at the relationship between the two in any context and is there a preference for using one over the other when looking for a general idea of adoption behavior?
    Mohamed Ismail Mohideen Bawa · South Eastern University of Sri Lanka

    Better to refer the following models

    TAM- Technology Adoption Model

    AIDA model

    DAGMAR model

    Other consumer behaviour models

  • Paul Barretta added an answer:
    Is the Universal use of the Likert scale in evaluating responses sufficient when working with evaluative statements in a questionnaire?

    Likerts scale is a 5 point scale which evaluates responses better than a dicotomous (Yes / No) answer. These two responses are affected by external locus of control (ELOC) to the decision formulated from the total outcomes of analysing a questionnaire.

    UNDECIDED - Particpants on two occassions say this, when

    1. They do not want to get into problems,  by answering this
    2. They do not really know the answer/

    NOT APPLICABLE - Particpants say this, when they are not within the ambit of exposure or expeience to a particular question.

    We are attempting to evolve a new scale covering all the aspects and removing the impact of ELOC which otherwise would camouflage the right outcome of a study.

    Paul Barretta · St. Bonaventure University

    I am very familiar with the issue of odd vs. even (midpoint or no midpoint).  I invite interested parties to read two articles:

    Guy, Rebecca F. and Melissa Norvell (1977), "The Neutral Point on a Likert Scale," Journal of Psychology, 95, 199-204.

    McCroskey, James C. (1967), "Attitude Intensity and the Neutral Point on Semantic Differential Scales," Psychiatric Quarterly, 642-45.

    My personal opinion, supported by these articles and others, is that we use questionnaires to measure perceptions; we analyze that data through variance.  Complete neutrality is highly unlikely.  By eliminating a neutral point, we require respondents to report variance.  Also, I read a very interesting study in which respondents had to report from three reasons (didn't know / no opinion / didn't wish to answer) WHY they chose a neutral point when they did.  Through factor analysis it became clear there were no clear reasons for the choice... it became unexplained variance.  I wish I could find that particular reference, but I can't now.  By the way... I took three full days investigating this during my dissertation proposal stage... by the end of the three full days, the stats specialist on my committee agreed with me that not having a neutral point was preferred.  This same well respected statistician personally did studies where he found that 2- point and 5-point scales provided nearly equal amounts of explained variance in a number of different data collection efforts.

  • Anteneh Ayanso added an answer:
    How do I find online research sites where I can learn exactly what U.S. consumers are buying online and how much they are spending?
    I am writing a paper on current U.S. consumer online purchase and spending behavior. I have found general information about online sales by category but not by product.

    For example, the U.S. Census Bureau has some good information on spending by broad category.

    However, I need to drill deep down into the categories and learn what consumers are actually purchasing and how much they are spending.
    Anteneh Ayanso · Brock University
    Check this out too
  • Augusto Esteves added an answer:
    Is hype on wearables justifiable?
    I think hype on wearables is over done and it wants be as simple as smartphones. Also, people don't like to wear extra devices and usability of these devices across applications is still miles away. For example, there are fitness wearables and health wearable but there isn't a device which has multiple purposes and cross platform comparability.

    Also, these devices require one to create lot of usability in order to increase consumer adoption.
    The concept of wearables should not be understood as more devices to carry and manage, but as technology that can live and augment the simplest of objects you already carry in your day to day life (e.g. rings, keychains, glasses, watches, piercings).

    The bigger and more interesting question is can these simple objects interface with technology.
  • Soma Sinha Roy added an answer:
    How "neuro" is neuromarketing?
    I am interested in real-world application of neuroscientific research and stumbled across neuromarketing-companies. Nearly all of them use images of brains but further reading showed that the most common methods used are questionnaires, interviews or video analyses. I read that there are some applying eye-tracking or EEG, but those are very rare.

    What do you think? Although the term became very popular, I assume that there are neither neuroscientists or related researchers working in this field, nor that their work differs much from common marketing research.
    Soma Sinha Roy · IIT Kharagpur
    Going by the Brand Resonance model, neuro marketing is a combination of cognitive and conative aspect of human decision- making process. Being exposed to a brand in a particular product category, the mind first analyses the salient features of the brand/product; thus initiating to establish brand image depending upon its performance. This has a double-folded impact in developing feelings and judgments for the brand. These cognitive and emotional responses result in accumulated positive feelings which are translated into loyalty. Now the extent of involvement will determine how much to judge a brand rationally or emotionally (considering the Elaboration Likelihood Model). Thus Neuromarketing is cent per cent NEURO.
  • Sadagopan Parthasarathy added an answer:
    If a Likert Scale question has answers with a mean of 3.95 and the standard deviation is 1.214, then is it acceptable for marketing research?
    I have 15 questions in a survey of pilot study with all questions having answers on 5-point Likert scale. I ran descriptive statistics on those 15 questions and got the mean and std. deviation for them. The highest deviation came out to be 1.214 for 15th question whose mean is 3.95. Is it acceptable for marketing research? What should I do with the question? Should I remove it?
    Sadagopan Parthasarathy · P.R.INSTITUTE, PUNE
    In my opinion, your sample size is linked to your main objective and sub-objectives through your questionnaire/s. If you are using cluster sampling or stratified sampling or judgement sampling, the percentage of samples allotted to each cluster needs to be determined carefully. There is no thumb rule for sample size but the investigator must judge the size by verifying whether the representation of the universe is adequate and meaningful with reference to objectives of the research.
  • Rahul Pratap Singh Kaurav added an answer:
    Can anyone suggest a good (recent) article on Marketing Orientation Determinants (Antecedents)?
    I am interested in determinants (antecedents) of Marketing Orientation - conditions under which Marketing Orientation could be developed...
    Rahul Pratap Singh Kaurav · Prestige Institute Of Management
    I have recently published 2 paper on above said theme. You download them from my profile of

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