Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

  • Khaled Rady added an answer:
    Will a wooden block burn if a 2000W induction coil is placed in it?

    I have  a wooden block with face milled slots in it. And in these slots there is an Induction coil (2000W)  is kept and power supply is given. 


    1)Are there  chances of slight burns or will it catch fire?

    2)To avoid burns If i Deposit plaster of Paris on slots or cement the slots and then keep the induction coil, will the wood still burn?

    Any advice or info is of great help.

    Khaled Rady · Cairo University

    Unless you indicate : the operating frequency of the induction coil,  the surface area heated,  I doubt you would get any clear answer. 

    I know that dry wood fibers are very good insulators. So,  I wonder how would you induce eddy current over dry would surface!

    However, the burning process won't be easy,  the water content inside the wood must evaporate first then the amount of heat gained "Q"  should be sufficient so that the wood can reach its auto ignition point (427 C°)and catches fire,  else if the heat is not sufficient a small portion of wood burn but fire won't ignite. 

    Having spacers of cement is good idea for isolation I would however recommend making spacing for air passage between the cool and wood that would tremendously reduce any gained heat. 

  • Abdelkarim Chemidi added an answer:
    How can we visually differentiate between DC Motor and AC Motor ?

    How we can visually differentiate between DC Motor and AC Motor ?

    Abdelkarim Chemidi · Abou Bakr Belkaid University of Tlemcen

    you can check the terminal box ( 3 for AC, 2 for DC)  or the motor nameplate.

  • Kamran Latif added an answer:
    Can anyone recommend data acquisition tools to collect velocity, voltage and current from actual driving cycle?

    Now I use Kayaba recorder. Any idea for collecting these data using other data acquisition for Electric Vehicle driving cycle? 

    Thank you

    Kamran Latif · Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia

    Hi Dear Kanticha Korsesthakarn,

    Good Day......

    I recommend you NI LabVIEW because it's a number 1 tool for data acquisition. Its very easy to operate and you can create GUI in a very simple way.

    If u need more help regarding to LabVIEW, fell free to contact.


  • Mohammadreza Modabbernia added an answer:
    What is the best software for simulation of Power electronic projects?


    What is the best software for simulation of  Power electronic projects such as DC/DC converters with high Input-Output Voltage or Current? I think that MATLAB(Simulink) some times is not good for them.

    Best Regards.

    Mohammadreza Modabbernia · Technical and Vocational University of Iran

    If the pspice simulation will be converged, it has the good practical results. Also, you can use PLEC and PSIM. If you use Linear technology. Ics then LTSPICE can help you so much.

  • Ryan Chris added an answer:
    Carbon nanotube and carbon nanoube matamaterial
    Is there a difference between carbon nanotube and carbon nanoube matamaterial?
    Is that the permittivity is related only to the carbon nanotube metamateial or it occurs also when there is a carbon nanotube?
    Ryan Chris · University of Nevada, Las Vegas

    yep, both. the tube can facilitate electron transport through it or cross sectionally through the matamaterial, if of course you mean the composite structure or if you mean the tube itself is carbon and another element per say maybe gold atoms or something else your looking at - but yes both and there should be a theoretical model of your system, unless your designing it

  • Ryan Chris added an answer:
    Can anyone tell me how to implement a simulink model for 12 pulse inverter?

    Can anyone tell me how to implement a simulink model for 12 pulse inverter?

    Ryan Chris · University of Nevada, Las Vegas

    of course, you gotta build it, unless you mean to model it, then you need the overall structure model - for each switching source and pwm or firing circuits... .like an integrator is a capacitor but represented as 1/s -unless you want to use somebody elses work the above link should work great

  • Hanuman Prasad added an answer:
    Is my full-bridge boost converter simulation correct?

    I simulate a full-bridge boost converter like attached picture,
    my parameters:

    With lossing
    Vin = [18-40] v
    Vout = 55 v
    P = [10-150] w 
    delta I = 2%
    delta V = 3%

    I can't find papers for this simulation, so I don't know what the desirable output is.
    Please check my simulation and let me know if it's correct.

    Hanuman Prasad · Indian School of Mines

    You can use MATLAB Simulink or PSIM software student version. 

  • Nooriana Nynza asked a question:
    How do you implement a Multipath Rayleigh fading channel with more than one path delay in Simulink?

    Whenever I'm putting more than one path delay values in the block, the BER remains around 0.5. Does anyone have a Simulink model to enlighten my problem?

  • Mehdi Hedayatpour added an answer:
    How can I determine input of fuzzy logic power system stabilizer?

    Hello dear friends

    I work on power system stability. I have designed a power system stabilizer using fuzzy logic for damping of low frequency oscillation. Because it is difficult to directly measure the change in rotor speed (Dw), it is suitable to calculate the Dw from the change in the electrical power (DPe) output. In my test system there are a few faults for study of effectiveness of my PSS.

    The electrical output power is clear before of fault (from output synchronous generator model in matlab simulink). Now, I want to determine (DPe) that is different in electrical output power before and after the fault in matlab. How can I obtain this signal for my input of PSS?

    Any comment will be appreciated

    Mehdi Hedayatpour · University of Yazd

    thanks Professor Vassileva. this is helpful for me.

    yours truly

  • Laurent Artola added an answer:
    Can anyone give a detailed study for SIT?

    SIT means for static induction thyristor. How can the switching frequency be very high?

    Laurent Artola · The French Aeropace Lab ONERA

    The principal operating mechanism of the static induction transistor (SIT) that shows exponential rather than the saturated I-V characteristics, is based on the static induction of both gate and drain voltages. It is known that the SIT has low noise, low distortion, and high audio-frequency power capability. The SIT is also a very promising device for high-frequency and high-power operation because of its short channel length, low gate series resistance, small gate-source capacitance, and small thermal resistance. Si SIT's which generate a 40-W output power at 200 MHz and 10 W at 1 GHz, with a cutoff frequency higher than 2.5 GHz, have been fabricated. This is the first step toward the realization of a power microwave SIT. Future developments of a higher power higher frequency SIT can be realized by employing a distributed electrode structure and traveling-wave operation.

    M. Tatsuta et al in 1995 proposed first interesting work. Their work is titled High-frequency high-power static induction transistor. You should find it in IEEE Xplore database

  • Amin Bennouna added an answer:
    What are the designing features I can implement to decrease the cost of solar pannels?

    If I want to prepare a solar pannel which can produce 1.5kw . But the cost would be around 70.000 rupees. Will it be possible? Can I use mirrors for reflections?

    Amin Bennouna · Cadi Ayyad University


    Your question lacks of clarity:

    1- Needs: Mention if you intend to generate 1.5KW of electricity or heat,

    2- Wording: avoid using the word "panel" which is generic while "module" is clearly for PV and "collector" is clearly for solar thermal. Your personal topics include both solar thermal and PV and do not help to understand which one you are talking about.

    3- Power is meant, at a system output or the solar generator ("panel") output: Specify if you expect this 1.5KW as an output from the overall system or only from the "panel".

    4- Conditions: Mention the conditions under which you expect your "panel" to generate 1.5kW. is it for any specific condition for solar thermal ? Or is the STC power for solar PV (in this case the right unit abbreviation is Wp) ?

    If, as I understood, 70'000 Rupees count for 1'015 Euros:

    - PV market: 0.676 Euro per Wp is very near to the present Asian retail prices,

    - Solar Thermal: 2m² count currently for 1.4kW and your budget fits almost this.

  • Hevan Wickramage added an answer:
    friends, please send me some body a A/C 230V input and light weight (transformer less) power supply circuit diagram which can out put 1A and 12V thnx

    Hevan Wickramage · Aquinas University College

    ok.ill chek it.. and thanx a lott for replying and sorry for late to re reply ! :)

  • Oseweuba Valentine Okoro added an answer:
    How can I power up a device for many months/year with a battery pack?

    I want to power up a device like beagle board /RasberryPi with a battery pack to run them for months in some remote location without power supply.

    So I want to know what is the best way to achieve that.

    Do I have to use UPS or connect series of battery packs in parallel.

    or any other good techniques are present to run these smart devices for many months/years.

    Oseweuba Valentine Okoro · Abertay University

    well is u really want sustainable power then you will have to consider the integration of renewables to the power system. The cost implication will however undermine the viability of such a project.  in such a system renewables( solar, wind,..) will serve as the primary energy source with the battery as a storage device .

  • Davood Shaghaghi added an answer:
    How can I design a back stepping controller?

    Hi everybody,

    How can I design a back stepping controller for this system? h1 and h2 are states of the system and q is the input.

    Because, in Khalil's book, design is said for specific type of systems.

    Davood Shaghaghi · Khaje Nasir Toosi University of Technology

    Dear NAIL,

    Yes, It's for coupled tank.

  • Rizz Sana asked a question:
    Do you know of any multiferroic element that can be used at room temperature as a storage element?

    Thanks in advance for your replies.

  • Kaleem Ullah added an answer:
    Evanescent Waves Do Not Contribute to the Far Field?

    Except for Some Special Directions Non-Spherical Field or Other Broad Class of Fields.What you think kindly share your concept and personal experience

    Kaleem Ullah · Nanjing University of Science and Technology

    Respected  Serge Grabtchak, Thanks for sharing the information. But do you hear about the aSIL solid emmersion lens this can be enhances the chances of the evanscent light.... ??? have you an experience to simulate such kind of work mean by using FDTD you analysed the evanscent wave coming out or not ?????? if you have time can you share some info with me ????

  • Morteza Shabanzadeh added an answer:
    What is the effect of feed forward of grid voltage in the design of a current controller of voltage source inverter with L filter only?

    See above

    Morteza Shabanzadeh · Tarbiat Modares University

    Dear Hassan,

    I think studying the following manuscripts would be really helpful for your research, although it is written in Persian. Especially MATLAB codes therein could be fruitful and also SIMULINK results may be give you a good sight.


    Morteza Shabanzadeh


  • Krishnashish Bose added an answer:
    Is it possible to conduct AFM electrical measurements (such as EFM and KFM) in liquids?

    I was wondering is any of the above techniques can be used for measurements in liquids. Thank you!

    Krishnashish Bose · Nanyang Technological University

    I am planning to do similar experiments. EFM & KPFM should be possible as long as the probe holder is suitable for liquid usage. 

    Current-voltage measurements in liquid are however very challenging. 

  • Silver Sauceda added an answer:
    In a spectrum Full width with half maximum of all wavelength, will peaks be the same or different?

    Spectrum Range=1300nm-1360nm. 

    Silver Sauceda · University of Alberta

    From the image attached to your question (37a.BMP), it seems that you have two signals, at 1320nm and 1338nm, for more details of the signal change the settings on the OSA to start from 1310nm to 1350nm, and change the resolution to at least 0.1nm, even better at the minimum of 0.02nm. You are using a very high value for the resolution, of 2nm, that's why the peaks don't seem to have a shape and you are getting confused, and each signal should have its own FWHM.

  • Ali Zare added an answer:
    How can I define the Neumann-condition in COMSOL 4.4 ?

    I need to assign the Neumann-condition on boundary. As Fig.1 shown, what do the q and g mean? If I want to assign that there is no diffusion of ions into or out of the boundary, and the coefficient in PDE as Fig.2 shown.  That is right that the g is assigned to be 0 and q is assigned to be '-b*En'?  I would be very grateful if you could give me some information about the Neumann-condition.

    Ali Zare · Amirkabir University of Technology

    if you want to define neumann-condition,It is a linear combination of q, g written.

    The rules of matrix multiplication get help.

  • Amit Manocha added an answer:
    How can we remove artifacts of EEG signal?

    I want to remove an artifacts from EEG signal such Eog , ECG and EMG etc

    Amit Manocha · Thapar University

    Dear Pinki, 

    you can refer following paper:

    Optimal Selection of Wavelet Function and Decomposition Level for Removal of ECG Signal Artifacts, Journal of Medical Imaging and Health Informatics, Vol. 5, No. 1, 2015, pp 138-146. 

  • R. Brian Peters added an answer:
    Has anybody anodised aluminium for electronic device applications?

    I am interested in barrier-type anodisation films for capacitors or thin-film transistors.

    R. Brian Peters · US ITER Project Office

    Hi Leszek,

    Aluminum anodizing uses fairly aggressive wet chemistry, and generally is done on complete surfaces.  regions can be masked so that they do not anodize, again usually on a large area sort of scale. I think this technology would be challenging to implement at transistor like scales.

       The problem that you will encounter, which will be much worse at the small scale is auto-oxidation of aluminum.  no fresh surface of aluminum will remain a pure conductor for very long. The accumulation of Aluminum oxide at the surface will convert it over time from a conductor to a semi-conductor to an insulator.  The rate of this change is driven by a number of external factors.   As a result of this oxidation , Aluminum is also difficult to make a solder connection to.

    In short there are reasons that aluminum is typically not used in integrated circuit manufacturing.



  • Hassan Mohammadpour added an answer:
    Which machine has better performance in application of excavation. SRM or FSPM?

    I'm working on designing a machine for excavation. But I have to choose the best machine between SRM and FSPM. Which machine is better for these application? why? Consider that at the depth of drill hole the temperature and pressure will be arrived up to 300 centigrade and 3 bar respectively.

    Hassan Mohammadpour · University of Tabriz

    Hi Thorwald

    Thanks a lot for your answer. It is so important point for PM machines.

  • Brajesh Rawat asked a question:
    What is the breakdown field value for graphene?

    Can it handle 0.4MV/cm field ?

  • Gennady Zebrev added an answer:
    How to calculate tunneling probability via insulators?

    While tunneling an electron through an insulator how can I calculate its probability of tunneling and simulate the same?

    Gennady Zebrev · National Research Nuclear University MEPHI

    A lot of complicated refrences, but in fact it is very easy stuff:

    take prob =exp(-a tox),

    a=2sqrt(2 m Vb)/ hPlank, typically  prob ~ exp[- tox/(0.1 nm)],

    m - eff electron mass, Vb is energy barrier heght (typically a few eV), hPlank is the Plank constant (bar), tox is the insulator thickness

  • Karol Kyslan added an answer:
    How do I know that estimated friction torque has correct values?

    For further research, I need to estimate a friction torque of Permanent Magnet DC machine. I have deisgned linear Kalman filter (LKF), where u=applied voltage, y1=measured speed, y2=measured current, x1=y1, x2=y2 and x3=load torque. It is assumed that dx3/dt aproximately equals zero. 

    Design of LKF is quite simple, and I tuned LKF for data measured from real PMDC drive. But how do I know that observed (or estimated) friction torque is good? Should I compare it with theoretical values? 

    Karol Kyslan · Technical University of Kosice - Technicka univerzita v Kosiciach

    Dear contributors to this question. Thank you for all your answers. We have done one step closer in question "how to find a friction torque value" by using a torque transducer, which we have obtained today in our lab :)  now we can compare Kalman filter's results with the actual torque value. I found this comparison sufficient. But your comments to this issue are still welcomed. 

  • Dr A. Kumar added an answer:
    How the thickness and height of thin film resistor being used in a microwave circuit be calculated?

    The black lines in the image below are the thin film resistor used as to attenuate microwave signal. I know the resistances R1 and R2 for this T-attenuator but how should I calculate this thickness. Resistivity is 20 ohms/Sq. and material used in SiCr

    Dr A. Kumar · Harcourt Butler Technological Institute

    As resistance per unit area and resistance both are known, you can calculate area of cross section. Area of cross section is thickness multiplied by the width of the film as you are using planar geometry. If width can be measured, thickness can be calculated.

  • Barrie Gilbert added an answer:
    Whats the real behavior of rc circuits?

    In series RC circuit with dc power supply the maximum capacitor voltage should be equal to power supply but in my experiments it's less than expected value and it's proportional to resistor, while in theory it's not reasonable. Please tell me your opinions.

    Barrie Gilbert · Analog Devices, Inc.

    This thread was closed some time back. After a private communication 

    with Farzane, I determined the original postulation did not convey what

    she was really trying to accomplish, and the required help has be given.


  • Avishek Adhikary added an answer:
    How can the bandwidth of a GIC-realized inductor be controlled?

    GIC realized inductor is showing angle close to 90 degree for particular frequency zone and that zone is varying depending on the resistances/ capacitances I used. But the correlation is not clear to me. Can anyone help me on this or cite the necessary literature/ books?

    Avishek Adhikary · IIT Kharagpur

    @ Dr. Wangenheim, Thank you very much.

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