• Mohd Yaseen Gada asked a question:
    Is there any articles about the relevance of the crusades in the post-modern era?

    Is there any article about the relevance of the crusades in post-modern era?

  • Dune Simpson added an answer:
    Why if the Crusaders were so devoted and practiced moral values, they killed christians and other persons in Maarrat al-Nu'man?
    I'm teaching this part of the first crusade but I want to know why there were two faces of the Europeans about morality, religion and human sense.
    Dune Simpson · University of Exeter

    I agree with Darius, it is dangerous to generalise about motives. But at the time it was believed that nothing happened without divine approval, everything was under the control of God's will.  Crusaders, or 'pilgrims'  as they referred to themselves were acting out God's will on his behalf and apparently God wanted Jerusalem liberated from infidels who were abusing holy shrines.  Being so close to the end of the millenium there was an interest, bordering on hyseria, in the End of Days, the Last Judgement, the Second Coming, the care of the soul was imperitive. With the exposure to different versions of Christianity, Byzantium, Armenian, the 'heretic' developed which was key in later crusades. it was not unusual in siege situations where negotiations could not  reach a settlement, to attack and slaughter everyone. Another consideration is  the psychological state of mind, the majority of crusaders were suffering from hunger and malnutrition when they got to Maarrat al-Nu'man and it iis here where the reports of cannibalism arose.  Many issues at play here.

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