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Industrial Engineering

  • Chamakuzhi Subramanian added an answer:
    What is the relationship between speed and time in designing the systems?

    I plan to investigate the system behavior and the factors influencing them, and I have a model with a circuit design system. In this model, we have tried to design a new plan for the proposed system.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    Chamakuzhi Subramanian · Jain University

    definition  of System  is a must for getting probable answers.

    only then one can judge its complexity(not only from Computer science point of view) and complications and attempt to answer. else "garbage in garbage out."

    suggest that whoever raised the question should give the definition/ atleast a clear explanation of system that he/she is having in mind. since social systems are also in existence!!!

  • Dr Rajvir Yadav added an answer:
    Are Indian tractors designed with anthropometric approach of Indian users population?

    We are considering users queries to give better suitability, comfort to operator. Design is not based on anthropetric data of Indian polulation.

    Dr Rajvir Yadav · Junagadh Agricultural University

    Thanks Dr Danilo for your feed back. We are not talking on only tractor seat. Lot of work has been done in India also on tractor seat (one of them at IIT Kharagpur). In India manufacturers are using good tractor seats now. 

  • Priyavrat Thareja added an answer:
    What is the etchant used for microstructure analysis of magnesium nugget interface after friction stir welding?

    The etchant for the nugget zone in friction stir welded joint.

    Priyavrat Thareja · PEC University of Technology

    May see the book " Metallographic Laboratory Practice", by G Kehl.

    if you don't get it, email me at prof.pthareja at  and i shall find if for you.

  • Narges Hemati added an answer:
    Is there the relationship between reliability and risk in the maintenance?
    we will find the liner relationship between reliability and risk in the maintenance, Determination index that show weight tow criteria: risk and reliability
    Narges Hemati · Mazandaran University of Science and Technology

    Thank you very much, it was great

  • Iman Rahimi added an answer:
    Can anyone help with this modelling approach?

    This modelling approach could be used to establish one important part of reverse logistics network by defining optimum locations for collection points.The objective of this project is to determine the maximum number of post-consumer (supply point )by per-defined number of collection facilities opened in which the probability of each supply point being covered by facility collections is not lower than the specified value, defined as critical geometric radius.In this area the question is,how can we integrate the probability with this problem?

    Dear Researcher,

    this problem tend to extend for multi objective obtimization,

    however ,the problem is coverage with one objective maximum distance,

    I am looking for other conflict objective inthis regard such as time or even effieciency.

    the problem could extend to idea that Prof Morton Edward has mentioned earlier in this page.

  • Francesc Casanellas added an answer:
    Can high power DC linear voltage regulators be made with IGBTs ?
    High power DC linear power supplies are needed for application like testing of aircraft equipment, high stability power supplies etc. They are made using bipolar transistors or MOSFETs operating in linear mode. Can they be practically replaced by IGBTs operating in linear mode ?
    Francesc Casanellas · ALP, S.C.

    If you need a LINEAR regulator (I suppose to get very low noise) with high current and high voltage, I would use IGBTs as you suggest.  I do not see a better option. Only problem: your current control has to be very good.

  • Roland Iosif Moraru added an answer:
    Can someone suggest me the latest, novel and most ongoing active research activities and research topics in Industrial and System Engineering?
    The latest, novel and most on going active research activities and research topics in Industrial and System Engineering are required. These research topics are needed for fresh PhD students in my university to peruse and choose their research fields.
    Roland Iosif Moraru · University of Petrosani

    You can also give consideration to the following topic: Human issues in Systems Engineering; Cognitive psychology applied to system design; Conducting empirical research on the optimum size of a team in the Integrated Product Team (IPT) environment. For further details see link bellow.

  • Sev V. Nagalingam added an answer:
    How can we make a scenario in a logistic system?

    Considering a logistic system including plant,warehouses,supplier,retailers in single period with different transportation modes,with initial investment, How could we make different scenarios?what is basic rule for building a scenario?

    Sev V. Nagalingam · University of South Australia

    Hi Iman,
    There are couple ways you can do this.
    1) Look at some literature on logistics - and identify some possible scenarios based on the industry sector you have in your country
    2) Identify a few industry sectors or companies in your country- and map the logistics patterns they are having. Then based on it you can create the logistics scenarios to analyse it.

    I would prefer the 2nd option, since it will provides an empirical analysis and potential case study to verify your research.

    Hope it helps

  • Firdous Tayob added an answer:
    Can anyone recommend any software that works with transportation simulation?
    Now I work and try to optimize the vehicle scheduling and routing problem using arena Simulation but need to know and learn other softwares and approaches.
    Firdous Tayob · University of Pretoria

    You can try using the simulation software, Simio. 

  • Jabir Elasseri added an answer:
    What parameters should be checked in sensitive analysis for supply chain network design?

    When do we need to do sensitive analysis and what relationship and parameters should be check in supply chain network design?

    Jabir Elasseri · National Institute of Technology Calicut

    generally, the demand information at the retailer end is the one you have to worry about. The change in the demand pattern, how it affects the other nodes of the SC network. all the above mentioned parameters will be constant for a planning horizon. Again, lot of studies discusses the effect of information sharing among the parties involved. The bull whip effect, fill rate, total supply chain cost, inventory etc.. are some of the areas of interest... 

  • Majuta Mamogale added an answer:
    What kinds of qualitative research methods would be proper for evaluating competitive capabilities and performance of companies?
    What kind of qualitative research method would you suggest for evaluating competitive capabilities and performance of the companies before and after adopting AMTs (Advanced Manufacturing Technologies)?
    Majuta Mamogale · South Africa Government

    I agree that you need to assess whether focus group discussion may not be a viable option. In my current research study where I also evaluate the performance of  municipalities, I use both focus groups and one-on-one interviews. however, I also use "audited" performance reports from the Office of the Auditor-General to measure performance of municipalities. You too may consider complimenting your chosen strategy with audit reports, especially when your research project also assess the level of financial performance of the companies. We cannot only rely on "subjective" public perception to explore companies' performance.

  • Menouar Boulif added an answer:
    In an optimization problem, how can we add constraint with consideration number of variables?

    Is there any relation between number of  variables and constraints in an optimization problem?

    Menouar Boulif · University M'Hamed Bougara of Boumerdes

    There is a lot of good suggestions here. However, it is of a great importance to have a careful starting point in order to avoid gratuitous complications.
    When modelling a problem using mathematical programming, we associate variables sets to the natural decisions to be undertaken to have solutions. Afterwards we associate constraints sets to the natural limitations without which a solution is no longer possible. Until here it is not a matter of how many constraints for a given number of variables; the question is rather to be the most natural as possible in order to fill the gap between the model and reality.
    However, especially in discrete optimization, when decision-variables definition has not been thought out, the following unwanted situation can occur: to model some natural constraints requires adding redundant decision variables. Then these redundant variables have to be controlled by other constraints to keep model coherence.
    One aspect of the art of modelling consist in fact of defining the most suitable decision variable sets that spare us such a situation.

  • Iman Rahimi asked a question:
    What are the most important real-life applications of supply chain?

    which of them has potential for further work?

  • Saeed Rubaiee added an answer:
    Does the preemptive single machine scheduling problem of minimizing the total weighted completion time with equal release (rj=0) date NP-hard?
    We know that the problem with release dates is NP-hard.
    Saeed Rubaiee · Wichita State University

    This is NP-hard. But, if we divided every (discrete) duration time for both jobs into unit parts, and each parts should be processed at some time, then we may have ability to decide what to do between 0 and T. This can be solved by using weighted shortest remaining process time (WSRPT) rule (something like online heuristic). Jobs part can be interrupted up to the closest release time. I think it is good research question.    

  • Senzo Nkabinde added an answer:
    I want to evaluate TQM (total quality management) implementation ability for a company - can anyone help?
    How can I prepare a questionnaire?
    Senzo Nkabinde · University of Johannesburg

    I think your research questionnaire should appraise the company's ability to implement and measure its overall TQM performance using the Balance Score Card (BSC) as performance management tool.

    Your questionnaire must also appraise the company’s ability to implement the TQM from a helicopter view of TQM informed by Dr Deming’s 14 points on TQM, aligned to the company’s Value Chain, and Sustainable Competitive Advantage (SCA).

    Please read the articles from the attached links


    2.$FILE/IPMR_5_2_2004_A%20NEW%20MANAGEMENT%20MODEL%20FOR%20GOVERNMENT.pdf; and


    However, I think you should consider the application of ‘Key Considerations on designing Performance Management Framework’ explained in the article accessible from,

    Pay more attention to the subheading “A simple performance measurement framework” and the SMARTs principles.

    The attached documents explain how to link TQM and Balance Score Card approach of performance planning and management, which in my view it’s imperative for TQM implementation ability.

    The TQM strategic objectives must be aligned to and incorporated into the Company’s Balanced Score Card “BSC” at the corporate and group level.

    The Balanced Score Card maps out Key Performance Measures or Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Key Performance Areas (KPA) into four perspective namely – 1. Internal [Business processes], 2.Customers, 3. Financial and 4. Continuous Learning & Growth. BSC in simple terms is an instrument that translates and cascades the overall company’s Strategic Plan and Business Plan, into implementation arrangements set out in a form of KPAs and KPIs for all for perspectives of the BSC as explained above.

    Four more details on Balance Score Card (BSC), I suggest you watch the following videos and

    What is missing from the documents found from links cited above, is an important factor, which is the consideration of Dr. Demings 14 Points of TQM, from the perspective of the company's Value Chain and Value Chain Analysis.

    TQM emphasizes the helicopter view of the organisation from the strategic board, executive and to senior managerial level. Most organisation tend to put emphasis on quality measurement from the production planning (product design and/or manufacturing perspective) hence over-emphasis on product defects, cost of conformance, and technical specifications.

    TQM advocates that whilst the product design, reliability forms an integral part of cost of quality, but the total cost of quality should be viewed from the overall corporate perspective to include viz. all strategic objectives set out i.t.o four BSC perspectives.

    Hence the balance of TQM implementation and measurement  from the Helicopter view based on performance indicators which measure the following: Quality of the corporate culture, Quality of Strategic Planning, Quality of Leadership, Quality of Employee Relations, Quality of Customer Relations Management (CRM); Quality of Operation Excellence, and Quality of Organizational Effectiveness

    In addition, the Value Chain Analysis and Value Map, as well as the Report or outcome of any recent Business Process Re-Engineering exercise (if available) performed by the company can serve as inputs in identifying other TQM performance measures that must be incorporated into all four perspective of the BSC.

    TQM performance measures should be identified in terms of what is of critical urgency for the company to achieve sustainable competitive edge.

    It must therefore be aligned to the company’s Sustainable Competitive Advantage (SCA) answering which of Dr Deming’s 14 point on TQM],; and, or] are of critical urgency and need to be prioritized for the company.

    In a nutshell TQM implementation ability should demonstrate the company’s ability to have TQM Key performance indicators and key performance measures that are SMART, dovetailed to the company’s BSC, and informed by relevant points from Dr Deming’s 14 points on TQM.

    It will be worth your while to specifically read an article entitled “ A New Management Model for Government: Integrating Activity Based Costing, the Balanced Scorecard and Total Quality Management with the Planning, Programming and Budgeting System written by Francois Melese, James Blandin and Sean OíKeefe” [$FILE]

  • Dr Rajvir Yadav added an answer:
    Appropriate tool for subjective evaluation of agricultural Machines.

    Evaluation without using any measurement.

    Dr Rajvir Yadav · Junagadh Agricultural University

    By using Borg scale (rating) we can go for subjective evaluation of agricultural Machines.

  • Roberto - Minadeo added an answer:
    Do companies need to have new internet-based technology that enables flexible sharing of business information?
    Many researchers argue that EDI (i.e. Electronic Data Interchange) technology does not provide flexibility, arguing that EDI is out of date technology. To what extent is this claim valid? To which industry sector to this valid? What is the alternative?
    Roberto - Minadeo · Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico

    Each company has its peculiarities. The greater or lesser concentration or support in technology - including the Internet - has several implications. Who is heavily dependent on information technology (such as the financial sector) need to define their strategies: develop these technologies internally to never rely on others (to supplement gaps only) or be allied with technology vendors. Who is less dependent on Information Technology is freer about this problem.

  • David Wells added an answer:
    What are the recent research trends in industrial and manufacturing engineering?
    Research strategies in many institutions require to carefully investigating the future trends in disciplines. Other plans such as hiring researchers, establishing new labs, … are based on the how we look to the future of research and our understanding what others working in. I hope that researchers discuss this important issue and exchange the related experiences and knowledge.
    David Wells · North Dakota State University

    Let me add another note or two for topics of coming interest in Manufacturing Engineering:  While it is not quite at the trend stage as yet, molecular manufacturing is on the horizon  --  fabricating products one molecule at a time.  Another view of the future is that the breadth of products that are coming under the purview of Manufacturing Engineers continues to broaden.  Much new demand comes from nontraditional sources  --  industries making bio-medical implants, prosthetics, pharmaceuticals, a wide range of electronics, value-added food products, engineered materials, and others that appear quite unrelated to traditional manufacturing fields emphasizing metal parts.  Quality research (and teaching) in these fields require stronger faculty foundations in basic and applied sciences, now including biology and organic chemistry. 

  • Sev V. Nagalingam added an answer:
    What are the barriers of using Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (AMTs) in manufacturing companies?
    Some companies are very cautious to accept using AMTs at their companies. There is no doubt that using new AMTs has many benefits for firms, but what barriers are there for using AMTs and why do some firms fail to apply these technologies? What are the critical factors of failure in adopting AMTs?
    Sev V. Nagalingam · University of South Australia

    Hi Mohesen, one more point, this is a well-researched area from late 80’s to 2000. There are many articles even on how to overcome these barriers on implementing AMT, CIM etc. Please search the literature database and you will get a plenty of articles and books.

    But whatever, companies / people do, the technical feasibility has to balance the economic reality.

  • Cassiano Moro Piekarski added an answer:
    What is the newest method to create a strategic plan?
    I want to explore how to make strategic management to manage solid wastes in an industrial area in a developing country. What is the proper method for this? SWOT analysis and/or any other recent methods?
    Cassiano Moro Piekarski · Federal Technological University of Parana

    Dear Emma, 

    In order to be useful for drawing up the strategic plan, as Deshmukh says, I suggest to use Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). There are several studies that deal whit solid wastes and LCA.

  • Jerry Konneh asked a question:
    why does the 2% offset method excludes the effect of recovery better than the 0.2% offset?

    For determining the sog´ftening fraction after double compression test, either a 0.2% or a 2% offset method are used for the yield stress

  • Amir Ardestani-Jaafari added an answer:
    Who is the best in project risk management?

    I need some paper and reveiws in project management and risk management and once who help me in this case.

    Amir Ardestani-Jaafari · HEC Montréal - École des Hautes Études commerciales

    You could start with studying the work"A classified bibliography of recent research relating to project risk management", "Project risk management: processes, techniques and insights" and "Use and benefits of tools for project risk management". You could next look at the papers citing these work to find recent researches in this area.

  • Roland Iosif Moraru added an answer:
    Safety, health and environment studies in the foundry or casting industries
    Can anyone recommend any methodology to study safety, health and environment (SHE) in the foundry or casting industry?
    Roland Iosif Moraru · University of Petrosani
    Dear Navaneethakannan, nowadays, the need for integrated prevention
    and control of Occupational Health and Safety issues and of pollution is unquestionable. In general, it can be stated that the Romanian foundries applies to generally accepted techniques according to European Standards.
  • Krishnan Umachandran added an answer:
    What criteria could be useful for evaluating the performance of manufacturing firms?
    To evaluate, for example for 5-10 years, performance of a manufacturing firm, what main factors and methods could be useful?
    Krishnan Umachandran · Nelcast Ltd.,
    When it comes to manufacturing there is a PUSH and PULL to this system.
    1. PUSH - Operational excellence
    2. PULL - Customer Delight
  • Aditya Sharma added an answer:
    What are the benefits of ICT at the national level?
    What are the benefits of ICT at the national level?
    Aditya Sharma · Central Pollution Control Board
    ICT may help only if you have clear vision and clear policy of information exchange with your countryman. If your targets are clear it is ok but even if your targets are not really clear but you know, you want to do something which is correct and beneficial in long term, than ICT is an excellent tool. It helps.
  • Ian Care added an answer:
    Which metrics are more important to evaluate manufacture processes?
    I'm working with multi-criteria analysis applied to manufacture processes. However, I'd like to include in my study only the most relevant manufacturing metrics available. For example, some common metrics are:
    - Manufacture defects
    - Degree of availability
    - Production capacity
    - Cost
    - Cycle time
    - Etc
    I believe that they can be summarized into 3 main metrics:
    - Cycle time
    - Process efficiency
    - Cost
    What do you think about it? Any feedack is welcome! Thank you
    Ian Care · Rolls-Royce plc
    What most of you have already commented on are the Engineering measures, nicely summarised by Claudio R. Boer above and in more detail by Abdulrahman Al-Ahmari. Your accountant would also look at other financial and commercial measures, such as the return on invenstment, assett utilisation, floorspace (area) return per square foot. You may want some of the marketing measures, such as flexibility, order turn time (receipt of order to despatch of goods). Your safety representative will have measures related to injuries, ergonomics, amount of safety equipment around the machine / process that requires maintenance. Some of this is linked to lean engineering and value stream mapping of the process in order to get a good workflow (factory ergonomics if you like).
  • Iman Rahimi added an answer:
    When and how can we add interest rate for monetary calculation?
    What is the condition and properties of adding interest rate?
    Thank you so much Roman
  • Miguel Matos Neves added an answer:
    How can the refractive index of a material be 0 or negative?
    I want to design a mathematical model in which the refractive index of a material is 0 or even negative. For this I need help in terms of any known naturally occurring material or
    synthetic material with these characteristics? If it is possible to design such a matrix then how can I proceed and what would the starting point in the equation be?
    Miguel Matos Neves · University of Lisbon
    Elgnaggar comment made me remember the following.

    The relation between the wavelength and cell size may be a problem to the use of finite elements (theoretically we know that high frequencies present accuracy problems). But I never saw a serious study in that involving the Brillouin assumption/subject and besides it indeed I saw several studies resulting in successful prototypes that worked.

    If there is some information on wavelength/BlochWave/Finite Element accuracy, please indicate some source for it here.

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