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  • Peter Bowbrick added an answer:
    Can anyone explain the relationship between consumer service quality perceptions and appraisal? Are these two the same or different?

    The literature does not provide any disconnect between the two where some researchers such Parasuraman et al (1984-993) have called the service quality perceptions as consumer appraisal in the aftermath of service failure.

    Peter Bowbrick

    What is quality? is a complex issue, but examining this complexity is immensely valuable for practical marketing - see my The Economics of Quality, Grades and Brands

    'Appraisal' I think of as being what a functionary, a bureaucrat in government or in a big company does. They impose their prejudices of what people ought to want onto the market, in product design or market grades. This can seriously damage markets - see my Peter Bowbrick, ‘From Economic Research to Policy in 32 Years’, Eurochoices (2012) EuroChoices 11(3) p 44. on how such regulations cost consumers £10 billion a year on fruit and vegetables, and how and why the bureaucrats fought tooth and nail to prevent reform.

    An appraisal system uses what we call 'inspector quality' - using objective charactistics not subjective attributes, and using easily measured characteristics rather than important ones. 'Inspector Quality' frequently has no overlap with what consumers want, but it is easy to measure, and keeps inspectors in a job. (An important concept in quality control, TQM etc).

    Rather than generalize, try pinning down what exactly 'appraisal' is used to mean in your particular industry. You can then do a rigorous and useful examination. It is possible that once there have been rigorous and useful examinations of different industries you  will be able to generalize (i.e. in several years time). I suspect that the term is so elastic, used in so many different ways, that no generalization is possible. And that, like most such generalizations, it is not useful in practice.

  • Khandoker Mahmudur Rahman added an answer:
    Does anybody have some information about the marketing of transparent ceramics in the world?

    I want to know about the marketing of transparent ceramics in recent years and in various countries. Does anybody have some information about the marketing of transparent ceramics?

    Khandoker Mahmudur Rahman

    If you have LinkedIn account, you can request the latest market report on this product, here is the link

  • ANDI NUR BAU MASSEPE added an answer:
    How do I identify consumer intentions from on-site clickstream data from transaction-based websites?

    Hey fellow researchers!

    I am looking for publications from the domain of artificial intelligence, operations research, marketing research, consumer research that explore and validate methodologies to identify or predict behavioral intent from measuring and analyzing clickstream data.

    We are currently working in the space by applying sequential pattern mining but are very welcome to alternative suggestions.

    Thank you for your ideas!



    how about technology acceptance model?

  • Shadeeda Gall added an answer:
    How can I get white papers to research on Marketing Mix, Strategies and Consumer Behaviour?

    Hi, I wonder if you might be able to help me.  I am doing a marketing assignment on Purchase of a Home Internet Plan, I am seeking whitepapers, articles to assist with the essay writing.  Shadeeda

    Shadeeda Gall

    Thank you Rodoula, much appreciated. Shadeeda.

  • Aliza Racelis added an answer:
    Can USA improve its exporters' competitiveness on the global market if it adopted Value-Added Tax as a border asjustable tax?
    Should the USA impose VAT taxes on the foreigners' imports and levied it on the American exporters?
    Aliza Racelis

    Sorry, this may be the better (UPDATED) link:

  • Parneet Kaur added an answer:
    Where can I find the list of companies comprising the NYSE 100 index ?

    I need to know the top 100 companies (as per market capitalization ) listed on NYSE and NASDAQ.

    Parneet Kaur

    Thank you for your answers. 

  • Nigel Hardiman added an answer:
    Can someone help in determining the dimensions of the destination image?

    I want to know what are the optimum dimensions for study of the destination image Especially as it related to the study of marketing communications and loyalty to the tourist destination

    Nigel Hardiman

    A good article to check is:

    Balakrishnan, M/S. (2009). Strategic branding of destinations: a framework. European Journal of Marketing, 43 (5/6), 611-629. DOI 10.1108/03090560910946954

  • Mario Burghausen added an answer:
    How can we identify propaganda and publicity in Public Relations?

    The question in other words is that even having clear cut academic definitions of Advertising, Propaganda ,Marketing , and Persuasion, it is very hard to differentiate them from Public Relations practices.Any tips?

  • Alex Eckert added an answer:
    Any suggestions for scales to measure the positive electronic word of mouth (e-WOM) ?

    (in Marketing)

    Alex Eckert

    ok, thanks !

    I also found: CHU, S. C.; KIM, Y. Determinants of consumer engagement in electronic word-of-mouth (e-WOM) in social networking sites. International Journal of Advertising, v. 30, n. 1, p. 47-75, 2011.

  • Balachandar Kaliappan added an answer:
    What are the new areas for research in marketing apart from neuromarketing methods?

    We normally know the traditional marketing research methods and till neuromarketing methods. Is there any new area of research is emerging in marketing research?

    Balachandar Kaliappan

    Dear Prof. Rahul Pratap, I will take a note of it. 

  • Izzudin Busnaina added an answer:
    Is there any literature on consumer attitudes, sponsorship and/or brand image in relation to sport and music events viewed online?

    I will examine the impact of event sponsorship on brand image within the context of sporting and music events. I am particularly interested in events watched online vs via traditional media. Some events that come to mind are NFL or NBA online, or the Voice Online. Any other music or sport events that come to mind please let me know, Thanks so much.

    Izzudin Busnaina

    Music and Consumer Behaviour: To Play or Not To Play

  • Cilem Aydinlik added an answer:
    Can someone help with audit quality measure in Turkey?

    I am going to measure Audit Quality, I can not get data regarding audit fees in Turkey, then please let me know what is other relevant measure for Audit quality rather than Audit fees and brand name in turkey?

    Cilem Aydinlik

    You might be interested in the attached article. Regards.

  • Djamchid Assadi added an answer:
    Can anyone suggest literature on the future of sales and distribution of non-consumable goods in 2030?
    I am looking for information on digital and physical distribution in the future (2030).
    Djamchid Assadi

    Dear Helmut, consider

    Internet of things and

    Digital customer experience

  • Ariel Linden added an answer:
    What is the best type of model for determining the effect of weekend advertising on Monday sales?

    I have daily TV advertising, sales data, and website visitor data for a product and would like to estimate the effect (drag) of weekend advertising on Monday sales. The hypothesis is that consumers view the commercials on TV during the weekend and then wait until Monday (when they are bored at work, on their computers) in order to go online and purchase the product. I have 2+ years worth of data. There is obviously seasonality throughout the year and seasonality throughout the week. Using a simple lag-model is not sufficient because it will seek to estimate sales at time "t" based on spend from t, t-1, t-2, etc. In my case, I am concerned with the lag effect for every time t, but moreso for the effect of Sunday and Saturday spend on Monday sales. I am not so much concerned with the effect of Wednesday and Thursday spend on Friday spend. What type of model will allow me to include a term specific to the effect of Sunday and Saturday spend on Monday orders? 

    Ariel Linden

    Fantastic! Good luck!


  • Imran Bashir Dar added an answer:
    I am having trouble with making model for my qualitative descriptive study on brand equity in Nvivo. Can anybody help in this regard?

    I am successful in developing tree maps, word frequency maps, cluster analysis map but i am not having mind clarity in terms of how to make a model in Nvivo. Some of the researchers' whom i consulted are of the view that one can make a self generated model or it is not must and some say that its a must.

    Dear Research Gate community !

    Do help me in this regard so that i can have a clear idea about the techniques and literature.

    Thanks in anticipation.   

    Imran Bashir Dar

    Thanks Peter Bowbrick. Contacted at email. 

  • Abdullah A. Mohamed added an answer:
    Does anybody have any data on market research for terminal operating system (TOS) software?

    The research may be concerning maritime ports, container terminals, general cargo terminals or yacht marinas.

    Abdullah A. Mohamed

    Hi: if i understood your question exactly, U can use the Tiny-Core linux dest. and its family. I hope that help.

  • Mirna Leko-Šimić added an answer:
    Has anyone done any marketing research on food souvenirs?

    I would like to have some research results form other countries, especially Mediterranea, for the sake of comparison.

    Mirna Leko-Šimić

    Thanks Samuel, This is a rather helpful starting point. I am in trouble since most of the articles on the topic are in laguages not familiar to me - Italian, Spanish, Danish....

  • Rahul Pratap Singh Kaurav added an answer:
    What is the minimum sample size per group for SEM or Path Analysis?

    Currently doing doctoral work on the impact of event sponsorship on brand image. Will be conducting an experiment among persons attending music event and sporting event respectively. Not sure of the appropriate sample size for my pilot and my main experiment.

    Rahul Pratap Singh Kaurav

    Dear Tricia,

    By seeing the question, I was very interested to write an answer but when saw the answers, there is nothing left. All the experts have written and explained in very very simple way.

    Specially comments by Dr. SS Bhakar are self-explanatory.

    I request to all, that if you like answers then please hit up-votes  and increase mutual RG Score.

  • Ramendra Pratap Singh added an answer:
    In case of multidimensional scaling what is the interpretation of the values of final co-ordinate in common space for all the three dimensions?

    I am not able to interpret how we are getting these values in MDS either positive or negative for a attribute for all the three dimension . 

    Ramendra Pratap Singh

    Thanks for your comment.I know whatever you have written but I want the mathematical logic behind it not the iteration of software  as to understand it clearly you must have to know how you have derived and from where. 

    Thanks a lot.

  • Majid Alkindi added an answer:
    Are there any free libraries on the internet with English commercials?

    I am looking forward into making an experiment which requires the use of commercials. I have no connections with any agencies and could not find on the internet any place where i could search to find samples to use. So is there any place where they offer video or just audio commercials for free to use in marketing research?

    Majid Alkindi

    go to this link you will have more than 1000 000 free thesis:

  • Sanjeev Ingalagi added an answer:
    Can researchers measure the purchase intention and purchase behavior simultaneously?

    Can sesearchers measure the purchase intention and purchase behavior simultaneously?  

    Based on the TPB, intention and behavior are measured in the different time period to predict the intention’ influencing power ( present) on the future behavior (future) . In which, future behavior is considered as the potential dependent variable, whereas, past behavior is viewed as the control variable to the intention and perceived behavioral control.

    In addition to that, Ajzen, 2014 documented some facts

    “ Although incorporating automatic processes, the theory of planned behavior generally assumes reasoned processes underlying attitudes and actions. In contrast, strong and unmediated links between prior and later behavior imply habituation in a process that bypasses intentions.”

    Due to that, scenario,

    Can we use the purchase behavior ( Present Behavior)  as the potential dependent variable, which is determined by purchase attitude, subjective norm and perceived behavioral control without having purchase intention as the mediator ?


    Can Researcher(s) measure the purchase intention and purchase behavior simultaneously?  

    Sanjeev Ingalagi

    TPB suggests that there should be time gap between measurement of purchase intention and purchase behaviour and this time gap changes according to the type of product .. say if you are studying  intention and behaviour of   fast moving consumer product .. the time gap can be very less . Same logic applies for slow moving high value products wherein time gap can be high .

  • Balachandar Kaliappan added an answer:
    Is it possible do research on risk perception with Neuromarketing methods?

    Every company aims to reduce the perceived risk of the customer to promote the product. There are many methods available in the traditional marketing research to measure the risk perception but is there any neuromarketing method to measure risk perception.

    Balachandar Kaliappan

    Thanks for the info Mr.Munteanu

  • Krishnan Umachandran added an answer:
    Is the Universal use of the Likert scale in evaluating responses sufficient when working with evaluative statements in a questionnaire?

    Likerts scale is a 5 point scale which evaluates responses better than a dicotomous (Yes / No) answer. These two responses are affected by external locus of control (ELOC) to the decision formulated from the total outcomes of analysing a questionnaire.

    UNDECIDED - Particpants on two occassions say this, when

    1. They do not want to get into problems,  by answering this
    2. They do not really know the answer/

    NOT APPLICABLE - Particpants say this, when they are not within the ambit of exposure or expeience to a particular question.

    We are attempting to evolve a new scale covering all the aspects and removing the impact of ELOC which otherwise would camouflage the right outcome of a study.

    Krishnan Umachandran

    Maritha Purperhart  to you      4 hours ago

    I agree with paul just know how to triangulate, when you use mixed methods coding answers (qual) results over yes/no answer can enhance validity.

  • Salomat Yuldasheva added an answer:
    Is there any database about information availability level for SMEs in different countries?

    Is there any database which somehow assesses the country´s information availablity level, necessary for business decisions, specifically for SMEs. The information sources might be any of the following: - the avalability of different databases, research institutions, market research data and etc. I want to measure and compare among different countries the level of information availability, the level of human capital (specifically the managerial capabilities), and the level the availability of finance. Any comments and ideas are welcomed!

    Salomat Yuldasheva

    Dear Arslan Austin ,

    Thank you for your response!

  • Tarcza Teodora added an answer:
    Can anyone suggest/recommend some models used in marketing for grouping consumers/clients segments?

    I intend to make a research for identifying the profile/ profiles of traditional food consumers. Thank you.

    Tarcza Teodora

    Thank you for all your answers.

  • Aderogba Adewusi added an answer:
    What is the most practical scientific method to determine the market share of a competitor?

    There are equations , yes I know , but I need a practical one that can be deployed specially in FMCG retail shops , where such data as sales ratio is unrevealed. 

    Aderogba Adewusi

    A lot of people had helped me to determine the best ways to getting the market size and market share of Nigeria's woven polypropylene industry on research-gate. (See resource below)

    For the actual determination of correct figures, I engaged several territorial sales managers who have good knowledge of stakeholders in the industry and market. Other information were sought from website sources and other search engine helps.

    The application of basic addition, subtraction, percentages and charting on Excel gave us a very good picture of the market size and significant analysis. I should be publishing the publication soonest.

    Other Useful Resource:


  • Amit Mittal added an answer:
    Is there are any corporate branding strategy measurement tools from the consumer perspective?

    Currently I am writting term paper which is going to be about local TV station branding strategy. Anyway, I am feeling confused about research part. 

    Thank you for your help :) 

    Amit Mittal

    Hi. You can look at the CBBE pyramid model : refer Strategic Brand Management by Keller, Parameswaran and Jacob (Pearson). 

  • Edwin Gnanadhas added an answer:
    Are there any marketing researchers who may suggest relevant scales (and tried and tested measures) in comparative advertising?

    A survey questionnaire will investigate the respondents' attitudes on comparative adverts...

    Edwin Gnanadhas

    Likerts five point scale can be used to analyse

  • Matt Jans added an answer:
    What should I display on caller ID to maximize survey response?

    Alternatively worded, "What caller ID messages/labels and phone numbers are most likely to be answered?" 

    This topic comes up from time to time in my field, but I don't recall ever seeing any solid or interesting findings. Full disclosure, I haven't searched AAPORNet, SRMS proceedings or done any kind of search for this yet. 

    I work on a survey of California, and we've had a few thoughts about what we COULD do. I don't know if these things are technically possible, but we were thinking about what makes us most likely to answer (or not answer) the phone. 

    1) Use a local area code (i.e., same as the sampled number). Seems to me that if you can set the label/message that a phone displays, you could make that label a phone number itself. It would probably be best (and least sketchy) if the outgoing call (from the call center) was actually routed to show as coming from a local number (and that calling that number connected back to the call center). 

    2) Custom label: It seems like a bad idea to say "Survey" anywhere on the label. There also isn't a lot of text space to work with. Our survey is known as "CHIS" and is run out of "UCLA", so we're thinking that "CHIS - UCLA" (or something like that might be okay). We all feel like "UCLA" would probably make people think it's fundraising, or would be meaningless to people without a UCLA affiliation. I also wonder if it's a negative force on response for folks in Nor Cal. 

    3) I think we all agree that "unlisted" or "blocked" or anything that hides the number generically is a bad idea. 

    My personal feeling is that people aren't likely to pick up the phone when caller ID is unfamiliar or the number isn't known. So being a local activates some familiarity. Any other ideas? 

    Have you seen research on this (or done any yourself)? I'll share back what I find elsewhere (here or in a blog post). 

    Thanks in advance!

    Matt Jans

    Thanks for that info, Bengt!

  • Doreén Pick added an answer:
    How can I improve the Cronbach alphas scoring of my further data collection?

    I've been getting Cronbach alphas below 60

    I did a pilot study of about 320 respondents but some of the important items and constructs are scoring low. How can I ensure to improve it when I go on further data collection?

    Doreén Pick

    Hi Tahir,

    to one of your prior questions. If you measure the variables in a reflective manner, you should not ignore your Cronbach alpha. Check wording of your items first, then go into outlier analysis of your data, check for missing values (and if you have some of the same respondent - leave such person out of your dataset). If you measured your variables well, also 0.70 with 3 items should be possible. You might also ask others for evaluating about the 'content' of each item.

    Best and good work, Doreen

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