Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering

  • Mohamed ElWakil added an answer:
    How to solve the problem of the assembly line balancing?

    We can apply the heuristics, meta-heuristics and the exact method or others to solve in this problem.

  • Ali Anjomshoae added an answer:
    How do I allocate labors in WITNESS software?

    Currently, I am doing a project in simulating and improving a production line using WITNESS software. However, I do not know how to feed the material from 1 machine to another using labor. I have only managed to move my labor to the 1st machine and he just stopped there afterwards. Can some one guide me the steps on solving this?
    Thanks in advance. 

    Ali Anjomshoae

    Hi Chee Sai How,

    I am not familiar with Witness. Why not trying other simulation software like AnyLogic since they have very good support that you can ask your questions from them. you can download a free version of this software form link below;

    Additionally you can ask your question in their LinkedIn forum form the link below;

  • Laurent Selles added an answer:
    Other than the type and quantity of plant (leaves), what else as parameters can improve the production rate of oil extraction in a test rig ?

    Would the adjustment of other parameters like temperature, structure / features of heating container or the cooling system help ?

    Laurent Selles

    Hello Tiew,

    Your test rig bench is conceptually fine, but it could be improved by a heating technology which is not on the market yet, but that you could use at lab level, depending on the purpose of use.

    It is based on the application of an electromagnetic field of a very high intensity.

    The dielectric properties of the oil are such that the cells containg such oil - cells which also contain water - will be transformed (becoming porous or bursting) by the pressure difference created by the water temperature increase, thus allowing the extraction yield to be significantly increased.

    Further details can be discussed : you may contact me at

    Scientific bibliography is available.

    Looking forward to it,

    Best regards,


    Other than the type and quantity of plant (leaves), what else as parameters can improve the production rate of oil extraction in a test rig ? - ResearchGate. Available from: [accessed Oct 28, 2015].

  • Carlos Araújo Queiroz added an answer:
    What is the parameters affecting the performance of a V-blender machine that needs to be focused on to enhance the afterwards product ?

    Currently, my group members and I are in the process of designing and developing an actual V-blender machine that is of low cost to be used as industrial purpose. Thus, several parameters are to be looked upon this case. Generally, it will give effect in the after product.

    Carlos Araújo Queiroz

    About the rotating speed of a V-shaped tumble blender please check my answer at:

    About the V angle of a V-shaped tumble blender please check my answer at:

  • Shuichi Shinmura added an answer:
    Can you suggest literature to solve MIP capacitated network flow problem?

    Hello Scholars,

    I am working on MIP capacitated network flow problem. I am using cplex (C++) to build my model. The problem size is very huge and hence cplex procedure is taking unacceptable time to provide the solution.

    Can someone please guide me to some literature or any survey paper that list out various solutions methods to solve MIP problem quickly.

    Thanks for the support.

    Best Regards,

    Aditya Malik

    Shuichi Shinmura

    I discriminate the Swiss  banknote data having 6 independent variables by 100-fold cross validation. I developed Revised IP-OLDF using IP. So, I must solve 63 models*100 training samples =63100 MIP continuously. Now, it is easy for me to solve these MIP models easily. If I cannot solve large problems, I replace my LINGO model by LINDO API (C-library) because LINGO and CPLEX are packagies and spend CPU time for grammer check or other check. See my papers after 2013.

  • Dan Borza added an answer:
    Are there papers describe the cooling costs and/or aeration costs in industrial reactors?

    I found one paper "Becze G, Liebmann AJ. 1944. Aeration in the production of compressed yeast. Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 36, 882-890". Are there other more recent?

    Dan Borza


    A review on anaerobic–aerobic treatment of industrial and municipal wastewater
    YJ Chan, MF Chong, CL Law, DG Hassell - Chemical Engineering Journal, 2009 - Elsevier (PDF available from

    Upgrading of sewage treatment plant by sustainable and cost-effective separate treatment of industrial wastewater
    WR Abma, W Driessen, R Haarhuis… - Water science and …, 2010 -

    Integration of wastewater treatment plant design and operation—A systematic approach using cost functions
    PA Vanrolleghem, U Jeppsson, J Carstensen… - Water Science and …, 1996 - Elsevier

    I hope it helps !


  • Avinash V. Palodkar added an answer:
    How can I best evaluate the performance of an MPC?

    I am currently working on a problem where I need to evaluate the performance of a model predictive controller whose control objective is predictable disturbance rejection. The optimization is based on a linear state-space model and I have successfully shown the improvement of the closed loop with experiments, but am curious to the limit of the MPC. Does anyone know a good way to evaluate this? thanks! 

    Avinash V. Palodkar

    I think you should refer Process Control: Modeling, Design, and Simulation by B. Wayne Bequette. it provides you a better idea.

  • Mohamad Amin Kaviani added an answer:
    Fuzzy decision making, Intuitionistic Fuzzy decision making or Grey decision making method- which one is more applicable?

    I was thinking about the different decision making methods under certain and uncertain conditions. My specific question is that:

    As you know, we have many MCDM tools like AHP- ANP- TOPSIS- VIKOR- PROMOTEE- MOORA- SIR and many other methods and all of them have been developed to fuzzy, type-2 fuzzy, intuitionistic fuzzy and Grey environments. But when we deal with uncertainty, we actually do not know which one of the aforementioned conditions is more appropriate. Which one really more applicable under uncertain situation? fuzzy ? type-2 fuzzy? Intuitionistic fuzzy? or Grey environment for a decision making method?

    All the ideas and comments are appreciated. Hope that all of the experts take an action to this question by following or leaving their valuable comments. 

    Mohamad Amin Kaviani

    Dear colleagues, 

    I am so happy that my question has been taken into your considerations. I think the subject of this question can push out the frontier of uncertain decision making researches and is a challenging topic.

  • Roland Iosif Moraru added an answer:
    Can anyone suggest how to use ergonomic risk assessment tools? There are tools like RULA, REBA, QEC, OWAS, NIOSH LIFTING, GARG'S STRAIN INDEX etc.
    I am doing an ergonomic risk assessment in small scale industries to find out the risk levels for WRMSD. First I began with nordic or cornell msd questionnaire, then want to use various ergonomic assessment tools.

    How should I proceed?
    Roland Iosif Moraru

    Congratulations Ricardo &Team for the tool developed. Any contribution brings us one step forward!

  • Arian Razmi Farooji added an answer:
    Has anyone a good reference about a textbook regarding the topic of VRP?

    I am designing a course for undergraduate students of Industrial Engineering about transportation. I am looking for a textbook which can be considered as a base for that course. The textbook should contain the theory and examples of topics such as travelling salesman problem, VRP, Clark & Wright, and some other classical heuristics.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

    Arian Razmi Farooji


    Here you can find the latest and most recent book with editorial of Toth and Vigo, published in 2014:

  • Ks Goi added an answer:
    Are there any supported articles / textbooks that can be referred to in setting DOE level range?

    I am now setting a range for my DOE level setting according to my current situation data.

    E.g. : a range between 10-20% of the current situation?

    High WIP level - Buffer capacity

    Freq M/c Breakdown - times in between failure

    Lack of skilled worker - Unskilled Skilled

    Manual oriented process - Manual can use stochastic/distribution based
    processing time, auto can be based on constant processing time

    Ks Goi

    Hi all, 

    Can I justify the level setting by mentioning that I discussed with the expertised field person / high management for my case?

  • Sasan Taslimi added an answer:
    What's the difference between 'bill of materials' (BOM) and 'material take off' (MTO)?
    They look similar, but there must be some differences. Can anybody clarify this for me?
    Sasan Taslimi

    I believe Both contain the list of materials used with consumpion factor and technical specifications like weight, size, quantity but MTO contains price for cost Analysis until we can release our orders to vendors

  • Jacek Hoffman added an answer:
    Is there any relationship between pulse length and ablation threshold for a given material?

    I heard somewhere the ablation threshold is proportional to the square root of the pulse length but I was not able to find a reference.

    Is that an empirical relationship? which is the validity range? Does it works only for nanosecond lasers? 

    Jacek Hoffman

    I meant laser ablation as used in Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) of materials, not the laser damage. In nanosecond regime the ablation mechanism is mostly thermal. Hence, the above considerations may be repeated more exact using formulas for time-dependent distribution of heat in the target.

  • Priyavrat Thareja added an answer:
    Are one way changes in DOE acceptable?

    If the factors level setting in DOE is only changing in one way, for eg:

    frequent machine breakdown : decrease breakdown rate
    Lack of skill worker: increase skill worker
    High WIP level : decrease WIP level
    High rejection rate: decrease rejection rate

    can the level setting varies in only one direction? 

    Priyavrat Thareja

    In industrial or competitive settings cost sure is critical.

    In research too, cost and time are important

  • Jaime Cuauhtemoc Negrete added an answer:
    Are Indian tractors designed with anthropometric approach of Indian users population?

    We are considering users queries to give better suitability, comfort to operator. Design is not based on anthropetric data of Indian polulation.

    Jaime Cuauhtemoc Negrete

    In Mexico there are no tractors designed not anthropomorphic data of the native population by the manufacturers actually design them with data from populations of the countries of origin of these companies, likewise there are no anthropomorphic data of the population of farmers that use

    that good that India and Brazil there are studies that provide data for the farm tractor correct design

  • Morteza Davari added an answer:
    Does the preemptive single machine scheduling problem of minimizing the total weighted completion time with equal release (rj=0) date NP-hard?
    We know that the problem with release dates is NP-hard.
    Morteza Davari

    I only need to recommend this website:

  • André Vivan added an answer:
    What is the best method to balance a mix-model line, U-shaped and two-sided station?

    I need to find out what is the best algorithm to resolve this kind of assembly line. Somebody can say if the best way is modify some existing method?

    André Vivan

    Hello Marcello Fera. Thank you for your response. I'm relatively new in this field of knowledge. I'm  designing a production system for my PhD thesis, which is based on an assembly line. I'm still setting the constraints and this is one of my doubts: every operational features are constraints? At first I want the best theoretical way. I can send more information if you can help me. Thanks a lot.

  • Hopewell Molefe added an answer:
    How long can residence time be for aeration in a small scale (running a pilot plant)?

    I'm running a pilot plant doing lime treatment for pH correction and reduction of sulphates through the precipitation of gypsum. The results so far they show that my pilot plant is working well to reduce sulphates, now I want to add a 4th tank to do aeration to try and deal with my COD biologically. My system consists of :

    1. The reactor where I dose lime (I treat about 1000 L per day)
    2. A Coagulation vessel (Where I add some coagulant or do a sludge recycle for seeding)
    3. Finally a Settling tank 

    I want to put an earation tank just before coagulation.

    Hopewell Molefe

    Thank you very very much Sir, let me be on it.

  • Sonia Irshad Mari added an answer:
    What kind of network DEA is suggested for evaluating performance of supply chain network?

    there are several network models for performance evaluating of supply chain,including radial or non radial,slackbased,..

    what is the best way for evaluating  performance when we consider supply chain network design?

    Sonia Irshad Mari

  • Carlos E Losada added an answer:
    There any previous experimental experience on Impeller designs for Inline Mixers?

    There any previous experimental experience on Impeller designs for inline Mixers?

    • Source
      [Show abstract] [Hide abstract]
      ABSTRACT: This paper presents a numerical investigation on the aerodynamic performance according to the application of splitter blades in an impeller of a centrifugal fan used for a refuse collection system. Numerical analysis of a centrifugal fan was carried out by solving three-dimensional Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes equations with the shear stress transport turbulence model. A validation of numerical results was conducted by comparison with experimental data for the pressure and efficiency. From analyses of the internal flow field of the reference fan, the losses by the reverse-flows were observed in the region of the blade passage. In order to reduce these losses and enhance fan performance, two splitter blades were applied evenly between the main blades, and centrifugal impellers having the different numbers of the main blades were tested with their application. Throughout the numerical analyses of the centrifugal fan with splitter blades, it was found that the reverse-flow regions in the blade passage can be reduced by controlling the main blade numbers with splitter blades. The application of splitter blades in a centrifugal fan leads to significant improvement in the overall fan performance.
      International Journal of Fluid Machinery and Systems 12/2012; 5(4):168-173. DOI:10.5293/IJFMS.2012.5.4.168
    Carlos E Losada

    Thanks you Professor Maddali V S.

    The difficulty has been selecting the correct Viscosities (cSt) for a variety of Pulps with different consistency (Stock).

    There some data from Gullichen but none seems to have a appropriate update



  • Masoud Rahiminezhad Galankashi added an answer:
    Establishing equivalency between batch Vs continuous distillation schemes?

    Conceptually can two existing semibatch distillation assets substitute for a 3 outlet continuous divided wall column, accepting lower thermal efficiency.  Think semi commercial scale.

    Specifically, are there heuristics to follow for this comparison, given all column dimensions, and stages, so that the alternative flowsheet, has a greater success at being capable?

    Masoud Rahiminezhad Galankashi

    You are welcome

  • Arjun Shrestha added an answer:
    Can anyone suggest papers from international peer review journals which focus on scale design, development and validation?

    Would like to have a good reading on scales.

    Arjun Shrestha

    These are some of the articles about scale development and validation:

    Kacmar, K. M., & Carlson, D. S. (1997). Further validation of perceptions of politics scale (Pops): A multi sample investigation. Journal of Management, 23(5), 625-658.

    Ferris, G. R., Treadway, D. C., Kolodinsky, R. W., Hochwarter, W. A., Kacmar, C. J., Douglas, C., & Frink, D. D. (2005). Development and validation of the political skill inventory. Journal of Management, 31(1), 126-152.

    Liu, C. H., & Robertson, P. J. (2011). Spirituality in the workplace: Theory and measurement, Journal of Management, 20(1), 35-55.

  • J.W. Joubert added an answer:
    Is operations research/ management science (i.e. OR/MS) not a specialty in the present context?

    Operations research is variously domiciled in mathematics, industrial engineering, economics,management science, etc, depending on the university.

    J.W. Joubert

    I think the term "Operations Research" is not so much a "discipline" or a "speciality" as it is a toolset. What an interesting question you're asking, though.

    No single department in an institution should "claim" OR as their domain. Unfortunately that does happen, and there is much of the OR basics that will get duplicated if each interested department teaches it in-house. But the proverbial "devil" is indeed in the details. When you get to domain-specific applications, the "tool" comes to its rightful use, but only in the hands of an expert. A statistician may not have an appreciation for complex capacitated arc routing problem (like waste collection), and similarly an industrial engineer building intricate simulation models of a bottling line or mining operation may not appreciate whether the solution space is concave or convex.

    More recently I also see departments "fight" about where "Data Science" should be housed.

    It is because OR is such a "generally applicable" tool that it can (and should) be applied in "specialist" domains.

  • Gustavo Concari added an answer:
    How can we make a scenario in a logistic system?

    Considering a logistic system including plant,warehouses,supplier,retailers in single period with different transportation modes,with initial investment, How could we make different scenarios?what is basic rule for building a scenario?

    Gustavo Concari

    The recomended book to build scenarios the "Shell way" (there are other methods, like the one created by frenchman Michel Godet) is "The Art of the Long View", by Peter Schwartz. It´s not a difficult tool.


    Gustavo Concari

  • Misbah Ullah added an answer:
    How do I set level for factor of "poor handling" in DOE ?

    Its an assembly process. A lot of poor handling causes the high defect rate. Any idea on how to define the level ?

    Misbah Ullah

    Dear Ks Goi

    First define different factors that are causing high defect rate, then define the level of each factor that can affect defect rate. e.g labor may be one factor that  cause for poor handling then levels may be skilled (trained) labor and unskilled (untrained) labor. Hope would be helpful.

  • Luis Estaire-Alvarez added an answer:
    Do you know if there is any paper related to the economic impact of governmental industrial regulations on advance composite manufacturing costs?

    One of the factors that have relevant influence on manufacturing companies competitiveness is the compliance with government regulations. The issue is to find out figures dealing with. I am exploring this issue on advanced composite manufactures allocated into industrialized countries trying to carry out proper compilations among them.

    Luis Estaire-Alvarez

    I have to appreciate both Teresa and Mostafa for their recent added value links dealing with the issue under analysis. Thanks so much.


  • Masoud Rahiminezhad Galankashi added an answer:
    What is the total landing cost for medical items and how can I capture its elements?

    Net landed or total supply chain costs are used terminologies to indicate how much it costs the organization to have an item on shelf in healthcare organizations. Does anyone know more about that? And what is an appropriate model to capture the costs elements of these items?

    Masoud Rahiminezhad Galankashi


    I recommend total logistic cost. It can be calculated as follows:

    Total Logistic Cost (TLC)= Total inventory cost+ total facility cost+ total facility cost

    Each of these costs have some components that are obtainable from related papers. Don't forget to consider the fact of being cost effective or responsive. It can affect the shelf price. Good luck

  • Edin Cerjaković added an answer:
    Can anyone recommend any software that works with transportation simulation?
    Now I work and try to optimize the vehicle scheduling and routing problem using arena Simulation but need to know and learn other softwares and approaches.
    Edin Cerjaković

    Hello Kanticha,

    I use Tecnomatix Plant Simulation (earlier: SIMPLE++ or eM-Plant)

    Thus Plant Simulation we have generated models for commissioning, manufacturing, transportation, ... .
    Integrated into the software is also programming language SimTalk, so that the most of non-standard problems also can be described.

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