Environmental Analysis

Environmental Analysis

  • Anne Karine Halse added an answer:
    Is the Lutron 4 in 1 Environment Meter (Airflow, Temp, Light, Humidity) LM8000 effective for assessing microclimatic impacts of urban tree cover?

    Does anyone have experience using it for such similar studies?

    Is the device sufficient to carry out the work?

    Anne Karine Halse · Norwegian Institute for Air Research

    i haven't worked with lutron4, and i am sorry to not be able to answer your question.

  • Is there an epidemiological study that investigates the impact of lead on the health of villagers drinking water from a well contaminated by it?

    An epidemiological study that shows the effect of drinking water from a well that has been contaminated with lead from nearby chemical works.

    Priscilla ndubuisi guimaraes · University of Sunderland

    Thank you all

  • Pavel Ozerski added an answer:
    How can we estimate the tolerance range of any vertebrate species towards human disturbances in natural environmental conditions?

    Please suggest any published work addressing the same question. Personal opinions are also invited. 

    Pavel Ozerski · Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia

    Maybe my answer will seem to be too "theoretical" but... The term "tolerance" should be applied to a response of the biosystem to ONE environmental factor but the anthropogenic disturbance is a big COMPLEX of a lot of factors. I think, generally you need to get information (results of field observations and maybe also laboratory experiments) about the effect of different combinations of different values of different but known factors and then use multidimensional statistics e.g. MANOVA. Sorry if my answer will be useless but your question is too general to find particular answers.

  • Sarwan Kumar Dubey added an answer:
    Traditional vs integrated waste management system…who’s the winner in your country?

    Traditional waste management systems is based on landfill of waste (often non-compliant sites with environmental regulations) and mixed waste collection with poor facilities for recycling and waste recovery. On the other hand, the integrated waste management systems are based on separate collection, 3R policy (reduce ,reuse, recycle) and energy recovery. Which systems prevail in your country? And what are the proper solutions in order to provide the transition to an integrated waste management system?

    Sarwan Kumar Dubey · Central Soil and Water Conservation Research and Training Institute

    Of Course Traditional one in my country India. As integrated waste management needs lot of infrastructure and political will and commitment. Although in Metros big cities solid waste is being managed in integrated way where as more than 70% of population is still living in villages and towns where integrated management approach is still to be introduced. We are forwarding towards integrated management of solid waste very very fast and may be within coming five years scene will change. My Firm believe.

  • Ali Asghar Moshtaghie added an answer:
    How does one collect rainwater for examine pH and solutes? Is there a protocol, limit area, specific time or instruments?

    I need to know about pH and other solutes for  studies with acid rain and your effects in  arid  and semi arid places.

    Ali Asghar Moshtaghie · Isfahan University of Medical Sciences

    Dear Sara    you may  interested to measure elments concentration in rainwater you should be care of contamination.Simply by puting a funel in to preacid washed glass ware such as beaker or erlen and collect rainwater .You may centrifuge it first and do your experiment.Filter paper may already contaminated with metals and make your analysis more difficult.

  • Adam Szewczyk added an answer:
    How to calculate the climate comfort index?

    I am working on ecotourism in Maharashtra and in this regard I want to find out climate comfort zone and to use climate comfort index. How to calculate it?

    Adam Szewczyk · McMaster University

    Just do not forget that Eskimos may not find 'comfort' zone of climate in central Africa  really comfortable like for Africans and vice versa.  Humans, like bear species or any other animal species,  are adapted to climate by many generations.

  • Grace Solomon-Wisdom added an answer:
    What are the land management and environmental factors that must be considered in site selection for Abattoir construction in sub saharan Africa?
    An ongoing study on the location of abattoirs in selected towns in West and Central Africa shows a pattern of locating them adjacent to creeks and other water bodies for ease in the discharge of the meat production waste, mostly untreated, into receiving water bodies. This is a serious land management and health issue.
    Grace Solomon-Wisdom · University of Sussex

    Thanks Iyenemi. It's a great project to embark on. Tremendously useful. Best wishes with your survey.

  • Lwfhp Yvl asked a question:
    Separation of fine particles from the air by filtration

    How can I Separation of fine particles from the air by filtration?

  • DJEDDOU Messaoud added an answer:
    What collection system should be more efficient in a rural mountain region? “Door to door” or through collection points ?

    While I was studying the illegal dumping issue in rural areas of Neamt County (Romania) I noticed that type of waste collection services may influence the behavior of inhabitants regarding the waste disposal. Frequently, the linear morphology of villages (built-up areas) along the rivers and tributaries favor the waste dumping on their banks near the households. In case the localities are served by sanitation services it seems that “ door to door” system is more effective than collection points. In the latter case the proper location of these points within a village is crucial in order to avoid the illegal dumping. Also, there can be a combination between these two systems..such as “door to door” system for mixed wastes and collection point for recyclables. What is your opinion about these collection systems ..? Which of those should be more effective in a mountain region?

    DJEDDOU Messaoud · Larbi Ben Mhidi University

    Dear Florin,

    The management of waste in communities along mountains should, First, it's based on environmental education of of citizens.

    Introduce the economic earnings in waste cotect can change the behavior of citizens.
    I remember the German experence at Aldi, "If you forgive the empty bottles plastics bottles
    used for drinks, and we will refund the price of the bottles at the new bottles.

    For a good collection points we must build this idea :

    Environmental Education + economy earnings = efficiency

  • Heather M Coleman added an answer:
    What are some current Decision Support Systems or other tools which can assist in the land use decision making process?
    I am working on a literature review of current DSS or tools used in land use decision making. So I'm keen to hear about any DSS/tools used or developed around the world to help with making land use decisions, focusing on economics, environmental benefits/risks, social benefits/risks, cultural factors, etc.
    Heather M Coleman · Pacmara


    I teach Marxan courses internationally - it's a great tool for providing multiple site selection options to meet your targets (eg protect 20% of this habitat type) while avoiding socio-economically valuable areas - http://pacmara.org/events-workshops/introduction-to-marxan. 

    We also published this booklet a few years ago comparing a number of tools often used for marine planning (but most are just as applicable terrestrially too) - http://pacmara.org/dstguide.

    I hope that helps!


  • Pierluigi De Rosa added an answer:
    How can I automatically define bankfull limits from high resolution LiDAR DEM?

    I'm looking for an approach to automatically define the bankfull limits of a river channel  having an High resolution DEM.

    I used the approach proposed by: Williams, Garnett P. "Bank‐full discharge of rivers." Water resources research 14.6 (1978): 1141-1154. as could be found in my paper but I'm looking for other approach coupling also other type of data or approach.


    Pierluigi De Rosa · Università degli Studi di Perugia

    Dear Frédéric

    The plugin is still in development but you can find the version in development here:


    Try and let me know


  • Katheem Kiyasudeen added an answer:
    Can I do phosphorous analysis by Molybdovanadate acid persulfate digestion method for my powder sample?

    Usually water or wastewater is analysed using Molybdovanadate acid persulfate digestion. Can I apply this protocol for my solid sample?. I have the HACH kit for phosphorous analysis. Kindly suggest.

    Katheem Kiyasudeen · Universiti Sains Malaysia, Pulau Pinang, Malayisa

    Thank you so much again. Even I'm in need of that book. If can send me as well. Really appreciate all your suggestions.

  • Fikrat Hassan added an answer:
    Does anyone know of a paper discussing nutrient starvation in an ecosystem?
    I am looking for a paper which discusses the potential negative effects of extreme nutrient limitation. The majority of the literature focuses solely on enrichment or excessive loading of nutrients. While eutrophication can be harmful for ecosystems, I assume that nutrient starvation could also be bad, unless it is an adapted ultra oligotrophic system. Just wondering if anyone has stumbled upon any papers.
    Fikrat Hassan · University of Baghdad

    may be the following paper useful for you:

    Dataset: Laboratory study on the effects of nutrient enrichment on a phytoplankton population in Sawa Lake, Iraq
    Fikrat M Hassan, Hussein A Al-Saadi, Foad M Alkam

  • Anming Hu added an answer:
    Does any one know the latest review of EC on the application of nano materials?

    Electrochemical methods have widely applied for industrial manufacturing, energy devices, bio and environmental analysis.

    Anming Hu · University of Tennessee

    I am very interesting to spectroelectrochemical methods. I am wondering if it can be used for in-situe characterization of photon-reduction.

  • What is the relationship between SIA (Social Impact Assessment) and SEA (Strategic Environmental Assessment) ?
    Dr. Bashkim Mal Lushaj: SIA is defined as an activity designed to identify and predict the impact on the biogeophysical environment and on man's health and well-being of legislative proposals, policies, programs, projects, and operational procedures, and to interpret and communicate information about the impacts and their effects(Dr. Bashkim Mal Lushaj) and SEA is a systematic decision support process, aiming to ensure that environmental and possibly other sustainability aspects are considered effectively in policy, plan and programme making. (Fischer, 2007)
    Mohammad Reza Mansouri Daneshvar · University of Sistan and Baluchestan

    In accordant to dear colleagues, SEA (Strategic Impact Assessment) is focused on the substantive and critical parts of environment (both Natural and Anthropogenic branches) which have extensive amplitude and intensive magnitude. SEA is the innovative modification of EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) which can be included SIA (Social Impact Assessment), HIA (Health Impact Assessment), etc.

  • David Hernandez-Moreno added an answer:
    Does anyone know the specific and best characteristics of water to develop assays with Daphnia magna?
    I need to develop some experiments with D. magna and I need to know the properties that should have the water according to official guidelines. In the OCDE TG I did not find much information.
    David Hernandez-Moreno · Instituto Nacional de Investigación y Tecnología Agraria y Alimentaria

    Thank you Valentina. The problem I have with Elendt medium is the interaction between EDTA and metals. We will probably choose the ASTM water.

  • Ivo Achu Nges added an answer:
    How can we measure biogas production inside an anaerobic reator? Is it possible to do a empirical estimation?

    The theoretical calculation of methane production in an anaerobic process does not allows the estimation of another reactions that uses COD too, as sulfate reduction. Does any one knows a work that already developed most complete empirical calculations?

    Ivo Achu Nges · Lund University

    You can only estimate the methane production in a digester if you know the composition of the feedstock. Yes, 1 g COD = 350 ml CH4 but with the compositional analysis, one can predict the total methane yield using Buswell formula (Check this out, it also takes into account H2S production)...... or Carbohydrates (1 g) will yield 415 ml CH4, protein about 490 ml CH4 and lipids 1000 ml CH4. Consider also that about 10% of the feedstock may go into biomass and heat.

  • Petros Theodorou added an answer:
    Does scenarios planning help in strategic risk management?

    Organizational risk identification and assessment of probable impact is essential to workout suitable responses for enterprise risk management. In addition to business environment analysis, scenarios are part of strategic planning process. The question is about its usefulness in strategic risk management, particularly in uncertain business environment.

    Petros Theodorou · Athens University of Economics and Business

    Unfortunatelly scenario planning is not actually helpfull since ignores the interaction among exogenous variables. I hardly remember anyone from my business experience to have a good understanding of the correlation among exogenous vars as well as how this correlation changes. Simulation is a step further whcih is actually a must for the banking sector. Simulation grasps all intermediate levels as well as tail risks. If someone goes to the tail risks by scenarios will be in extremes and receive a huge bandwidth of the criterio vars.

  • Krystallia K. Kalimeri added an answer:
    What are the steps for using a Radiello passive sampler for analysing BTEX in outdoor air?
    What are the steps for using a Radiello passive sampler for analysing BTEX in outdoor air?
    Krystallia K. Kalimeri · University of Western Macedonia

    The most important is to protect your sampler from direct sunlight and extreme weather conditions; you can use the radiello shelter for that or something similar. Make sure you chose the appropriate sampling site in order to protect your sampler from human interaction and prevent its loss during the measurement. If the sampling site is at an environment with a lot of dust, you may have to clean the diffusive body of the sampler from outside during the measurement period. Don't forget to record the temperature during the measurement. You can use a data logger for that; you can try HOBO or TESTO. You will need the average temperature in order to calculate your concentration by the respective equation given at the Radiello brochure.

    When you put the sampler don't forget to record the date and time. You should do the same when you collect it. You will also need the exact measurement period for your calculations.   

  • Lai Zhang added an answer:
    How can I estimate genetic differentiation with Matlab?

    I am using an individual based stochastic model to explore the impact of environmental changes on speciation. In this model individuals forage in two different habitats with a probability determined by the profitability of the habitat. Apart from the ecological and mating loci, I have a certain number of non-coding neutral loci that are used to follow genetic signatures of evolutionary divergence. The neutral loci act like microsatellites, with high maturation rates. My question is how to calculate Fst in Matlab? Are there any softwares that can be used in Matlab not in R?

    Lai Zhang · Umeå University

    Thank all of you for your kind help. It helps me a lot.

  • Ganesh Chandra added an answer:
    Can someone help me to identify the ecological services of wetlands in a tropical ecosystem?
    Ecological services offered by wetlands are intangible in nature and quantification has been a tedious job. Though efforts of the researchers continue, there is still no perfect methodology which has been devised and can be employed straightway.
    Ganesh Chandra · Indian Council of Agricultural Research

    ecological values of wetlands may include 1. the value as aquifers, to maintain the water table of the area. 2. water sink & storage for irrigation water as well as survival of the aquatic community, 3. wetland as a component of water cycle 

  • Jai Ghosh added an answer:
    How do you digest the exposed 47mm Quartz Fiber filters for analyzing ions an ion chromatography?
    See above
    Jai Ghosh · Shivaji University, Kolhapur

    Why do you want to digest the fibers. Just gently sonicate it with ultrasonic probesin presence of water and your work is done.

  • Lai Zhang added an answer:
    How can I carry out quantification of speciation stage?

    I am considering how environmental disturbance affects the final fate of the trait evolution when it comes in different stage of speciation. I use a stochastic individual based model with prey and predator interactions and only predator evolves. Two phenotype traits are consider: ecological trait governing food utilisation, and assertive mating trait. Each of them is governed by a certain number of unlinked and additive diallelic loci. 

    I am wondering how to quantify the stage of speciation, that is, how far speculation has gone, such as 1/3, 1/2, 3/4 and finished (initial stage is one population with well mixed individuals of different traits). Can anyone help me?

    Lai Zhang · Umeå University

    Thank you so much for your information. I think the way of measuring the degree of reproductive isolation is the best for my model. This method was mentioned in paper here. 

  • Laura Corazza added an answer:
    Is there a sustainability metrics for SMEs operational management?
    Sustainability metrics for monitoring adoption and implementation of sustainability practices across corporates and conglomerates are now available. But, the main issue here is monitoring the implementation of sustainability by small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), who are critical partners in any global supply chain. Complete sustainability across a supply chain necessitates monitoring of adoption on all levels of business transactions. Is there any metrics developed for measurement of sustainability across these small partners?
    Laura Corazza · Università degli Studi di Torino

    Dear Ms Vijayan,

    if I can provide you an interesting example, I have developed an online tool to ameliorate the self-consciousness of sustainability performances in SMEs and their evaluation. I am going to present a paper in several conferences these year to discuss it with other colleagues. If you are interested, you can check my project CSR4UTOOL. The tool is based ona profound benchmarking on existent standards.

  • Sundarrajan Marimuthu added an answer:
    Is there any free software to not only view FTIR spectra or peaks but also contain mineral databases in it?

    I have obtained the peaks or wave numbers after FTIR analysis of my sediment samples but I am not able to find out the minerals associated with those peaks. Apart from finding minerals name from references,  is there any software which can have minerals databases also.?

    Sundarrajan Marimuthu · Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Viswa Mahavidyalaya University

    Really nice Mr. Theo. I will go through those and come for further moments.

  • Axel Hugelmann added an answer:
    Who is the most influential person in the sustainability community?

    If you had to spend a dinner with the most influential people with a view to sustainability who would you like to sit next to and talk to all evening long? If you had to make an interview, who would be your target person?

    Axel Hugelmann · Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien

    Ulrich Grober is a journalist & philosopher and made as his latest book a "socio"-historic review starting at the "clerical" and "economical" roots of sustainability and about its development in the past 40 years. Grober shows in his book that the forerunners of "sustainability" in the past were always thinking way beyond their times.

    Grober concludes that the word sustainability has enough gravity and elasticity to be around for a long time. Even though many reforms never happen in the way they were intended to nor should sustainability be reduced to the CO2 reduction issue (as is too often focused on).

  • Florin Constantin Mihai added an answer:
    Is illegal dumping a major environmental threat in your country?

    Waste dumping on surroundings of human settlements (rivers & tributaries, local roadsides, public areas, forests , pastures, old geological sites etc) are still current bad practices in urban (peripheral areas) and rural territories. Several articles outline such bad practices across the world (including for poor or developed countries). This threat has complex implications for society and environment (social, economical, technical, cultural, administrative, political, geographical etc) including several waste fractions ( household, industrial , agricultural wastes, WEEE, old tires, batteries, construction and demolition waste etc) and the solutions may vary from one country to other. In this context, is illegal dumping a major environmental threat in your country? Please highlight the best solutions applied in order to mitigate this threat…

    Florin Constantin Mihai · Romanian Environment Association (ARM-1998)

    Small cities (< 20 000 inhabitants) are often predisposed to illegal dumping due to improper waste management facilities. Also rural localities included in territorial administrative units of cities are facing the illegal dumping issue. Illegal rural dumpsites should be closed and rehabilitated until 16 July 2009 according to EU rules. Following this deadline…local authorities were obliged to provide regular waste collection services and to transport the wastes to urban landfills in the proximity until transfer stations will be operational ( part of regional integrated waste management systems financed through EU funds) This scenario is rarely seen on the field… the lack of proper waste management facilities ( or delaying in their implementations) lead to “reactivation” of these old sites by citizens . However..several improvements were made in the last years but the rhythm is easy-going. Thus, the illegal dumping issue remains a major environmental threat in rural Romania.

  • Peter W Holder added an answer:
    Is tracing insect origin possible with novel Hi-Fi methods for trace element analysis?
    Insects feed on leaves of plants which accumulate trace elements from soil. The profile of trace elements of insects is expected to depend upon their geographic origin. Will comparative high-resolution detection of trace elements profiles from insect, plant and soil be useful to prove a particular geographic origin of an insect?
    Peter W Holder · Lincoln University New Zealand

    Hi Yuri

    I have researched this question along with the use of H, Sr and Pb isotopes, and the results can be found here

    There was also a small body of research looking at just TE in the 1990’s; refs given in above.

    In brief, TE of insects can give spatial discrimination, but the signals are very heterogeneous regionally – so, in my opinion, only likely to be practical for within region discrimination. Also TE expression in insects may be confounded by biological factors (gender, age, stress) (but these can be minimised, eg., only use recently emerged individuals of one gender). On the other hand, isotope systems are much more powerful discriminators, which can further improved when considered, multivariate-wise, with TE. If you pursue this field of research, have many insects per treatment and take into account/ minimise factors than may confound signal expression.

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