Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering

  • Odile M.-T. Pons added an answer:
    How can I calculate the optimal time for preventive maintenance through the Weibull distribution?

    Once I got the Times To Failure (ttf) of the different pieces, I implemented the PLE algorithm and then the Weibull distribution, in order to achieve the reliability expression ( R(x) ).
    Now I must calculate the otimal time to replace the mechanical parts by using the "Age-based replacement policy" (type I).
    My main problem is that within my formula I have an integral I can't solve (you can find it attached and highlighted) .
    May you help me in solving it?
    Thank you in advance

    Odile M.-T. Pons · French National Institute for Agricultural Research

    The simplest calculus of an integral is to approximate it by an infinite sum of of integrals over [t_i, t_i+1] where the function is aproximated by its value at t_i as the length of the interval is small enough.

  • Sandro Martins added an answer:
    Is it possible to hot forging in close dies casting pieces makes with ductile iron?

    Ductile iron has good mechanical properties. In some cases pieces made by casting of ductile iron replace forging pieces.

    What are the reasons to forge a casting piece?

    What happens to the cost of manufacture?

    A what series of production these combined processes can be apply?

    Some papers about this combined processes?.

    Thanks you in advance.

    Sandro Martins · Universidade de Caxias do Sul (UCS)

    1) Contribution of forming parameters on the properties of hot rolled ductile cast iron alloys, Materials Letters, Volume 31, Issues 1–2, May 1997, Pages 145-150
    T. El-Bitar, E. El-Banna

    2) Processing Maps for Use in Hot Working of Ductile Iron, Journal of Iron and Steel Research, International, Volume 18, Issue 4, April 2011, Pages 48-51,72
    Xin ZHAO, Xiao-ling YANG, Tian-fu JING

    I hope that can help you. All the best!

  • Costas Drossos added an answer:
    Is time in geometrical form ? If yes, how to define the geometric shape? If not, then how is it?

    In the circuit model system, After the rise of the time axis in system of equations and operation we found that the time can be central axis and motion system and can form geometric.

    Costas Drossos · University of Patras

    What is "geometrical form"? Can we say that "geometrical form" is just a structure in algebraic terms? Let us take a circle C in the monitor of a computer. Actually I was to depict a sphere. So let us take functions f:T---->C. these functions actually are "variable elements" of C, and T represents "time". If f is a great circle, and continuo to draw many such great circles, then a sphere is revealed. These variable elements, as relations of T and C define a structure. In general in Category Theory, any arrow

    f:T--->A, can be regarded as "variable element", where T is considered as time domain. As you see we can give time a more general meaning than the usual one. I hope that i demonstrated that time is present in  geometrical forms! 

  • Oz Sahin added an answer:
    Can someone recommend a way to access a questionnaire sample for AHP?
    When I want to obtain importance of every criteria and alternative, how can I prepare a questionnaire for this goal? Is there any source that could be helpful?
    Oz Sahin · Griffith University

    You may reduce the number of criteria by ranking them with respect to your objectives before finalising your questionnaire. If you have, for instance, 50 of them, you can ask some experts to prioritise them with respect to the goal/objectives. Then use the top 4-5 to design the final questionnaire.

  • Majid Shakhsi-Niaei added an answer:
    Can any researcher give me a hint how I can write multi-objective optimization with GAMS?

    Thanks in advance.

    Majid Shakhsi-Niaei · University of Tehran


    This GAMS code can be useful if you want to find the Pareto-optimal frontier using augmented version of epsilon-constraint method:

  • Surya Prakash Singh added an answer:
    Do you know of any university in Sweden that is working on urban lighting or public lighting?

    We started an investigation about urban lighting and public lighting and would like to compare our results with another University. We would prefer a swedish university if it's possible. We would like to publish the results.

    Surya Prakash Singh · Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

    You may see southern stockholm university.

  • Kalin Lazarov added an answer:
    What are the flexibility measurement techniques in FMS?

    What are the study of flexibility techniques in FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System)?

    Kalin Lazarov · "VINPROM-TROYAN" AD

    This is smth. like, perfect settings for constant processing equipments , and results are high quality products with low production outlays! 

    Most important thing for your quostion, is the human capacity to undarstand progressively best technologies with propper automatisation settings on working wquipment!

  • Andrey Vinajera Zamora added an answer:
    Does anybody know how I can access software for generating or simulating supply chain networks such as GERAND ?
    Andrey Vinajera Zamora · Central University "Marta Abreu" of Las Villas

    I think the Pro-model software could be work.

  • Babak Manafi added an answer:
    Can someone suggest a simple program to calculate the force required for extrusion process mathematically?

    I need a simple program to calculate all the forces of friction and shear on the wall of the die mathematically in forward extrusion

    Babak Manafi · Islamic Azad University Tehran Science and Research Branch

    The best simple program for simulating the forming processes is the DEFORM software. It is very simple in comparison with the other finite element softwares such as  ABAQUS . 

  • Luca Chiusano added an answer:
    What is the newest method to create a strategic plan?
    I want to explore how to make strategic management to manage solid wastes in an industrial area in a developing country. What is the proper method for this? SWOT analysis and/or any other recent methods?
    Luca Chiusano · CRA Agricultural Research Council

    Dear Emma,

    As Cassiano answered, I suggest you to consider the LCA analysis which is the tool of the Industrial Ecology to develop properly new and sustainable strategy. Indeed, in my PhD research I developed a study by which, with an IE approach, I create connection among farms to share raw materials in the blend of a fruit juice (already on the market) and I carried out a LCA analysis to test the environmental performance.


  • Diego Carou added an answer:
    How to machine thermally sprayed coatings?

    Thermally sprayed coatings have attracted the attention of researchers and a lot of work has been done in this field in recent years. However, less attention has been given to the machinability of these coatings. Main recommendations suggest that grinding is the most suitable process but what about other machining processes? Do you have experience on that? Any recommendations?

    Diego Carou · University of West Bohemia

    Dear Gregoire Witz,   

    I'm sorry for the delay but let me return to your comment. Definitively, delamination is a critical issue in the machining of these materials. However, I have not clear what are the best strategies to cope with that. In particular, I don't know if limiting the machining parameters (feed rate, cutting speed and depth of cut) to low values would be enough.

    Moreover, I don't undertand why you said that it would be easier to machine the substrate. I think that it was because of the lack of information that I provided, wasn't it?  

    Thank you. Best regards,

  • There any previous experimental experience on Impeller designs for Inline Mixers?

    There any previous experimental experience on Impeller designs for inline Mixers?

    Maddali V S Murali Krishna · Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology

    The following information may be useful for your research

    Mixing equipment must be designed for mechanical and process operation. Although
    mixer design begins with a focus on process requirements, the mechanical
    design is essential for successful operation

    Ref: Mechanical Design of Mixing Equipment
    Handbook of Industrial Mixing: Science and Practice, Edited by Edward L. Paul

  • Mohammad Said Obeidat added an answer:
    Did somebody find out how to generate different entities with different arrival times from one source using SIMIO?

    Usually each source can generate different entities all have the same arrival times. If we have let say more than 100 entities, each with different arrival time, currently in simio there is no way directly allow all these entities to be generated from one source, the basic solution based on simio is to find 100 source, each generate one entity. The question is, does this work in reality?

    Mohammad Said Obeidat · Kansas State University


  • António Sousa-Uva added an answer:
    Safety, health and environment studies in the foundry or casting industries
    Can anyone recommend any methodology to study safety, health and environment (SHE) in the foundry or casting industry?
    António Sousa-Uva · New University of Lisbon

    I've no experience on thar subject.

  • Senthilvel Vasudevan added an answer:
    Is it possible to apply Particle Swarm Optimization in simulations to optimize public transport systems?

    I want to write a simulation for electric shuttle buses but may use PSO for routing problem. Is it possible to apply?

    Senthilvel Vasudevan · King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences

    Hi, Kanticha Korsesthakarn,

    Good Morning,

    For your question:  Is it possible to apply Particle Swarm Optimization in simulations to optimize public transport systems.  For this, kindly go through the attachment PDF.

  • Denis Pinha added an answer:
    How can a manufacturing sector with high setup time work with a small lot size (Lean Manufacturing)?

    Consider there is no more opportunity (improvement) to reduce the setup time. If the setup time is relatively high (compared with operation time) to change a part number to another one, how the lean manufacturing can be applied if it says  to work with small lot size? For example: Plastic Injection molding sector.

    Denis Pinha · West Virginia University

    Hello Chadi, what I meant by asking this kind of question is to receive feedback from experts people like you. This question for me is paradoxical. As you can see below, one of principle of Lean would be to work Just-in-Time, but in my opinion not always it is possible. Depending on production features it may not be possible. That's why, I asked that question and I have received good answers to make me understand better it.

     If we raise the batch size even considering the holding cost is really low, we are escaping somehow of lean principles. I understand what you said, it is a solution, but in my opinion it is not Lean. Thank you for answering, I appreciate that.

    " Just in time - The basis behind this principle is to build what is required, when it is required and in the quantity required. Working in conjuction with levelized production, this principle works well with kanbans (a pull system). It allows for movement and production of parts only when required. This means components are not used in product that is not required and no time is wasted building unsaleable product."

  • Morteza Shabanzadeh added an answer:
    How to use inverse normal distribution in GAMS software?
    I want to use inverse normal distribution. In GAMS solver manual, it is mentioned that icdfNormal(x,mean,std) can be used. I added it in the code but it doesn't work. Anybody know what should I do?
    Best Regards.
    Morteza Shabanzadeh · Tarbiat Modares University

    Dear Milad,

    What is the error message?

    You have to know that if the x is a variable in icdfnormal(x,mean,std) function and not a parameter, your problem will be only solved for DNLP models. It means that you will see the error message of GAMS if your model is not written in DNLP and the x is a variable.


    Morteza Shabanzadeh

  • Janakkumar Tanna added an answer:
    What are the barriers of using Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (AMTs) in manufacturing companies?
    Some companies are very cautious to accept using AMTs at their companies. There is no doubt that using new AMTs has many benefits for firms, but what barriers are there for using AMTs and why do some firms fail to apply these technologies? What are the critical factors of failure in adopting AMTs?
    Janakkumar Tanna · K J Institute of Engineering & Technology, Savli, Vadodara











  • Ahmed Bensenouci added an answer:
    Can you please suggest papers dealing with the application of desiccant cooling in residential buildings?

    I am a researcher dealing with desiccant cooling, which is mostly used in industrial or tertiary sectors. Do you know papers that analyze the use of desiccant cooling (mainly by desiccant wheel) for residential applications?

    Ahmed Bensenouci · Université Amar Telidji Laghouat

    do see the reference book in solar engineering, the title is "solar engineering for thermal processes" the authors are W. bekmann and J.Duffie and cooling chapter

  • Ian J Slipper added an answer:
    How can I identify XRD peaks for different ashes?

    For example: coal fly ash - is there any software can help?

    Ian J Slipper · Greenwich University

    Ashes are often very difficult to identify. You need the best quality data that you can get, so that means long counting times. As has been mentioned the amorphous component will give you high backgrounds. If it is bituminous coal then it may be high in Fe and if you are using Cu anode you will get raised backgrouds from that also. This can be overcome by using Co radiation, using an energy dispersive detector or by adjusting the window settings of some detectors.

    If possible get a chemical analysis from XRF or ICP and use those results to inform your XRD phase identification from the databases as there can be isostructural solutions that cannot be resolved by XRD alone.

  • D. Martinez Krahmer added an answer:
    I have been thinking about generating useful products from the abundant saw dust resources produced from the saw mills in Ghana - any ideas?
    Useful products from sawdust.
    D. Martinez Krahmer · Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia Industrial

    If the chips are without oil, is possible to compacte them to use like input in casting processes.

  • Dale Archer added an answer:
    I'm exploring a risk assessment method which considers "exposure" to hazards. Do you know about some related methods?
    One of nonconformities of company in OHSAS 18001 was about risk assessment, as we did not use "exposure" in our analysis. I am seeking a method which considers "exposure" .
    Dale Archer · University of Birmingham

    There is sometimes confusion between 'exposure' and 'absorption' when calculating chemical risks.  This paper is helpful:



  • Mahsa Noori-daryan added an answer:
    What parameters should be checked in sensitive analysis for supply chain network design?

    When do we need to do sensitive analysis and what relationship and parameters should be check in supply chain network design?

    Mahsa Noori-daryan · Islamic Azad University, South Tehran Branch

    Whereas sensitivity analysis is a process to survey the effects of input parameters including costs, number of members and etc. So usually the impacts of more influence parameters are considered which is depended on the author's intention. It means that the purpose of investigation determine direct of sensitivity analysis.   

  • Bob Rummer added an answer:
    Are Indian tractors designed with anthropometric approach of Indian users population?

    We are considering users queries to give better suitability, comfort to operator. Design is not based on anthropetric data of Indian polulation.

    Bob Rummer · University of Kansas

    I agree that anthropometric data from India is not well-represented in international datasets.  However, I would make the point that global equipment manufacturers are generally not designing for regional markets.  International Standards in the ISO 7250 family are being developed to specify global population ranges as well as specific regional variations.  A manufacturer is faced with the design choice of building multiple versions, making critical machine elements appropriately adjustable, or designing for the extremes (making emergency exits large enough for the 99%tile).  You do need good population data in the dataset.  Even so, global equipment manufacture will try to accommodate the overall range rather specific regional variation.

  • Florian Verbelen added an answer:
    How can I calculate the inertia of a piston compressor (slider crank mechanism)?

    For our research on motor algorithms, we use a model of a piston compressor based on inertia and damping as load. Although I can determine the inertia of the real compressor with system identification I want a theoretical formula to calculate the inertia as function of the motor position. The standard method (Steiner) has been used to calculate the inertias of the crankshaft, connecting rod and piston head. The inertia of the connecting rod is the main problem because it doesn't align with the measurements.

    Florian Verbelen · Ghent University

    Thank you

  • Raveendran Iyengar added an answer:
    What kinds of qualitative research methods would be proper for evaluating competitive capabilities and performance of companies?
    What kind of qualitative research method would you suggest for evaluating competitive capabilities and performance of the companies before and after adopting AMTs (Advanced Manufacturing Technologies)?
    Raveendran Iyengar · ALEgION Insurance Broking Pvt Ltd

    Any qualitative method will always have an element of bias. Since the inputs and observations are based on individual's perception, there exists a chance for vision colored by their own "contextual parameters" Having said, a large group doing assessment will cancel out any such bias as interactions will result in consensus gravitating towards mean.

    However, any strong and opinionated personality in such groups would forcefully, direct the discussion towards the areas of his her interest  leading to loss of objectivity , sometimes. 

    While I subscribe to Focus groups on such studies, I would  choose a large enough group to get diverse views for discussion but not large to blow up the objective.

  • Reza Labbafi added an answer:
    What is the relationship between speed and time in designing the systems?

    I plan to investigate the system behavior and the factors influencing them, and I have a model with a circuit design system. In this model, we have tried to design a new plan for the proposed system.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    Reza Labbafi · Amirkabir University of Technology


    Paul and Kanticha

    please see the film below and fig. of model

    In each of these systems is common point system axis, and main site of the original gravity and formed the core of a system. Therefore, motion in each system necessarily revolves around the created begins.


  • Mohamed Attia added an answer:
    What are the recent research trends in industrial and manufacturing engineering?
    Research strategies in many institutions require to carefully investigating the future trends in disciplines. Other plans such as hiring researchers, establishing new labs, … are based on the how we look to the future of research and our understanding what others working in. I hope that researchers discuss this important issue and exchange the related experiences and knowledge.
    Mohamed Attia · Airbus

    Dear colleagues,

    First of all there are two different types of research. Innovation research and this targeting long term development (Future ideas),

    AND research for short term development product and this medium to short term development (Less than 4 years).

    Now days the industry are looking more into short term development ideas (Quick win topics) on the other hand universities trying to grantee long term fund by proposing innovation long term ideas.

    Each university now is trying to establishing new labs and facilities without coming to contact with the industry which at the end “Should” invest into the new facilities established.

    The future of research in manufacturing should grantee short term development / low cost production / light weight product / less assembly time. Thesis combination is very difficult to achieve without having the knowledge (Researchers) which know exactly what is the latest technology achieved by the industry and start from where the industry stop and not from other researchers ends.

    Hence more researchers should have a strong industrial background in order to achieve their target of development in short term.

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